~ IINS-SH-P-P-O-I-I ~ It Is Not Spontaneous – Someone Has – Planned – Planted – Or – Incited – It

~ T-II-A-I ~ Typically – It Is – An – Interview

~ IIPP(NAE)FTIPOBROR-ISIMBHWIIR ~ It Is Planned Primarily (Not Always Exclusively) For The Immediate Purpose Of Being Reported Or Reproduced – It’s Success Is Measured By How Widely It Is Reported

~ IRTTUROTSIA-IIALFTA ~ It’s Relation To The Underlying Reality Of The Situation Is Ambiguous – It’s Interest Arises Largely From This Ambiguity

~ UIIITBAS-FP ~ Usually It Is Intended To Be A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


~ P-E ~ Pseudo-Event

~ ALALPOOE-HHCTCOP-E-TFOC ~ A Larger And Larger Proportion Of Our Experience – Has Come To Consist Of Pseudo-Events – They Flood Our Consciousness

~ TGR ~ The Graphic Revolution

~ T-NL-IAP-EPE ~ The – News Leak – Is A Pseudo-Event Par Excellence

~ P-EPMP-E ~ Pseudo-Events Produce More Pseudo-Events

~ AP-EIAAT-PIAAF ~ A Pseudo-Event Is An Ambiguous Truth – Propaganda Is An Appealing Falsehood

~ P-ETOOHDTBI-PFOOWTBI ~ Pseudo-Events Thrive On Our Honest Desire To Be Informed – Propaganda Feeds On Our Willingness To Be Inflamed

~ POE-P-EOI ~ Propaganda Oversimplifies Experience – Pseudo-Events Overcomplicate It

~ O-‘FMOI’-IAPWPACBCP-EAAATJAT ~ Our – “Free Market Of Ideas – Is A Place Where People Are Confronted By Competing Pseudo-Events And Are Allowed To Judge Among Them

~ KOP-E-OWHBR-O-WHBS-AH-BTTOB-‘I’ ~ Knowledge Of Pseudo-Events – Of What Has Been Reported – Or – What Has Been Staged – And How – Becomes The Test Of Being – “Informed”

~ T-GR-SGU-AOT-TMOF-W-K ~ The – Graphic Revolution – Suddenly Gave Us – Among Other Things – The Means Of Fabricating – Well-Knownness

~ TQWNCMAMOWIA-‘NA’-B-AIFANCOHE ~ The Qualities Which Now Commonly Make A Man Or Woman Into A – “Nationally Advertised” – Brand – Are In Fact A New Category Of Human Emptiness

~ H-W-FPTC-WOADOA-D ~ Hero-Worship – From Plato To Carlyle – Was Often A Dogma Of Anti-Democracy

~ TCIAPWIKFHW-K-THP-E-H[/H]RTMAERIHA-T-NM-‘H’-ARIWWPOOP ~ The Celebrity Is A Person Who Is Known For His Well-Knownness – The Human Pseudo-Event – His[/Her] Relation To Morality And Even Reality Is Highly Ambiguous – These – New-Model – “Heroes” – Are Receptacles Into Which We Pour Our Own Puposelessness

~ TH-WDB-A;TC-B-IOT ~ The – Hero – Was Distinguished By – Achievement; The Celebrity – By – Image Or Trademark

~ TVAWFMTC-ITLR-D-D-A-M-B-P ~ The Very Agency Which First Makes The Celebrity – In The Long Run – Destroys – Destroyed – As – Made – By – Publicity

~ C-BTAMTO-CBMT-P-C-F-A-FU-WDNLTCTWALIAM-WLFM-A-WSOOI ~ Celebrities – Because They Are Made To Order – Can Be Made To – Please – Comfort – Fascinate – And – Flatter Us – We Do Not Like To Confess That We Are Looking In A Mirror – We Look For Models – And – We See Our Own Image

~ INRI ~ Images Now Displace Ideals

~ AI-ISWHACO-AI-HACOU ~ An Image – Is Something We Have A Claim On – An Ideal – Has A Claim On Us

~ TAOTN-T-N-F-PSWANTNF ~ The Appeal Of The Neither-True-Nor-False – Persuasive Statements Which Are Neither True Nor False

~ TAOTS-FP-TAOMTTBSTAS ~ The Appeal Of The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – The Art Of Making Things True By Saying They Are So

~ TAOTH-I-EUTHTOEEMBCT ~ The Appeal Of The Half-Intelligible – Encourages Us To Hope That Our Extravagant Expectations May Be Coming True

~ TAOTC-WAFTAWGTSTFU ~ The Appeal Of The Contrived – We Are Flattered That Anyone Would Go To Such Trouble For Us

~ N-T-B-C-ITMT ~ Not – Truth – But – Credibility – Is The Modern Test~ TI-TAOC-TAHBSCTTNSC ~ This Is – The Age Of Contrivance – The Artificial Has Become So Commonplace That The Natural Seems Contrived

~ TINDSLAWDNTTBCGWAGN-B-TGR-HOUTMOMAEAFO-MCG-WCBCSTGUTITWABN ~ There Is No Danger So Long As We Do Not Think That By Chewing Gum We Are Getting Nourishment – But – The Graphic Revolution – Has Offered Us The Means Of Making All Experience A Form Of – Mental Chewing Gum – Which Can Be Continually Sweetened To Give Us The Illusion That We Are Being Nourished



~ SYVOWYWTG ~ Stake Your Vision On Where You Want To Go

~ UF(AYG)TPYF ~ Use Facts (And Your Gut) To Plot Your Future

~ SBTSYV ~ Suspend Belief To See Your Vision

~ DJTAYV-TAIC ~ Don’t Just Think About Your Vision – Think About It Creatively

~ PYVDIW ~ Put Your Vision Down In Writing

~ YVWPTPFFFS ~ Your Vision Will Provide The Picture Frame For Future Success

~ YVMEY ~ Your Vision Must Engage You


~ ‘A-I’-CTLSIL ~ “All-In” – Can Turn Long Shots Into Legends

~ ST-A-NT-M ~ Seek To – Achieve – Not To – Medal

~ TT-‘WNJTI?’-A ~ Take The – “Why Not Just Try It? – Approach

~ MFWPE ~ Move Forward With Positive Energy

~ DYAFAANE ~ Do Yourself A Favor And Avoid Negative Enthusiasm

~ BSTSOYA-IA ~ Be Sure To Show Off Your All-In Approach

~ WYGOC-RYA ~ When You Go Off Course – Readjust Your Approach

~ A-IBOATP ~ All-In Brings Out All The Possibilities


~ LGLBTARNAT ~ Life Gets Livelier By Taking A Risk Now And Then

~ A-IAOMFVGG ~ All-In Attitudes Often Make For Very Good Gambles

~ TARCBUG ~ Taking A Risk Can Bring Unexpected Growth

~ TBR-T-YNTFUTU ~ To Become Risk-Tolerant – You Need To Face Up To Uncertainty

~ CYB-IWCHYLAY ~ Change Your Behavior – It Will Change How You Look At Yourself

~ GUTRPYFLBC ~ Getting Used To Risk Prepares You For Life’s Bigger Challenges


~ GP ~ Game Plan

~ GY-GP-IP ~ Get Your – Game Plan – In Place

~ LS-TGGYGP ~ Let Short-Term Goals Guide Your Game Plan

~ SPG ~ Set Progressive Goals

~ MG-SYCHF ~ Make Goal-Setting You Can’t Hide From

~ LFYG-SB ~ Learn From Your Goal-Setting Blinders

~ ESYA-Y-GP-WSYH ~ Earn Success You Achieve – Your – Game Plan – Will Show You How

~ BPTRY-GP-A-RYG ~ Be Prepared To Review Your – Game Plan – And – Reset Your Goals


~ SBRWYHAR ~ Success Becomes Routine When You Have A Routine

~ NA-S-A-STI ~ Name A – Schedule – And – Stick To It

~ BPTYPED ~ Bring Purpose To Your Pursuit Every Day

~ PPDOCE ~ Predictable Performance Depends On Consistent Effort

~ PIAVWPAG ~ Patient Is A Virtue When Pursuing A Goal

~ YCARUYP ~ You Can Also Ramp Up Your Pursuit

~ AALP-IWGALW ~ Apply A Little Pressure – It Will Go A Long Way

~ LBOT-IWMTTMP ~ Look Back Over Today – It Will Make Tomorrow That More Productive


~ BAST-TWHY-AYHT ~ Build A – Support Team – That Will Help You – As You Help Them

~ CWPWWTH-TOT ~ Connect With People Who Want To Help – They’re Out There

~ FT-‘L-M’-TPYTTTM ~ Find The – “Like-minded”– To Pull You Through The Toughest Moments

~ ATPWPYD ~ Avoid Those People Who Pull You Down

~ HOBIT ~ Help Others Believe In Themselves


~ OTDD-CYTSIF ~ On The Dark Days – Convince Yourself To Stay In Focus

~ MEDSNLED ~ Make Every Day Seem Not Like Every Day

~ FAPTOTGTCWYPO ~ Find Another Passion To Offset The Grind That Comes With Your Primary One

~ KWMPBTDV ~ Know What Motivates People Beyond Their Dream Vision

~ I-W-I-N-D-F ~ Inspire – With – Immediate – Not – Delayed – Feedback

~ LY-P-LY-N-GAFY ~ Let Your – Passion – Lead You – Not – Get Away From You


~ PBU ~ Practice Being Uncomfortable

~ LTDWSSTYCSOC ~ Learn To Deal With Stress So That You Can Survive Other Challenges

~ VTGTCCFD ~ Visualize The Good That Can Come From Disappointment

~ C-SNBCW-F ~ Cancellation – Should Not Be Confused With – Failure

~ AAC-RYA-R-AAC ~ At All Costs – Reduce Your Anxieties – Really – At All Costs


~ WP-DFTD ~ When Performing – Don’t Forget The Details

~ LFPP ~ Learn From Past Performances

~ SF-R:SF ~ Stay Focused – Repeat: Stay Focused

~ DYAF-DC ~ Do Yourself A Favor – Don’t Choke

~ TBPCWYETM~ The Best Performance Comes When You Enjoy The Moment


~ MTMOYAM ~ Make The Memory Of Your Achievement Memorable

~ PFTQ-‘WN?’-EBYFWAI ~ Plan For The Question – “What’s Next? – Even Before You’re Faced With Answering It

~ KALFTWDS-‘N’-SE ~ Keep A Lookout For Those Who Don’t See – “Next” – So Easily

~ DGUOGSC ~ Don’t Give Up On Giving Second Chances


~ TTTWEUTWAAAATHLUOOTDG-IJLTOFUH-STWW-EP-ATT ~ The Technology That Would Enable Us To Work At Any Place At Any Time Hasn’t Lifted Us Out Of The Daily Grind – It’s Just Let The Office Follow Us Home – So That We Work – Every Place – All The Time

~ WIWAK-WDIWTBWIGU?-WDILSMTIDIFF?-HCIGPTPMTCTV? ~ When I Was A Kid – What Did I Want To Be When I Grew Up? – What Do I Love So Much That I’d Do It For Free? – How Can I Get People To Pay Me To Create That Vision?

~ DAT-TTYL-TTYDFFAAK-CBTIAVB ~ Don’t Assume That – The Thing You Love – The Thing You Did For Fun As A Kid – Can’t Be Turned Into A Viable Business

~ MTCRR-WNOWWILTDADW?-WDTNI?-WAL-CWICSOITTAGPQ?~ Making The Cash Register Ring – Who Needs Or Wants What I Love To Do And Do Well? – Why Do They Need It? – What’s A Low-Cost Way I Could Start Offering It To Them And Get Paid Quickly?

~ AIG-BSIC ~ Autonomy Is Great – But So Is Cash

~ U-YWBATBTRCIYHTW69HAWFSEJTCYLC-TWTMIPGNS-DIITP ~ Ultimately – You Won’t Be Able To Build That Rewarding Career If You Have To Work 60 Hours A Week For Someone Else Just To Cover Your Lifestyle Costs – That’s Why The Most Important Place Grindhoppers Need Self-Discipline Is In Their Pocketbooks

~ MDBYLOH-IBYF-SMOEITBIYTTLO-TG ~ Money Doesn’t Buy You Love Or Happiness – It Buys You Freedom – Six Months Of Expenses In The Bank Is Your Ticket To Life Outside – The Grind

~ O-‘N’-ETFTSOIC ~ Our – “Needs” – Expand To Fill The Space Our Incomes Create

~ S-DIT-LA-T-ICBL-AIBDTIGITHOKPTY ~ Self-Discipline Is Tough – Like Anything – Though – It Can Be Learned – All It Boils Down To Is Getting In The Habit Of Keeping Promises To Yourself

~ YTYNTQJBQIEATNBSTYC-YYOBN-A-YTMDB-B-TB-YEH ~ You’ll Teach Yourself Not To Quit Just Because Quitting Is Easier And There’s No Boss Saying That You Can’t – You’re Your Own Boss Now – And – You’re The Most Demanding Boss – But – The Best – You’ll Ever Have

~ GFOWTNTBFFTST-TTFOHTWGTTP ~ Grindhoppers Figure Out Where They Need To Be For Fortune To Spot Them – Then They Figure Out How They Will Get To That Place

~ L-S-D-“KWYG”-IASTCBL ~ Like – Self-Discipline – “Knowing Where You’re Going” – Is A Skill That Can Be Learned

~ TAWYWYCAYLTLL-BB-BC-BDSTS-ITTGWYAGIYDLYIWTPMB ~ Think About What You Want Your Career And Your Life To Look Like – Be Bold – Be Crazy – But Don’t Skip This Step – It’s Tough To Get Where You Are Going If You Don’t Let Yourself Imagine Where That Place Might Be

~ B-G-DA-TA-ITGMCTWIWTB?-TKTADBTTSRAGS ~ Before – Grindhoppers – Do Anything – They Ask – Is This Getting Me Closer To Where I Want To Be? – They Know There’s A Difference Between Taking The Scenic Route And Getting Sidetracked

~ F-IYWANC-ASPYGTHTLTW-TRASDOUR ~ Fundamentally – If You Want A Nonconventional Career – At Some Point You’re Going To Have To Leave The Well-Travelled Route And Start Driving On Unmarked Roads

~ ITPCTMH?-DIRTPIBWW-ATTTHMBIAH?-WTPHMITLR? ~ Is This Project Close To My Heart? – Do I Respect The People I’ll Be Working With – And Trust That They Have My Best Interests At Heart? – Will This Project Help Me In The Long Run?

~ WOPTYCAKYFBO-WWPYRKYFBIIPTWEYL-TATF-TLR-IWGDB ~ Working On Projects That You Care About Keeps You From Burning Out – Working With People You Respect Keeps You From Becoming Involved In Projects That Will Embarrass You Later – Thinking About The Future – The Long Run – Is What Grindhoppers Do Best

~ HYCIYC:PWI-E;DALOI-GB;SHOPADI-NC-BI;LFCOI-SYWTPWYRAWWBBH ~ How You Can Improve Your Craft: Play With It – Experiment; Do A Lot Of It – Get Better; See How Other People Are Doing It – Never Copy – Be Influenced; Learn From Criticism Of It – Show Your Work To People Whom You Respect And Who Will Be Brutally Honest

~ BAN-AIMFL-ANCOPWOAEYHRTT-A-WYMLTHTAPOTS-BACOTGRMLOPWAWTHY ~ Building A Network – At Its Most Fundamental Level – A Network Consists Of People Whose Opinions And Expertise You Have Reason To Trust – And – Whom You’re More Likely To Help Than A Person Off The Street – Building A Career Outside The Grind Requires Meeting Lots Of People Who Are Willing To Help You


~ ABYOB ~ Always Be Your Own Boss

~ KWYAG ~ Know Where You Are Going

~ RR ~ Recalculate Risk

~ T-P-N-J ~ Think – Projects – Not – Jobs

~ STBJOR-ADT ~ Seek To Be Judged On Results – And Deliver Them

~ EIN ~ Everything Is Negotiable

~ CANAANM ~ Cultivate A Network And A Nimble Mind


~ DCTMAER ~ Don’t Care Too Much About External Rewards

~ WH-EINON ~ Work Hard – Even If No One Notices

~ DROAORS ~ Don’t Rely On Any One Revenue Stream

~ FTAF ~ Frugal To A Fault



~ ARATL-STPTLSBY-AYWFTSTCTYIG-HTSCPCATYG-ATPSNBA ~ Assume Right Attitudes Toward Life – Solve The Problems That Life Sets Before You – And You Will Find That Solving Them Contributes To Your Inner Growth – Helping To Solve Collective Problems Contributes Also To Your Growth – And These Problems Should Never Be Avoided

~ LGB-TLGHCAARATLOG-OTTLPUTH-SMOTLAACB-YCBBPIPATGTYB-NLCBIHUBAPAIH ~ Live Good Beliefs – The Laws Governing Human Conduct Apply As Rigidly As The Law Of Gravity – Obedience To These Laws Pushes Us Toward Harmony – Since Many Of These Laws Are Already Common Belief – You Can Begin By Putting Into Practice All The Good Things You Believe – No Life Can Be In Harmony Unless Belief And Practice Are In Harmony

~ FYPITLP-YHAPITSOT-WTPIYCKOFWY-YCSIIRS-YCBTLIAWIBDATGTYAMTAGTTPIYLOATSTTCOHL ~ Find Your Place In The Life Pattern – You Have A Part In The Scheme Of Things – What That Part Is You Can Know Only From Within Yourself – You Can Seek It In Receptive Silence – You Can Begin To Live In Accordance With It By Doing All The Good Things You Are Motivate Toward And Giving These Things Priority In Your Life Over All The Superficial Things That Customarily Occupy Human Lives

~ SLTBIAOW-BIH ~ Simply Life To Bring Inner And Outer Well-Being Into Harmony


~ POTBT ~ Purification Of The Bodily Temple

~ POTT-IINETDRTASRT-YMATRT-PTCBPIFG-NTCMYPI-BSTINUSBYAAOHB-FOWYHCTHUTCYAIH ~ Purification Of The Thoughts – It Is Not Enough To Do Right Things And Say Right Things – You Must Also Think Right Things. – Positive Thoughts Can Be Powerful Influences For Good – Negative Thoughts Can Make You Physically Ill – Be Sure There Is No Unpeaceful Situation Between Yourself And Any Other Human Being – For Only When You Have Ceased To Harbor Unkind Thoughts Can You Attain Inner Harmony

~ POTD ~ Purification Of The Desires

~ POM-TBOSTYFHMBYMBYLCCIH ~ Purification Of Motives – To Be Of Service To Your Fellow Humans Must Be Your Motive Before Your Life Can Come Into Harmony


~ ROS-W ~ Relinquishment Of Self-Will

~ ROTFOS ~ Relinquishment Of The Feeling Of Separateness

~ ROA-OWYHRAACYBRF-MTAHFU-A-AYCRWIHOIUPY-YCOLIHWYFHIYHNFTYPT-A-TDNTTRTL ~ Relinquishment Of Attachments – Only When You Have Relinquished All Attachments Can You Be Really Free – Material Things Are Here For Use – And – Anything You Cannot Relinquish When It Has Outlived Its Usefulness Possesses You – You Can Only Live In Harmony With Your Fellow Humans If You Have No Feeling That You Possess Them – And – Therefore Do Not Try To Run Their Lives

~ ROANF ~ Relinquishment Of All Negative Feelings


~ TITWAP:O-EWG-FWT-A-HWL ~ This Is The Way Of Peace: Overcome – Evil With Good – Falsehood With Truth – And – Hatred With Love


~ All Of Us Can Work For Peace – We Can Work Right Where We Are – Right Within Ourselves – Because – The More Peace We Have Within Our Own Lives – The More We Can Reflect Into The Outer Situation

~ PWO-AST-PIOW ~ Peace Within Ourselves – A Step Toward – Peace In Our World

~ UPAJUB-ABN-TTBB ~ Unnecessary Possessions Are Just Unnecessary Burdens – Anything Beyond Need – Tends To Become Burdensome

~ MTMBPITPP-ATYCRWIHOIUPY-A-ITMA-AGMOUAPBOP-WANF ~ Material Things Must Be Put Into Their Proper Place – Anything That You Cannot Relinquish When It Has Outlived Its Usefulness Possesses You – And – In This Materialistic Age – A Great Many Of Us Are Possessed By Our Possessions – We Are Not Free

~ WIAUMOOTWCC-SDYWATPM;IUAR ~ Worry Is A Useless Mulling Over Of Things We Cannot Change – Seldom Do You Worry About The Present Moment; It’s Usually All Right

~ WTTSOTPT-STITOMOCL-IYDLIYNRGATLAA-IYDLTPM-YTNTW ~ We Tend To Skim Over The Present Time – Since This Is The Only Moment That One Can Live – If You Don’t Live It You Never Really Get Around To Living At All – If You Do Live This Present Moment – You Tend Not To Worry

~ EMIANOTBOS ~ Every Moment Is A New Opportunity To Be Of Service

~ TINNAT ~ There Is Nothing New About This

~ ETYCIAS-TOSG ~ Every Time You Come Into A Situation – Think Of Some Good

~ TIACBWYCJWTTYATATTYADARFY-TCI-HTBYIP?-ITHN-TISWWT-SKT ~ There Is A Criterion By Which You Can Judge Whether The Thoughts You Are Thinking And The Things You Are Doing Are Right For You – That Criterion Is – Have They Brought You Inner Peace? – If They Have Not – There Is Something Wrong With Them – So Keep Trying

~ WMBATUTWWNTATRTWRWTHOTU ~ We Must Be Able To Use Things When We Need Them And Then Relinquish Them Without Regret When They Have Outlived Their Usefulness

~ ATYSTHCWHYC-A-IYDFYMGF ~ Anything That You Strive To Hold Captive Will Hold You Captive – And – If You Desire Freedom You Must Give Freedom

~ TWAOTHMBAPFG-IINITOBNA-RSNBSOD-KTERTYD-EGWYS-EPTYT-HGE ~ Those Who Act On Their Highest Motivations Become A Power For Good – It Is Not Important That Others Be Noticeably Affected – Results Should Never Be Sought Or Desired – Know That Every Right Thing You Do – Every Good Word You Say – Every Positive Thought You Think – Has Good Effect

~ APCBPW ~ All People Can Be Peace Workers

~ WYBHIAUS-YCTTTPP ~ Whenever You Bring Harmony Into Any Unpeaceful Situation – You Contribute To The Total Peace Picture

~ IAYHPIYL-YRIIYSAIYW ~ Insofar As You Have Peace In Your Life – You Reflect It Into Your Surroundings And Into Your World

~ IYWTTP-YOO-YMSWTA-ATLOU-IYSTTAABYLOU0LTTY ~ If You Want To Teach People – Young Or Old – You Must Start Where They Are – At Their Level Of Understanding – If You See That They Are Already Beyond Your Level Of Understanding – Let Them Teach You

~ SSTSAATISVO-MOUCTOA ~ Since Steps Toward Spiritual Advancement Are Taken In Such Varied Order – Most Of Us Can Teach One Another

~ OOPCBHTL-TWTIPITL ~ Only Outer Peace Can Be Had Through Law – The Way To Inner Peace Is Through Love

~ COGSTYMOYTR ~ Concentrate On Giving So That You May Open Yourself To Receiving

~ JOWAYNAIYS-OIYCIOTJTWAWHBA ~ Judging Others Will Avail You Nothing And Injure You Spiritually – Only If You Can Inspire Others To Judge Themselves Will Anything Worthwhile Have Been Accomplished

~ YCCAEY-AYHBAE-YCIOTCT ~ You Cannot Change Anyone Except Yourself – After You Have Become An Example – You Can Inspire Others To Change Themselves

~ IACSYMBTOASWIFTAC-IOASWIOATY-OASWIFTACCBWITLR ~ In A Conflict Situation You Must Be Thinking Of A Solution Which Is Fair To All Concerned – Instead Of A Solution Which Is Of Advantage To You – Only A Solution Which Is Fair To All Concerned Can Be Workable In The Long Run

~ TPA-IOS-TBTWIAA-IS-TGTWIAF ~ The Positive Approach – Instead Of Stressing – The Bad Things Which I Am Against – I Stress – The Good Things Which I Am For

~ TWCTNA-DOWIW-RTJAC-A-SETN-C ~ Those Who Choose The Negative Approach – Dwell On What Is Wrong – Resorting To Judgement And Criticism – And – Sometimes Even To Name-Calling

~ WEIA-IM-AIMHBWAUB-A-TTAGIVAS-WTINABIGIABTBUTS-NODTETTFA-BTE-DTTBT ~ When Evil Is Attacked – It Mobilizes – Although It May Have Been Weak And Unorganized Before – And – Therefore The Attack Gives It Validity And Strength – When There Is No Attack But Instead Good Influences Are Brought To Bear Upon The Situation – Not Only Does The Evil Tend To Fade Away – But The Evil-Doer Tends To Be Transformed

~ WYMPATAIAWTLI-OVAI ~ When You Make People Angry They Act In Accordance With Their Lesser Instincts – Often Violently And Irrationally

~ WYIPTAIAWTHI-SAR ~ When You Inspire People They Act In Accordance With Their Higher Instincts – Sensibly And Rationally

~ AIT-W-ISHALE ~ Anger Is Transient – Whereas – Inspiration Sometimes Has A Lifelong Effect

~ WFP:AFRDPCOTIEOMO-O-O-HP-SWWWFPMNF-WMCTSFPATLTWOP-TIO-WMCTTOPATKIIP ~ Working For Peace: A Few Really Dedicated People Can Offset The Ill Effects Of Masses Of Out-Of-Harmony People – So We Who Work For Peace Must Not Falter – We Must Continue To Speak For Peace And To Live The Way Of Peace – To Inspire Others – We Must Continue To Think Of Peace And To Know It Is Possible

~ TFOS ~ The Freedom Of Simplicity

~ AMFFRC:HAYO-TROTC-N-TGOA ~ A Magic Formula For Resolving Conflicts: Have As Your Objective – The Resolving Of The Conflict – Not – The Gaining Of Advantage

~ AMFFAC:BCT-YDNO-N-TYANO ~ A Magic Formula For Avoiding Conflicts: Be Concerned That – You Do Not Offend – Not – That You Are Not Offended

~ WPRSFI-I-Y-OIAOLROI-B-AWMWWEBLASUBI-IACBTTTSMOUWTA-WTIO ~ What People Really Suffer From Is Immaturity – Yes – Our Institutions And Our Leaders Reflect Our Immaturity – But – As We Mature We Will Elect Better Leaders And Set Up Better Institutions – It Always Comes Back To The Thing So Many Of Us Wish To Avoid – Working To Improve Ourselves!


~ TITWOP:O-EWG-FWT-A-HWL ~ This Is The Way Of Peace: Overcome – Evil With Good – Falsehood With Truth – And – Hatred With Love ~ Peace Pilgrim ~ Steps Toward Inner Peace ~ 1981

~ TEPITWTPOPPIDTTPOEPOW-WTNOPBLOS-TI-O ~ The Essential Point Is That Where The Possession Of Political Power Is Due To The Possession Of Economic Power Or Wealth – Whether The Number Of Persons Be Large Or Small – That Is – Oligarchy ~ Aristole ~ 3?? BCE

~ EIS ~ Endless Inegalitarian Spiral ~ Thomas Piketty ~ Capital In The Twenty-First Century ~ 2014

~ TMQCUTINRA-CIT21C-IIA-DIT21C ~ The Main Question Confronting Us Today Is Not Really About – Capitalism In The 21st Century – It Is About – Democracy In The 21st Century ~ Joseph Stiglitz ~ The Great Divide ~ 2015

~ STEWTBWITBCYAR ~ Sometimes The Easiest Way To Be Wrong Is To Be Certain You Are Right ~ Steven Johnson ~ Farsighted ~ 2018

~ LIASWTEOAJASSV-WHTRTSED-IRAPOIAWDT ~ Law Is A Story We Tell Each Other About Justice And Shared Social Values – We Have To Retell This Story Every Day – It Replicates And Persists Only Insofar As We Do That ~ David Johnson ~ The Life Of The Law Online ~ 2007

~ T-BQFH-I-‘WITMOL?’-B-R-“HDWSS?’-TRTITWIS ~ The – Big Question Facing Humans – Isn’t – “What Is The Meaning Of Life?” – But – Rather – “How Do We Stop Suffering?” – The Realest Thing In The World Is Suffering ~ Yuval Noah Harari ~ 21 Lessons For The 21st Century ~ 2018

~ FTPOELAOPWBITCBYABTS ~ For The Power Of Enclosing Land And Owning Property Was Brought Into The Creation By Your Ancestors By The Sword ~ Gerrard Winstanley ~ 1659

~ ACD ~ Anthropogenic Climate Disruption

~ MMS-FEI ~ Mystical Market Solutions – For Every Ill

~ RI ~ Regressive Incrementalism

~ SBAWG-AGBSG-EEIC ~ Selfishness Beats Altruism Within Groups – Altruistic Groups Beat Selfish Groups – Everything Else Is Commentary ~ Edward Wilson + David Sloan Wilson ~ Rethinking The Theoretical Foundation of Sociobiology ~ 2006

~ FAE ~ Fundamental Attribution Error ~ Lee Ross ~ The Intuitive Psychologist And His Shortcomings ~ 1977

~ ALWTIE-AAG-LICFO ~ At Least Where There Is Enough – And As Good – Left In Common For Others ~ John Locke ~ Second Treatise Of Civil Government ~ 1689

~ WITIO-D-IAIMG-THU-D-AAS-WOLSB ~ We Invented The Institution Of – Democracy – In All Its Many Guises – To Help Us – Decide – As A Society – What Our Laws Should Be ~ Steven Johnson ~ Farsighted ~ 2018

~ CCLUTATP-ODTTWSEP ~ Cancer Can Lead Us To A Transformative Path – One Difficult To Travel Without Such Extreme Prodding ~ M Laura Nasi ~ Cancer As A Wake-Up Call ~ 2018

~ DTNOLSOBHPWAWANTTR? ~ Do The Names Of Local Streets Or Buildings Honor People Whose Acts We Are Now Trying To Rectify? ~ James Lowen ~ Lies My Teacher Told Me ~ The New Press ~ 1995

~ DNTTSYVBTAGMT-APC-IIETOP;DNOT ~ Do Not Try To Satisfy Your Vanity By Teaching A Great Many Things – Awaken People’s Curiosity – It Is Enough To Open Minds; Do Not Overload Them ~ Anatole France ~ Freeman Tilden ~ Interpreting Our Heritage ~ 1967

~ WATHFODE ~ Warnings Appear To Have Fallen On Deaf Ears ~ Charles Calomiris + Stephen Haber ~ Fragile By Design ~ 2014

~ TBWTFOWWRNITGROWWD ~ The Best Way To Find Out What We Really Need Is To Get Rid Of What We Don’t ~ Marie Kondo ~ The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up ~ 2014

~ WITOVAAPLF-AA-Y-TOTTAUTSTITOAALDACSFT ~ We Insist That Our Values Are A Precious Legacy From – Ancient Ancestors – Yet – The Only Thing That Allows Us To Say This Is That Our Ancestors Are Long Dead And Cannot Speak For Themselves ~ Yuval Noah Harari ~ 21 Lessons For The 21st Century ~ 2018

~ BWIDGWOOC ~ Bad Writing Is Driving Good Writing Out Of Circulation ~ Naomi Baron ~ Always On ~ 2008

~ TEOA ~ The End Of Anticipation ~ Naomi Baron ~ Always On ~ 2008

~ WL ~ Web Log ~ Jorn Barger ~ 1997

~ C-MC ~ Computer-Mediated Communication ~ 198?

~ AYSODCAWBUAYIATA-TP ~ Anything You Say Or Do Can And Will Be Used Against You In A Targeted Advertisement – Think Privacy ~ Seoul Media Art Biennale ~ 06-09-2018

~ OYHLHTAQ-RAAAS-Q-YHLHTL-A-NOCKYFLWYWONTK ~ Once You Have Learned How To Ask Questions – Relevant And Appropriate And Substantial – Questions – You Have Learned How To Learn – And – No Once Can Keep You From Learning Whatever You Want Or Need To Know ~ Neil Postman + Charles Weingartner ~ Teaching As A Subversive Activity ~ 1969

~ IIEFUTACIWHANFWIH-IOW-IWITCWM ~ It Is Easier For Us To Accept Change If We Have A Narrative For Why It’s Happening – In Other Words – If We Invest The Change With Meaning ~ Amanda Lang ~ The Beauty Of Discomfort ~ 2017

~ WY-PTP-OTP ~ When Ye – Proffer The Pigge – Open The Poke ~ Richard Hill ~ Common-Place Book ~ 1530

~ RIAPOMH ~ Reality Is A Plague On Many Houses ~ Charles Calomiris + Stephen Haber ~ Fragile By Design ~ 2014