~ EFTP ~ Evidence-Free Talking Points

~ NIDWR-WHITTOSDANOCAWNI ~ New Ideas Don’t Win, Really – What Happens Is That The Old Scientists Die And New Ones Come Along With New Ideas ~ Max Planck

~ TITTJIL-TBUFAPRYAAMO ~ This Is The True Joy In Life – The Being Used For A Purpose Recognized By Yourself As A Mighty One ~ George Shaw

~ IHNKMGDBTWATTFTPG ~ I Have Never Known Much Good Done By Those Who Affected To Trade For The Public Good ~ Adam Smith ~ The Wealth Of Nations

~ WRDNALAAOAUSTIIEABLI ~ We Really Don’t Need Any Lifeboats At All On An Unsinkable Ship That Is In Effect A Big Lifeboat Itself ~ Joseph Ismay

~ ESHILCAIDT ~ Every Society Honours Its Live Conformists And Its Dead Troublemakers ~ Mignon McLaughlin

~ TMEPCFJTEOOT:WILTTROWIN? ~ The Most Essential Political Criterion For Judging The Events Of Our Time: Will It Lead To Totalitarian Rule Or Will It Not? ~ Hannah Arendt

~ TDT ~ The Domino Theory

~ WCUCFB-IFAWTENL-TETA ~ We Cannot Use Concepts From Before – Inherited From A World That Exists No Longer – To Explore The After ~ Elisabeth Young-Bruehl ~ Why Arendt Matters

~ INHHASP-HWNHDG ~ If Newton Had Had A Smart Phone – He Would Never Have Discovered Gravity ~ Pauline Dayton

~ NABLY ~ Not A Bit Like You

~ NITTTWIMWMABTCANT ~ Not Issues That The Top Women In Media Worry Much About Because They Can Afford Not To ~ Myrna Blyth ~ Spin Sisters

~ IIHSALFIIBSOTSOG ~ If I Have Seen A Little Further It Is By Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants ~ Issac Newton

~ GDAIIITCOMM ~ Great Discoveries And Improvements Invariably Involve The Cooperation Of Many Minds ~ Alexander Bell

~ RIAMIWYCSY-NAYWWTB-BAYA ~ Relationship Is A Mirror In Which You Can See Yourself – Not As You Would Wish To Be – But As You Are ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

~ ITBMTAMP-ITEMTAF ~ In The Beginner’s Mind There Are Many Possibilities – In The Expert’s Mind There Are Few ~ Shunryu Suzuki

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