~ “P”AANLAAIOPTCT ~ “Phthalates” Are Almost Never Listed As An Ingredient On Products That Contain Them

~ F&PAOTCWISPC ~ “Fragrance” And “parfum” Are Often The Code Words Indicting Some Phthalate Content

~ CWLICM-AITDMKTTABGCBTTTAW-NSCLKCIK ~ Canaries Were Lowered Into Coal Mines – And If They Died Miners Knew That The Air Below Ground Could Be Toxic To Them As Well – Non-Stick Coatings Literally Kill Canaries In Kitchens

~ ATCHBSOACWYSE ~ After The Coating Has Been Scraped Off And Consumed With Your Scrambled Eggs

~ YSII ~ You’re Soaking In It

~ MP ~ Mutagenic Pyjamas

~ ITOT-PBDE-LOOTPTAPI ~ It Turns Out That – PBDEs – Leach Out Of The Products They Are Put Into

~ SEOSNC ~ Some Expert Observers See Nothing Changing

~ MMT ~ Magical Mercury Tour

~ TAINAPTPT“DITSTP”~ The Atmosphere Is Not A Great Place To Practise The “Dilution Is The Solution To Pollution”

~ ITKOTTHLTTMPPWFT ~ It’s That Kind Of Thinking That Has Led To The Mercury Pollution Problems We Face Today

~ TGNITATOYODEWOOTMTSK-WAFSTAI ~ The Good News Is That After Thousands Of Years Of Direct Experience With One Of The Most Toxic Substances Known – We Are Finally Starting To Act Intelligently

~ TBNITCBCTIAAFP ~ The Bad News Is That Coal Burning Continues To Increase At A Fierce Pace

~ ITNCOOLTHBIBCCPTMDSO? ~ Is There No Corner Of Our Lives That Hasn’t Been Invaded By Chemical Companies Peddling Their Modern-Day Snake Oil?

~ RILMBGCFPAESOBMBOTBOCAAROP-BHNNBC-TRMOTU ~ Rats In Labs May Be Getting Cancer From Pesticides And Entire Species Of Birds May Be On The Brink Of Collapse As A Result Of Pollution – But Humans Need Not Be Concerned – The Risk Managers Often Tell Us

~ RSA”AH”-N”AS” ~ Risk Studies Assess “Acceptable Harm” – Not “Unacceptable Safety”