~ ATROS-IOTIMF ~ All The Resources Of Science – In Order That Imbecility May Flourish ~ Aldous Huxley

~ TINWBL ~ There Is No Wealth But Life ~ John Ruskin

~ TAOAU ~ The Age Of American Unreason ~ Susan Jacoby

~ PAUB ~ Pure And Uncontaminated Bunk ~ Elmer Gantry ~ Elmer Gantry ~ Sinclair Lewis

~ TTADSE-EOTT-WNLNTM ~ Talking To A Disembodied Spiritual Entity – Even On The Telephone – Was No Longer Novel To Me ~ Shirley MacLaine ~ It’s All In The Playing

~ DEWAANH ~ Do Everything With Attention And Not Habitually ~ Thomas a Kempis

~ EAFLOCIETCCTCOAP-WIMMOTAI ~ Even A Feeble Light Of Consciousness Is Enough To Change Completely The Character Of A Process, While It Makes Many Of Them Altogether Impossible ~ George Gurdjieff

~ TBCAEL-TWCACT ~ The Best Communicators Are Excellent Listeners – The Worst Communicators Are Continuous Talkers ~ Brian Tracy ~ Earn What You’re Really Worth

~ PDNDTBE-TDTAET ~ People Do Not Decide To Become Extraordinary – They Decide To Accomplish Extraordinary Things ~ Edmund Hillary

~ TMDSILITSRYOW ~ The Most Delightful Surprise In Life Is To Suddenly Recognize Your Own Worth ~ Maxwell Maltz

~ FBMM ~ Four Big Middlemen ~ Ken Doctor ~ Newsonomics

~ STDD ~ Stacking The Digital Dimes ~ John Paton

~ IIGTBOOTGTTBACP ~ It Is Going To Be One Of The Great Times To Be A Corrupt Politician ~ David Simon

~ ITB-IDQTE-I-FCWOTIW ~ In The Beginning – I Didn’t Question The Everything-Is-Free Conventional Wisdom Of The Internet World ~ Stephen Shepard ~ Deadlines And Disruption

~ SCP-DLOALIAA ~ Set Clear Posteriorities – Do Less Of And Later, If At All ~ Brian Tracy ~ Earn What You’re Really Worth

~ CS ~ Cognitive Surplus ~ Clay Shirky

~ IHTBTYHSUO ~ I Happen To Believe That You Have Sold Us Out ~ John Turner

~ DYS ~ Donate Your Services ~ Brian Tracy ~ Earn What You’re Really Worth

~ UA ~ Un-Scripted Answers

~ TSICTMYMSTWTSF ~ To Succeed In Chaining The Multitude You Must Seem To Were The Same Fetters ~ Voltaire ~ Dictionnaire Philosophique

~ WOPTMWWPN ~ We Often Pay Too Much When We Pay Nothing ~ Dan Ariely ~ Predictably Irrational

~ TFTBPMBWATDIOMP ~ The Freedom To Be Poor Must Be Weighed Against The Debilitating Impact Of Mass Poverty ~ Hugh Segal ~ The Right Balance

~ VH ~ Vote Harder

~ IAABTVOS-TS&TKN ~ I Am Attacked By Two Very Opposite Sects – The Scientists And The Know-Nothings ~ Luigi Galvani

~ TWIPITMOHIGC-ITTGCTFP ~ The World Is Peculiar In This Matter Of How It Gives Credit – It Tends To Give Credit To Famous People ~ Robert Merton

~ IBTMC ~ I Bought The Magna Carta ~ David Rubenstein

~ CWTETP&EPTBTP ~ Corporate Welfare That Enriches The Powerful And Empty Promises That Betray The Powerless ~ Paul Ryan

~ SDE ~ Second, Digital Economy ~ William Arthur

~ EICTBABSWAOOJD ~ Everyone Is Claiming To Be A Boy Scout While Accusing Others Of Juvenile Delinquency ~ Mark Carney

~ WMHD-OWMHWCITHOTF-BWCHB ~ We May Have Democracy – Or We May Have Wealth Concentrated In The Hands Of The Few – But We Cannot Have Both ~ Louis Brandeis

~ VSCU&A ~ Vast, Silent, Connected, Unseen, And Autonomous ~ William Arthur

~ AQFC ~ Another Quiet Financial Coup

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