~ YCAWYDNK-TGBYYMKY ~ You Cannot Abandon What You Do Not Know – To Go Beyond Yourself You Must Know Yourself ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

~ AYAR?-AIAR? ~ Are You A Robot? – Am I A Robot?

~ TNS-HA ~ The New Scarcity – Human Attention ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Present Shock

~ TCS ~ The Chosen Species ~ Juan Luis Arsuaga + Ignacio Matinez

~ TNB ~ The New Bureaucrats

~ RITPIUTTRC-TPOPHTLTDAFITMUTSQ ~ Reducing Issues To Personalities Is Useful To The Ruling Class – The Politics Of Personalities Helps The Legitimizers To Divert Attention From Issues That Might Upset The Status Quo ~ George Grant ~ Lament For A Nation

~ WHNTOTPDOAB-ICAGALAAIHAG ~ We Have No Theory Of The Putative Duration Of A Bubble – It Can Always Go As Long Again As It Has Already Gone ~ Paul Samuelson

~ LTCSITNOFESSTPOTPG ~ Limiting The Civil Service In The Name Of Free Enterprise Simply Strengthens The Power Of The Private Governments ~ George Grant ~ Lament For A Nation

~ DCGTKOGTW ~ Dominant Classes Get The Kind Of Government They Want ~ George Grant ~ Lament For A Nation

~ TSOTF ~ The Shadow Of The Future ~ Robert Axelrod

~ SLAIYWLAFTSTAAIYHJATFTAUAYAATAN ~ So Live As If You Were Living Already For The Second Time And As If You Had Just Acted The First Time As Unwisely As You Are About To Act Now ~ Victor Frankl

~ WID ~ Write It Down

~ BHNNBC-TRMOTU ~ But Humans Need Not Be Concerned – The Risk Managers Often Tell Us ~ Rick Smith + Bruce Lourie ~ Slow Death By Rubber Duck

~ TCO ~ Temporal Compression Overwinding ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Present Shock

~ ACFEGWAANR-WTGMMATPTAR-WOTOOSEM-CDALOE ~ A Comparatively Few Enjoy Great Wealth At Almost No Risk – While The Great Majority Must Accept The Possibility That Any Reversal – Whether Of Their Own Or Someone Else’s Making – Can Destroy A Lifetime Of Endeavor ~ Peter Gosselin ~ High Wire

~ TGS ~ The Great Society ~ Adam Smith

~ SPHRWLLAPHP ~ Stock Prices Have Reached What Looks Like A Permanently High Plateau ~ Irving Fisher

~ TGRS ~ The Great Risk Shift ~ Jacob Hacker

~ ISVM ~ Incentivized Shareholder Value Maximization

~ PR ~ Presentist Reality ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Present Shock

~ IHAWID ~ I’m Happy About What I Did ~ Abdelkarim Bayoudh

~ TMN ~ Too Many Notes ~ Joseph Adam

~ POI ~ Person Of Internet

~ EROFBWTAFR ~ Every Rise Of Fascism Bears Witness To A Failed Revolution ~ Walter Benjamin

~ TGMFIHH ~ The Greatest Market Failure In Human History ~ Nicholas Stern

~ EEPRAS-EWILE ~ European Enlightenment Philosophers Railed Against Slavery – Except Where It Literally Existed ~ Louis Sala-Molins

~ UHIVATE ~ Universal Humanity Is Visible At The Edges ~ Susan Buck-Morss

~ TA-FA-FB ~ Try Again – Fail Again – Fail Better ~ Samuel Beckett ~ Worstward Ho

~ TFSCOCC ~ The Full Social Costs Of Carbon Combustion

~ TGOAB ~ The Ground Of All Being ~ Paul Tillich

~ BAPAGTIND ~ Between A Person And God There Is No Distinction ~ Meister Eckhart

~ TEN ~ The Eternal Now ~ Paul Tillich

~ PNTTWINWOA-TAATWINWOT ~ People Never Think Their Way Into New Ways Of Acting – They Always Act Their Way Into New Ways Of Thinking ~ Erich Fromm

~ HEIITDCWTAN ~ How Easy It Is To Draw Connections Where There Are None ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Present Shock

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