~ RITPIUTTRC-TPOPHTLTDAFITMUTSQ ~ Reducing Issues To Personalities Is Useful To The Ruling Class – The Politics Of Personalities Helps The Legitimizers To Divert Attention From Issues That Might Upset The Status Quo

~ ARCAPBTSTARTR ~ All Ruling Classes Are Produced By The Societies They Are Required To Rule

~ OATAOOS-TMITMDAEBFTA ~ Of All The Aspects Of Our Society – The Military Is The Most Directly An Errand Boy For The Americans

~ TWRMTNWIIICWTEDOTD ~ The Wealthy Rarely Maintain Their Nationalism When It Is In Conflict With The Economic Drive Of The Day

~ TCEWBAN ~ The Corporation Elite Was Basically Anti-National

~ LTCSITNOFESSTPOTPG ~ Limiting The Civil Service In The Name Of Free Enterprise Simply Strengthens The Power Of The Private Governments

~ DCGTKOGTW ~ Dominant Classes Get The Kind Of Government They Want

~ MDMALCA ~ Modern Civilization Makes All Local Cultures Anachronistic

~ ECWFOMR ~ Early Capitalism Was Full Of Moral Restraints

~ DIBITFOTMS-WBIAMAEE ~ Dissent Is Built Into The Fabric Of The Modern System – We Bureaucratize It As Much As Everything Else

~ IIPTLAHADTWIDFITSR? ~ Is It Possible To Look At History And Deny That Within Its Dimensions Force Is The Supreme Ruler?

~ TSOTTCCBJBTAOH-HPFTA-BHMFTC ~ The Screams Of The Tortured Child Can Be Justified By The Achievements Of History – How Pleasant For The Achievers – But How Meaningless For The Child

~ LW-IO-COTOEO-TIITVOTE ~ Liberalism Was – In Origin – Criticism Of The Old Established Order – Today It Is The Voice Of The Establishment

~ TCPATAUAHSWBAT ~ The Classical Philosophers Asserted That A Universal And Homogenous State Would Be A Tyranny

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