~ JTE ~ Journey To Elsewhen

~ THBITOATTATF ~ The Human Being Is The Only Animal That Thinks About The Future

~ TJON ~ The Joy Of Next

~ WCFGAAIFWWABFBAAAP ~ We Cannot Feel Good About An Imaginary Future When We Are Busy Feeling Bad About An Actual Present

~ PAQAAFAPWTVTOTTBTO ~ People Are Quite Adept At Finding A Positive Way To View Things Once Those Things Become Their Own

~ PILTATQTAMLTETATWTH ~ People Intuitively Lean Toward Asking The Questions That Are Most Likely To Elicit The Answers They Want To Hear

~ TBHATBWTES-BIRTEHATLFWTBW ~ The Brain Has Agreed To Believe What The Eye Sees – But In Return The Eye Has Agreed To Look For What The Brain Wants

~ ITR ~ Immune To Reality

~ TMAOEAUECHTDI ~ The Mere Act Of Explaining An Unpleasant Event Can Help To Defang It

~ WPMATFI-WSOWTWPI-AWAIU ~ We Pay More Attention To Favorable Information – We Surround Ourselves With Those Who Provide It – And We Accept It Uncritically

~ TBWTPOFTITSHOAFT ~ The Best Way To Predict Our Feelings Tomorrow Is To See How Others Are Feeling Today

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