~ TIHOTM-IARIDHCTTN-A-TMCCP ~ The Invisible Hand Of The Market – Is As Ruthless In Denying Health Care To The Needy – As – The Most Coldhearted Central Planner

~ IT-PA-RTTIOL-A-TSOTCE ~ Information Technologies – Portrayed As – Revolutionary Tools To Improve Our Lives – Are – The Shackles Of The Contemporary Economy

~ ABP ~ A Banker’s Paradise

~ BMS ~ Bonuses Might Suffer

~ EVTR ~ Enormous Value To Recipients

~ FTGOTROTE-BSEL ~ For The Good Of The Rest Of The Economy – Bankers Should Earn Less

~ IAWTBE ~ Information Also Wants To Be Expensive

~ E-IP-TMEMG-B-IMC-NPOTPAFTETCDRBBOHOTA ~ Energy – Is Probably – The Most Egregiously Mispriced Good – But – In Most Countries – No Part Of The Price Accounts For The Effect That Carbon Dioxide Released By Burning Oil Has On The Atmosphere

~ BIURINEOF-TS-S-HE-ITNAB-TMFTE-BTAAFPOWWA ~ Belief In Unbounded Rationally Is Not Economics’ Only Flaw – The Self-Serving – Homo Economicus – Is Too Narrow A Being – The Model Fails To Explain – Behaviours That Are A Fundamental Part Of Who We Are

~ ACMOH-MUT-PPNWTWBWTTTW-A-HTOCD ~ A Comprehensive Model Of Humankind – Must Understand That – People Pursue Not What They Want But What They Think They Want – And – How These Objectives Can Diverge

~ TPOF ~ The Price Of Free

~ TPOTF ~ The Price Of The Future

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