~ WCELTPWMBDBTCOTA-OWCSTPTO ~ We Can Either Let The People Who Made Bad Decisions Bear The Consequences Of Their Actions – Or We Can Spread That Pain To Others

~ BWI“MH”IIITVSOC? ~ But What If – “Moral Hazard” – Is Inscribed Into The Very Structure Of Capitalism?

~ TBAFOTCOTWRTS-ADNLTAEMRIOTD ~ They Blame All Failure On The Compromises Of Those Who Realized Their Schemes – And Demand Nothing Less Than An Even More Radical Implementation Of Their Doctrines

~ WLIAT ~ We Live In Apocalyptic Times

~ TIOTEITSPS:D ~ The Intrusion Of The Excluded Into The Socio-Political Space: Democracy

~ SEZ ~ Special Economic Zones

~ ENE ~ Establishing New Enclosures

~ EITTFOR ~ Exploitation Increasingly Takes The Form Of Rent

~ FFD-TSITGS ~ Far From Disappearing – The State Is Today Gathering Strength

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