~ ABDUN ~ A Big Dumb Useless Number

~ EIAB ~ Everything Is A Bubble

~ F&AG ~ Forever And Always Growth

~ FRB ~ Fictional Reserve Banking

~ FTD ~ Financing The Dog

~ HPPWCCOOTW ~ Highly-Paid Professionals Who Cheat Countries Out Of Their Wealth

~ HWW-TYL ~ Heads We Win Tails You Lose

~ IFTO ~ Ideas From The Outside

~ INOR ~ In Need Of Regulation

~ JLAPS ~ Just Like A Ponzi Scheme

~ PTCFTG ~ Protect The Country From The Government

~ SGCTPTFFTFM ~ Stronger Government Controls To Protect Their Fortunes From The Free Market

~ SQ ~ Squanerative Easement

~ TCOTP&TWBNEC ~ Take Care Of The People And There Will Be No Economic Crises

~ TPHNH ~ The Pimperor Has No Hoes

~ TSINLTL ~ The Sky Is No Longer The Limit

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