~ YDHTWM60/80/1000HWTMIW-10-40HAWIP ~ You Don’t Have To Work Miserable 60/80/100-Hour Weeks To Make It Work – 10-40 Hours A Week Is Plenty

~ ITTRW ~ It’s Time To Rework Work

~ PIG ~ Planning Is Guessing

~ YHTMIWYDS-NBYDI-YWDYWAP? ~ You Have The Most Information When You’re Doing Something – Not Before You’ve Done It – Yet – When Do You Write A Plan?

GUTG-DWYGTDTW-NTY-FOTNMITADT-MDRBYDS-NFIA ~ Give Up On The Guesswork – Decide What You’re Going To Do This Week – Not This Year – Figure Out The Next Most Important Thing And Do That – Make Decisions Right Before You Do Something – Not Far In Advance

~ WWAPMSS-B-BFAPTHNRWRIES ~ Working Without A Plan May Seem Scary – But – Blindly Following A Plan That Has No Relationship With Reality Is Even Scarier

~ SINJASS-SIAGDII ~ Small Is Not Just A Stepping-Stone – Small Is A Great Destination In Itself

~ WMDMYCMOGMD-IJMYWM ~ Working More Doesn’t Mean You Care More Or Get More Done – It Just Means You Work More

~ TETIYSIR ~ There’s Enough Time If You Spend It Right

~ WYWSBEYMT-ROYO ~ When You Want Something Bad Enough You Make Time – Regardless Of Your Obligations

~ TTIMPJDWIBE-TTPTEWTEOT ~ The Truth Is Most People Just Don’t Want It Bad Enough – Then They Protect Their Ego With The Excuse Of Time

~ CAAID ~ Constraints Are Advantages In Disguise

~ IAR ~ It’s A Robot

~ IKTDBGAAARTPTSNT ~ I Know The Difference Between Genuine Affection And A Robot That’s Programmed To Say Nice Things

~ SFS-IJA-WID-IABIALI ~ Standing For Something – Isn’t Just About – Writing It Down – It’s About Believing It And Living It

~ ABWAPTPIAB-IAH ~ A Business Without A Path To Profit Isn’t A Business – It’s A Hobby

~ SIWGTW-FOFR ~ Stop Imagining What’s Going To Work – Find Out For Real

~ FSIABI-CIOOTFTTGWYLS ~ Forgoing Sleep Is A Bad Idea – Creativity Is One Of The First Things To Go When You Lose Sleep

~ LLDGD ~ Long Lists Don’t Get Done

~ DC ~ Don’t Copy

~ GIOT! ~ Get It Out There!

~ DYP ~ Decommoditize your product

~ M-Y-POYPOS-CCNCT-Y-IYP ~ Make – You – Part Of Your Product Or Service – Competitors Can Never Copy The – You – In Your Product

~ DBATGALAFF-ALAYGSETS ~ Don’t Be Afraid To Give A Little Away For Free – As Long As You’ve Got Something Else To Sell

~ MIJAFIE-ITSTOEYD ~ Marketing Isn’t Just A Few Individual Events – It’s The Sum Total Of Everything You Do

~ OYBN ~ Own Your Bad News

~ SLY ~ Sound Like You


~ AETDPFAWLOI ~ An Extra Trillion Dollars Pays For A Whole Lot Of Indulgence

~ HMOIACAHTHBWRTTBTNANTE? ~ How Many Once-In-A-Century Accidents Have To Happen Before We Recognize That They’ve Become The Norm And Not The Exception?

~ A-GD-M-SIA-B-IWQSTPBNY&T ~ A – Greek Default – Might – Start In Athens – But – It Would Quickly Spread To – Paris / Berlin / New York / Tokyo

~ AWBOCOAWBOB? ~ Are We Bailing Out Countries Or Are We Bailing Out Banks?

~ BEEM ~ Best-Educated Economic Mind(s)

~ COSAFFTCBRWITH ~ Chunks Of Stone Aren’t Falling From The Colosseum Because Rome Wants It To Happen

~ CTBEEMITWRBSFOC? ~ Could The Best-Educated Economic Minds In The World Really Be So Far Off Course?

~ DDJATOATAG ~ Doubling Down Just As The Odds Are Turning Against You

~ DIEI ~ Debt Is Energy Intensive

~ EEGTSEOTS ~ Everything Else Gets The Short End Of The Stick

~ GITHGOMS ~ Growth Is The Holy Grail Of Modern Societies

~ HEPAASOOEP-TTC! ~ Higher Energy Prices Aren’t A Symptom Of Our Economic Problems – They’re The Cause

~ LEFMTM ~ Less Energy For More Tons Mined

~ R-M-O-R ~ Rebel – Migrate – Or – Die

~ SPMCTAOP-OMJCITEOG ~ Some People Might Call That An Oil Peak – Others Might Just Call It The End Of Growth

~ TSE ~ The Static Economy

~ WITE? ~ What If That’s Enough?

~ WRASITSOEBB ~ What’s Really At Stake Is The Solvency Of Europe’s Biggest Banks

~ WTDOPSTP? ~ Will Triple-Digit Oil Prices Save The Planet?

~ ZSW ~ Zero-Sum World


~ B&FL? ~ Balanced And Fair Lies?

~ DIIOG&CIOH ~ Democracy Is In Our Genes And Cooperation Is Our History

~ EOUIDFHWLISG-CFEOAMTNISW ~ Each Of Us Is Descended From Humans Who Lived In Small Groups – Cared For Each Other – And Met Their Needs In Sustainable Ways

~ GBCOL ~ Gaining By Consuming Others’ Lives

~ SWSU ~ Something-Will-Save-Us