~ CAAID ~ Constraints Are Advantages In Disguise

~ DC ~ Don’t Copy

~ GIOT! ~ Get It Out There!

~ GTGSBCOSTMG ~ Getting To Great Starts By Cutting Out Stuff That’s Merely Good

~ IAR ~ It’s A Robot

~ IKTDBGAAARTPTSNT ~ I Know The Difference Between Genuine Affection And A Robot That’s Programmed To Say Nice Things

~ LLDGD ~ Long Lists Don’t Get Done

~ MSYWTU ~ Make Something You Want To Use

~ SLY ~ Sound Like You

~ SOPMIA ~ Spending Other People’s Money Is Addictive

~ TETIYSIR ~ There’s Enough Time If You Spend It Right

~ WYSFS-DAO ~ When You Stand For Something – Decisions Are Obvious

~ WYWSBEYMT ~ When You Want Something Bad Enough You Make Time

~ YJN-AI-ATOC-A-APTGS ~ You Just Need – An Idea – A Touch Of Confidence – And – A Push To Get Started

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