~ TMINBACWOGI ~ The Market Is Nothing But A Complex Web Of Government Interventions

~ TIAGBOESTEIIANOVNCOS ~ There Is A Growing Body Of Evidence Showing That Extreme Inequality Imposes A Number Of Very Negative Consequences On Society

~ IHTSMOAMPIASTRPOTBOHMTWOATPTTR ~ It’s Hard To See Much Of A Moral Principle In A System That Rewards People On The Basis Of How Much They’re Willing Or Able To Pander To The Rich

~ TELTTCSCTPAABTRDPT-ANM ~ The Evidence Leads To The Common-Sense Conclusion That Policies Aimed At Benefiting The Rich Do Precisely That – And No More

~ IGHCTLSD-PFCAHII-TWHSRTSOPI ~ If Governments Hadn’t Cut Tax Levels So Deeply – Particularly For Corporations And High-Income Individuals – They Would Have Sufficient Revenue To Sustain Our Public Institutions

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