~ AWSTTPMAWWAAHA ~ A Warlike Society Tends To Produce Men And Women Who Are At Heart Antisocial

~ TIOPG-SO-R-APDAR-IITFOTWF ~ The Ideology Of Personal Growth – Superficially Optimistic – Radiates – A Profound Despair And Resignation – It Is The Faith Of Those Without Faith

~ ATFBMAU-OFPOUTTFTCHT ~ As The Future Becomes Menacing And Uncertain – Only Fools Put Off Until Tomorrow The Fun They Can Have Today

~ S-P-HR-S-I-A-TGOEE ~ Self-Preservation – Has Replaced – Self-Improvement – As – The Goal Of Earthly Existence

~ TNDTSITG:T-R-G-A-F-OTOH-A-TCHOTO ~ The Narcissist Divides The Society Into Two Groups: The – Rich – Great – And – Famous – On The One Hand – And – The Common Herd On The Other

~ TNAAI-W-‘W’-OOFOBBA-L ~ The Narcissist Admires And Identifies – With – “Winners” – Out Of Fear Of Being Labeled A – Loser

~ TTOEL-ASOTSAAPUTCSOFAS ~ The Theatre Of Everyday Life – A Sense Of The Self As A Performer Under The Constant Scrutiny Of Friends And Strangers

~ SMI ~ Symbolically Mediated Information

~ TNI ~ The New Illiteracy

~ TRVOTAWOALITICBHOTFG ~ The Real Value Of The Accumulated Wisdom Of A Lifetime – Is That – It Can Be Handed On To Future Generations

~ PWNP-ANNMNTB-PACPICL-ORTPOE ~ People With Narcissistic Personalities – Although Not Necessarily More Numerous Than Before – Play A Conspicuous Part In Contemporary Life – Often Rising To Positions Of Eminence

~ TAODATDTSAPAAOODFTS-SNDNATSEOTS-IHNFOD ~ The Awareness Of Death And The Determination To Stay Alive Presuppose An Awareness Of Objects Distinct From The Self – Since Narcissism Does Not Acknowledge The Separate Existence Of The Self – It Has No Fear Of Death

~ TWDNEMTSOOW;IIAWIWWCFPAM-OWUTOTHRTTG ~ The World Does Not Exist Merely To Satisfy Our Own Desires; It Is A World In Which We Can Find Pleasure And Meaning – Once We Understand That Others Too Have Right To These Goods

~ WDTMOL-TLOO ~ We Demand Too Much Of Life – Too Little Of Ourselves

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