~ DDICB ~ Dangerous Dimwits In Cowboy Boots

~ PILPC ~ Passive Ignorant Labor Pool Culture

~ SOTNOMOWP ~ Stand On The Necks Of Millions Of Working Poor

~ PNTRWMEOT ~ Political Narratives That Resonate Without Much Effort Or Thought

~ HRS ~ Headphone Radio Space

~ LTPOWSHI ~ Let The Pros On Wall Street Handle It

~ PLS ~ Pure Lizard Sleaze

~ MIATBWTUOTLC ~ Money Is Always The Best Whip To Use On The Laboring Classes

~ IYADTES-YMAWBYOF ~ If You Are Doomed To Eat Shit, You May As Well Bring Your Own Fork

~ S-A-P-A ~ Slogan-As-Political-Awareness

~ TEB ~ Tax Escape Business

~ YNKYAIPUYTTD ~ You Never Know You Are In Prison Unless You Try The Door

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