~ WLSLFEBWOBTWC ~ We Learn So Little From Experience Because We Often Blame The Wrong Cause

~ WSAFOWWTWS ~ We See A Fraction Of What We Think We See

~ WSWWETS ~ We See What We Expect To See

~ INTW-ITB ~ It’s Not The Wine – It’s The Bottle

~ DTBDCTB ~ Disclosing A Bias Doesn’t Cancel The Bias

~ CITGC-WLOIMMTWK ~ Context Is The Great Crutch – We Lean On It Much More Than We Know

~ WRDCTBOOU ~ We Really Do Come To Believe Our Own Untruths

~ WATWAA ~ We All Think Were Above Average

~ PRITHOE ~ Pattern Recognition Is The Hallmark Of Expertise

~ TTLCICCHBIOPB ~ The Tiniest Little Change In Circumstance Can Have Big Impacts On People’s Behavior

~ IAHTSD ~ It Also Helps To Slow Down

~ WIF-PDAGWTTR ~ With Increasing Fatigue – People Demonstrate A Greater Willingness To Take Risks

~ HPTTBMCPS ~ Happy People Tend To Be More Creative Problem Solvers

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