~ ATTWCC ~ Attachment To Things We Can’t Control

~ FTWWS ~ Fear That We Will Succeed

~ JBYWSTBTDMIS ~ Just Because You Want Something To Be True Doesn’t Make It So

~ MBWLM ~ My Boss Won’t Let Me

~ NFTF ~ Nostalgia For The Future

~ SIWWGG ~ Society Is Where We Give Gifts

~ TINM ~ There Is No Map

~ TMF ~ The Master Fear

~ YAG&WNYC ~ You’re A Genius And We Need Your Contribution


~ TCAMETSTPTTSOSP ~ Tax Cuts Are Much Easier To Sell The Public Than The Shredding Of Social Programs

~ RTCTR ~ Raise The Corporate Tax Rate

~ RTOHIEACTL ~ Raise Taxes On High-Income Earners And Close Tax Loopholes

~ IAFTT ~ Implement A Financial Transactions Tax

~ IATOLEOIW ~ Introduce A Tax On Large Estates Of Inherited Wealth

~ TTH ~ Tackle Tax Havens

~ ISAPCT ~ Introduce Smart And Progressive Carbon Taxes

~ UTTSTHRPAI ~ Use The Tax System To Help Reduce Poverty And Inequality

~ FDCTN ~ Facts Directly Contradict The Narrative

~ TMOTM ~ The Myth Of The Meritocracy

~ WTAP ~ Winner-Take-All Politics

~ TFANE ~ The Facts Are Not Enough

~ CC ~ Corporate Coddling

~ CATHOSASOTAOGYHOOMP ~ Citizenship And The Health Of Society Are Sacrificed On The Altar Of “Get Your Hands Out Of My Pockets”

~ WPLASASOA ~ What Possible Logic Allows Such A State Of Affairs?

~ MOTWLAMPCPLONTAA ~ Many Of The World’s Largest And Most Profitable Corporations Pay Little Or No Tax At All

~ TSSOC ~ The “Supply-Side” Of Corruption

~ TRPFTGASOWCD ~ Tax Revenues Pay For The Goods And Services On Which Corporations Depend

~ CTRHHNMIOBI ~ Corporate Tax Rates Have Had No Measurable Impact On Business Investment

~ TFSITB ~ The Financial Sector Is Too Big

~ TPINOAT-IIAUAP ~ Tax Policy Is Never Only About Taxes – It Is Always Ultimately About Politics

~ RTCBPIFMOS ~ Reclaim The Commons By Protecting Its Financial Means Of Survival

~ TM-LOIO-TTAB ~ The Market – Left On Its Own – Tilts Towards Antisocial Behaviour


~ TTWBMORATOAPS ~ The Theory Was Based More On Repeated Assertion Than On Actual Practical Success

~ TSCFARBDDA-NTMMBOUA ~ The Situation Called For A Reality-Based Data-Driven Approach – Not Theoretical Mathematical Models Based On Untestable Assumptions

~ TAATA ~ There Are Alternatives To Austerity

~ TIS ~ The Icelandic Solution

~ CP ~ Collective Punishment

~ TLOHMUWDEGWLU ~ The Logic Of How Mass Unemployment Would Drive Economic Growth Was Left Unexplained

~ AS ~ Austerity Suicides

~ HF ~ Housing First

~ SPSL ~ Social Protection Saves Lives

~ AAHIEOTHAECOTR ~ Austerity’s Advocates Have Ignored Evidence Of The Health And Economic Consequences Of Their Recommendations

~ PSWSFPG ~ Privatizing Social Welfare Systems For Personal Gain

~ TPOAPTSTPLTLTG-TPHBRPFIRBPAP ~ The Proponents Of Austerity Promise That Short-Term Pain Leads To Long-Term Gain – That Promise Has Been Repeatedly Proven False In Recessions Both Past And Present

~ AIAC-AWDHTCI ~ Austerity Is A Choice – And We Don’t Have To Choose It

~ TFSITITPTASBE-ATTAN ~ The First Step Is To Identify Those Policies That Are Supported By Evidence – And Those That Are Not

~ WSSHWCEODTIAB ~ With Stakes So High – We Cannot Entrust Our Decisions To Ideologies And Beliefs

~ BOPSTAEI-N-F-F-A-HE ~ Based On Preconceived Social Theories And Economic Ideologies – Not – Facts – Figures – And – Hard Evidence

~ FDTW-WNTKTFCOOPC ~ For Democracies To Work – We Need To Know The Full Consequences Of Our Policy Choices

~ TUSOASWIIP ~ The Ultimate Source Of Any Society’s Wealth Is Its People


~ TCOS ~ Time Cost Of Stuff

~ WDHT-IHU ~ We Don’t Have Time – It Has Us

~ TMTLTWAS ~ There’s More To Life Than Working And Spending

~ PK ~ Peak Civilization

~ C-B-C ~ Conscience-By-Community

~ THTTATMTEWFI ~ They Had Their Theory And They Made The Economic World Fit It

~ ATYTOITRHDQOLOIA ~ A Thirty-Year Trend Of Income Tax Rollbacks Has Decreased Quality Of Life Overall In America


~ TPIO ~ Turn Problems Into Opportunities

~ TAETTMAS ~ Tie All Elements Together To Make A System

~ EICTEE ~ Everything Is Connected To Everything Else

~ WWNANAI-NKB ~ Work With Nature And Not Against It – Nature Knows Best

~ OE ~ Observe Everything

~ WSGCTSEGD ~ When Something Gets “Clean” Then Something Else Gets “Dirty”

~ ATPTRTTC ~ Adjust The “Price” To Reflect The True “Cost”

~ TPITS ~ The Problem Is The Solution

~ GISARWFAU ~ “Garbage” Is Simply A Resource Waiting For A Use

~ ASTDTOE ~ Allow Systems To Demonstrate Their Own Evolutions

~ PATORTPATL ~ Protracted And Thoughtful Observation Rather Than Protracted And Thoughtless Labour

~ EESSMF ~ Every Element Should Serve Many Functions

~ TINSPAA-EMGS ~ There Is No Such Place As “Away” – Everything Must Go Somewhere

~ CLSICO ~ Change Linear Systems Into Cyclical Ones

~ GTGEFTLE ~ Get The Greatest Effect For The Least Effort

~ TI ~ Take Inventory