~ TPIO ~ Turn Problems Into Opportunities

~ TAETTMAS ~ Tie All Elements Together To Make A System

~ EICTEE ~ Everything Is Connected To Everything Else

~ WWNANAI-NKB ~ Work With Nature And Not Against It – Nature Knows Best

~ OE ~ Observe Everything

~ WSGCTSEGD ~ When Something Gets “Clean” Then Something Else Gets “Dirty”

~ ATPTRTTC ~ Adjust The “Price” To Reflect The True “Cost”

~ TPITS ~ The Problem Is The Solution

~ GISARWFAU ~ “Garbage” Is Simply A Resource Waiting For A Use

~ ASTDTOE ~ Allow Systems To Demonstrate Their Own Evolutions

~ PATORTPATL ~ Protracted And Thoughtful Observation Rather Than Protracted And Thoughtless Labour

~ EESSMF ~ Every Element Should Serve Many Functions

~ TINSPAA-EMGS ~ There Is No Such Place As “Away” – Everything Must Go Somewhere

~ CLSICO ~ Change Linear Systems Into Cyclical Ones

~ GTGEFTLE ~ Get The Greatest Effect For The Least Effort

~ TI ~ Take Inventory

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