~ TCAMETSTPTTSOSP ~ Tax Cuts Are Much Easier To Sell The Public Than The Shredding Of Social Programs

~ RTCTR ~ Raise The Corporate Tax Rate

~ RTOHIEACTL ~ Raise Taxes On High-Income Earners And Close Tax Loopholes

~ IAFTT ~ Implement A Financial Transactions Tax

~ IATOLEOIW ~ Introduce A Tax On Large Estates Of Inherited Wealth

~ TTH ~ Tackle Tax Havens

~ ISAPCT ~ Introduce Smart And Progressive Carbon Taxes

~ UTTSTHRPAI ~ Use The Tax System To Help Reduce Poverty And Inequality

~ FDCTN ~ Facts Directly Contradict The Narrative

~ TMOTM ~ The Myth Of The Meritocracy

~ WTAP ~ Winner-Take-All Politics

~ TFANE ~ The Facts Are Not Enough

~ CC ~ Corporate Coddling

~ CATHOSASOTAOGYHOOMP ~ Citizenship And The Health Of Society Are Sacrificed On The Altar Of “Get Your Hands Out Of My Pockets”

~ WPLASASOA ~ What Possible Logic Allows Such A State Of Affairs?

~ MOTWLAMPCPLONTAA ~ Many Of The World’s Largest And Most Profitable Corporations Pay Little Or No Tax At All

~ TSSOC ~ The “Supply-Side” Of Corruption

~ TRPFTGASOWCD ~ Tax Revenues Pay For The Goods And Services On Which Corporations Depend

~ CTRHHNMIOBI ~ Corporate Tax Rates Have Had No Measurable Impact On Business Investment

~ TFSITB ~ The Financial Sector Is Too Big

~ TPINOAT-IIAUAP ~ Tax Policy Is Never Only About Taxes – It Is Always Ultimately About Politics

~ RTCBPIFMOS ~ Reclaim The Commons By Protecting Its Financial Means Of Survival

~ TM-LOIO-TTAB ~ The Market – Left On Its Own – Tilts Towards Antisocial Behaviour

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