~ IITNODTTIDU ~ It’s In The Nature Of Digital Technology That It Disembodies Us

~ WYOTOE-IHTGTTBOA ~ When You’re On Top Of Everything – It’s Hard To Get To The Bottom Of Anything

~ CPA ~ Continuous Partial Attention

~ EA ~ Email Apnea

~ WCAS-AACCSTDT-EAWEWI ~ We Can And Should – Adopt A Critical, Conscious Stance To Digital Technology – Even As We Engage With It

~ BPISALOUHFHTD ~ Being Present Is Something A Lot Of Us Have Forgotten How To Do

~ LPS ~ Little Privacy Skirmishes

~ BD ~ Big Data

~ DE ~ Data Exhaust

~ DM ~ Data Map

~ WITUOATD-IYCFOWITY? ~ What Is The Use Of All That Data – If You Can’t Figure Out What It’s Telling You?

~ DISBNAD-MHCBMMS ~ Data Is Seductive, Because Numbers Are Definite – Meaning, However, Can Be Much More Slippery

~ WAATPEFITPOTDM-WNTMSITUTT ~ We Are About To Put Enormous Faith In The Power Of The Data Map – We Need To Make Sure It’s Telling Us The Truth

~ HMMEMCNB-IODDC-WTPAEC ~ How Much More Effectively Misleading Can Numbers Be – In Our Data-Drunk Culture – When They’re Presented As Eye Candy

~ TIMOD ~ The Ideological Misuse Of Data

~ ASORIAFOR ~ Any Sort Of Representation Is A Framing Of Reality

~ DIAPT-BWHTRTIBTWVHVJA ~ Data Is A Powerful Tool – But We Have To Remember That It’s Braided Through With Very Human, Very Subjective Assumptions

~ THAVOHTSTWATTTMTDTTV ~ They Have A View Of How They See The World And They Try To Match The Data To That View

~ DIP ~ Data Is Political

~ WWCTGADSALAWWVAWWCTI ~ What We Choose To Gather And Display Says A Lot About What We Value And What We Choose To Ignore

~ WMNBEBTDIO ~ We May Not Be Experts, But The Data Is Ours

~ WNTIOCRFTIAIOOD ~ We Need To Insist On Corporate Respect For The Integrity And Importance Of Our Data

~ WSOLWPBATMOMMMOOEBITAR? ~ What Sorts Of Links Will People Be Able To Make Once Much, Much More Of Our Everyday Behaviour Is Tracked And Recorded?

~ WAFTWWIOTAP;WIPOTTBINOO? ~ We Are Filling The Web With Images, Opinions, Tastes, And Preferences; Whose Intellectual Property Ought That To Be, If Not Our Own?

~ TIOT ~ The Internet of Things


~ PHOA-IHTLAMKWYATSSYRWHTH ~ Put Him On Alert – It Helps To Let A Man Know When You’re About To Say Something You Really Want Him To Hear

~ AHFHH-WNBCAAHTL ~ Ask Him For His Help – Why Not Be Courteous And Ask Him To Listen

~ PATTCFBOY ~ Pick A Time That’s Convenient For Both Of You

~ DTTCWD ~ Don’t Try To Compete With Distractions

~ OWTPBDTP-IOAAC ~ Open With The Positive Before Describing The Problem – Instead Of After A Criticism

~ AFWYW ~ Ask For What You Want

~ SWYM ~ Say What You Mean

~ TYC-FOCOTOITB ~ Tailor Your Content – Focusing Our Conversation On Topics Of Interest To Both

~ KIS ~ Keep It Simple

~ STTMAH-BTMOAPAOB ~ Stick To The Matter At Hand – Banishing the memory of a previous argument or betrayal

~ BWYH ~ Believe What You Hear

~ ETCBIO-MSTHLSFCTWD ~ End The Conversation Before It’s Over – Men Seem To Have Less Stamina For Conversation Then Women Do

~ JST-MPAAABAYCATS ~ Just Stop Talking – Make points as accurately and briefly as you can and then stop

~ TTAF-ITWYHMTOF? ~ Talk To A Friend – Isn’t That Why You Have More Than One Friend?

~ BP-ICBTSIAP ~ Be Patient – Improving Communication Between The Sexes Is A Process


~ T-AA-F-A-BIAIAIC ~ Tribes – Are About – Faith – About – Belief In An Idea And In Community

~ DYBIWYD?-ED?-ITOT-B-HTBA-BS ~ Do You Believe In What You Do? – Every Day? – It Turns Out That – Belief – Happens To Be A Brilliant Strategy

~ M-ITAOTSATTWM-STSASTS ~ Marketing – Is The Act Of Telling Stories About The Things We Make – Stores That Sell And Stories That Spread

~ LMAR ~ Leaders Make A Ruckus

~ ITOTTTTAGOPIAT:AHI;AWTC ~ It Takes Only Two Things To Turn A Group Of People Into A Tribe: A Shared Interest; A Way To Communicate

~ MTTASIAGWTSYT ~ Making Things That Are Successful Is A Great Way To Spend Your Time

~ I=H ~ Initiative = Happiness

~ TDSTBAASOI-WMITWTMTIH ~ There Doesn’t Seem To Be A Shortage Of Ideas – What’s Missing Is The Will To Make The Ideas Happen

~ IABBTI-TBODNW-N-TITWITOWTMFHBI ~ In A Battle Between Two Ideas – The Best One Doesn’t Necessarily Win – No – The Idea That Wins Is The One With The Most Fearless Heretic Behind It

~ WCNTBRBWWAC ~ We Choose Not To Be Remarkable Because We’re Worried About Criticism

~ HCICSTCWC? ~ How Can I Create Something That Critics Will Criticize?

~ GL-AATRTLO-TT-TT ~ Great Leaders – Are Able To Reflect The Light Onto – Their Teams – Their Tribes

~ DT-L-N-M-I-TCC ~ Deciding To – Lead – Not – Manage – Is – The Critical Choice

~ LIS-B-FPAWTGTTDRTL-TSMLV ~ Leadership Is Scarce – Because – Few People Are Willing To Go Through The Discomfort Required To Lead – This Scarcity Makes Leadership Valuable

~ NALI-GITFOTT-ITJAMETS-GOOTW ~ Not All Leadership Involves – Getting In The Face Of The Tribe – It Takes Just As Much Effort To Successfully – Get Out Of The Way

~ LAC-BTCWTFOWTGIGTDN ~ Leaders Are Curious – Because They Can’t Wait To Find Out What The Group Is Going To Do Next

~ GLDWDTMIOTMTTABB ~ Great Leaders Don’t Water Down Their Message In Order To Make The Tribe A Bit Bigger

~ AY-SW-TWTW-IOB-TTIWTCB? ~ Are You – Stuck With – The Way Things Were – Instead Of Busy – Turning Things Into What They Could Be?

~ L-WSOT-G-AMP-T-LWST-G ~ Leaders Who Set Out To – Give – Are – More Productive – Than – Leaders Who Seek To – Get

~ TAOL-I-UWYCCO ~ The Art Of Leadership – Is – Understanding What You Can’t Compromise On

~ PA-M-GIA-A-MIEFTMTSFAW ~ Publish A – Manifesto – Give It Away – And – Make It Easy For The Manifesto To Spread Far And Wide

~ T-RIYOO ~ Transparency – Really Is Your Only Option

~ ITE-C-IALS ~ In The End – Cynicism – Is A Lousy Strategy

~ WMPWIALISTVDTF:SWL ~ What Most People Want In A Leader Is Something That’s Very Difficult To Find: Someone Who Listens

~ RVAGIAAMER ~ Remarkable Visions And Genuine Insight Are Always Met With Resistance

~ POL(ABPOI-A)ITATSWTDFALT ~ Part Of Leadership (A Big Part Of It – Actually) Is The Ability To Stick With The Dream For A Long Time

~ LUTCINOO-B-TKTS ~ Leaders Understand That Change Is Not Only Omnipresent – But – The Key To Success

~ GPSTCTT-S-A-TF-A-A-C ~ Give People Stories They Can Tell Themselves – Stories – About – The Future – And – About – Change

~ LAB ~ Leaders Aren’t Born


~ WASTTIPOIB ~ We’re All Susceptible To The Irresistible Pull Of Irrational Behavior

~ CAL ~ Chasing A Loss

~ ECTRWLI ~ Expectations Change The Reality We Live In

~ WUDLTOAS ~ We Use Diagnostic Labels To Organize And Simplify

~ OYGALIM-YDNTTDF ~ Once You Get A Label In Mind – You Don’t Notice Things That Don’t Fit

~ DII ~ Diagnosis Is Irrelevant

~ ODRBIF ~ Our Deep-Rooted Belief In Fairness

~ ESOBAST ~ Everybody Speaks Once Before Anybody Speaks Twice


~ TWNASOGF-IWASOGF ~ This Was Not A Stroke Of Good Fortune – It Was A Stroke Of Good Foresight

~ CDRTNOTS-IF-CCDJAETCTKTKS ~ Capitalism Didn’t Reduce The Number Of Teen Smokers – In Fact – Certain Corporations Did Just About Everything They Could To Keep Those Kids Smoking

~ NOBATSTPOTRATCS-SWATRATCSHDNFU ~ No One Buys Airtime To Sing The Praises Of The Regulators And The Civil Servants – So We Assume The Regulators And The Civil Servants Have Done Nothing For Us

~ PP ~ Peer Progressives

~ Y-PNCDE-TJABWTD ~ Yes – Peer Networks Can’t Do Everything – They’re Just A Better Way To Decide

~ YCHPWGD ~ You Can’t Have Progress Without Good Decisions

~ IAITMAMIAPNW ~ It’s Almost Impossible To Maintain A Monopoly In A Peer-Network World

~ WTPPWTDIRPFCUWGI-ARTFSTI ~ What The Peer Progressive Wants To Do Is Reward People For Coming Up With Good Ideas – And Reward Them For Sharing Those Ideas

~ TMRACWCFTSAONGIAMHOACOALRADUALOTCN ~ The More Radical Advance Could Well Come From The Simple Act Of Neighbors Gathering In A Meeting Hall Or A Church Or A Living Room And Drafting Up A List Of The Community’s Needs

~ BWTM ~ Begin With The Money

~ LD ~ Liquid Democracy

~ CC ~ Conscious Capitalism

~ EOB ~ Employee-Owned Businesses

~ TSAOTPE-THMFY-WMCTPNTTWTSOC ~ The Social Architectures Of The Paleolithic Era – The Human Mind’s Formative Years – Were Much Closer To Peer Networks Than They Were To States Or Corporations

~ WCAMSDBPCVHATSLOSL ~ We Created A – Mass Society – Defined By – Passive Consumption – Vast Hierarchies – And – The Straight Lines Of State Legibility


~ WWMWTAEOE ~ We Waste More Water Than Anyone Else On Earth

~ PW ~ Peak Water

~ WIL ~ Water Is Life

~ IPITRPWSBTECOTA ~ Inviting Private Industrial Interests To Reap Profit While Society Bears The Ecological Cost Of Their Activity

~ ACLOI ~ A Critical Lack Of Information

~ WWDKID ~ What We Do Know Is Disturbing

~ TTGTGTEIOL ~ Trying To Get The Government To Enforce Its Own Laws

~ TBONDNODF ~ The Bank of Nature Does Not Offer Deficit Financing

~ TILETEREDIOED ~ There Is Little Evidence That Environmental Regulations Either Deter Investment Or Encourage Disinvestment

~ PSAPM ~ Poorly Substantiated And Politically Motivated

~ GED ~ Gross External Damages

~ HPOWARFTSOEGMUH? ~ Has Putting Our Water At Risk For The Sake Of Economic Gain Made Us Healthier?

~ EDEPMPI-WERAPCBP ~ Environmentally Destructive Energy Projects Must Proceed Immediately – While Environmental Repair And Protection Can Be Postponed

~ TTANSDFCTALH ~ There Truly Are No Safe Doses For Chemicals That Act Like Hormones

~ CWTEBIC ~ Capitalism Wastes The Environment Because It’s Cheap

~ HINAICOACP ~ Habitat Is Not An Ideological Choice Or A Consumer Preference

~ MCN ~ Magna Carta Natura

~ WITCONS ~ Water Is The Currency Of Natural Security

~ TINEFI ~ There Is No Excuse For Inaction

~ TNMWTNCAANMTIR ~ Take No More Water Than Nature Can Afford And No More Than It Resupplies

~ CMERMO ~ Clear Mandates, Effective Resources, Measurable Objectives

~ WCATLOOTTC-WANLIACT ~ We Cannot Afford To Limit Our Options To The Conventional – We Are No Longer In A Conventional Time