~ MAYNIAH? ~ Maybe All You Need Is A Hug?

~ ITDAAYEROI ~ In This Day And Age You’re Either Remarkable Or Invisible

~ YAHAC-AYAPOI? ~ You Already Have A Community – Are You A Part Of It?

~ CWYRA ~ Communicate Who You Really Are

~ AVTTC ~ Add Value To The Conversation

~ TRNS ~ Think Ripples, Not Splashes

~ TFBTTU ~ The Future Belongs To The Uninhibited

~ BCAEBRIWYGIW ~ Be Curious About Everything, But Ruthless In What You Get Involved With

~ FAOYOSN ~ Find And Own Your Own Specific Niche

~ WIYN? ~ What Is Your Niche?

~ DOTG ~ Do One Thing Great

~ BOS ~ Blue Ocean Strategy

~ ABE ~ Always Be Experimenting

~ LPSYI ~ Let People Steal Your Ideas

~ CIE-EIC ~ Content Is Everything – Everything Is Content

~ SIASTMP ~ Simple Ideas Are Sometimes The Most Powerful

~ ANBMLWAAWBTAW ~ All New Business Models Look Weird And Act Weird Because They Are Weird

~ NA‘F’ACE ~ Not All “Friends” Are Created Equal

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