~ IITNODTTIDU ~ It’s In The Nature Of Digital Technology That It Disembodies Us

~ WYOTOE-IHTGTTBOA ~ When You’re On Top Of Everything – It’s Hard To Get To The Bottom Of Anything

~ CPA ~ Continuous Partial Attention

~ EA ~ Email Apnea

~ WCAS-AACCSTDT-EAWEWI ~ We Can And Should – Adopt A Critical, Conscious Stance To Digital Technology – Even As We Engage With It

~ BPISALOUHFHTD ~ Being Present Is Something A Lot Of Us Have Forgotten How To Do

~ LPS ~ Little Privacy Skirmishes

~ BD ~ Big Data

~ DE ~ Data Exhaust

~ DM ~ Data Map

~ WITUOATD-IYCFOWITY? ~ What Is The Use Of All That Data – If You Can’t Figure Out What It’s Telling You?

~ DISBNAD-MHCBMMS ~ Data Is Seductive, Because Numbers Are Definite – Meaning, However, Can Be Much More Slippery

~ WAATPEFITPOTDM-WNTMSITUTT ~ We Are About To Put Enormous Faith In The Power Of The Data Map – We Need To Make Sure It’s Telling Us The Truth

~ HMMEMCNB-IODDC-WTPAEC ~ How Much More Effectively Misleading Can Numbers Be – In Our Data-Drunk Culture – When They’re Presented As Eye Candy

~ TIMOD ~ The Ideological Misuse Of Data

~ ASORIAFOR ~ Any Sort Of Representation Is A Framing Of Reality

~ DIAPT-BWHTRTIBTWVHVJA ~ Data Is A Powerful Tool – But We Have To Remember That It’s Braided Through With Very Human, Very Subjective Assumptions

~ THAVOHTSTWATTTMTDTTV ~ They Have A View Of How They See The World And They Try To Match The Data To That View

~ DIP ~ Data Is Political

~ WWCTGADSALAWWVAWWCTI ~ What We Choose To Gather And Display Says A Lot About What We Value And What We Choose To Ignore

~ WMNBEBTDIO ~ We May Not Be Experts, But The Data Is Ours

~ WNTIOCRFTIAIOOD ~ We Need To Insist On Corporate Respect For The Integrity And Importance Of Our Data

~ WSOLWPBATMOMMMOOEBITAR? ~ What Sorts Of Links Will People Be Able To Make Once Much, Much More Of Our Everyday Behaviour Is Tracked And Recorded?

~ WAFTWWIOTAP;WIPOTTBINOO? ~ We Are Filling The Web With Images, Opinions, Tastes, And Preferences; Whose Intellectual Property Ought That To Be, If Not Our Own?

~ TIOT ~ The Internet of Things

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