~ WWMWTAEOE ~ We Waste More Water Than Anyone Else On Earth

~ PW ~ Peak Water

~ WIL ~ Water Is Life

~ IPITRPWSBTECOTA ~ Inviting Private Industrial Interests To Reap Profit While Society Bears The Ecological Cost Of Their Activity

~ ACLOI ~ A Critical Lack Of Information

~ WWDKID ~ What We Do Know Is Disturbing

~ TTGTGTEIOL ~ Trying To Get The Government To Enforce Its Own Laws

~ TBONDNODF ~ The Bank of Nature Does Not Offer Deficit Financing

~ TILETEREDIOED ~ There Is Little Evidence That Environmental Regulations Either Deter Investment Or Encourage Disinvestment

~ PSAPM ~ Poorly Substantiated And Politically Motivated

~ GED ~ Gross External Damages

~ HPOWARFTSOEGMUH? ~ Has Putting Our Water At Risk For The Sake Of Economic Gain Made Us Healthier?

~ EDEPMPI-WERAPCBP ~ Environmentally Destructive Energy Projects Must Proceed Immediately – While Environmental Repair And Protection Can Be Postponed

~ TTANSDFCTALH ~ There Truly Are No Safe Doses For Chemicals That Act Like Hormones

~ CWTEBIC ~ Capitalism Wastes The Environment Because It’s Cheap

~ HINAICOACP ~ Habitat Is Not An Ideological Choice Or A Consumer Preference

~ MCN ~ Magna Carta Natura

~ WITCONS ~ Water Is The Currency Of Natural Security

~ TINEFI ~ There Is No Excuse For Inaction

~ TNMWTNCAANMTIR ~ Take No More Water Than Nature Can Afford And No More Than It Resupplies

~ CMERMO ~ Clear Mandates, Effective Resources, Measurable Objectives

~ WCATLOOTTC-WANLIACT ~ We Cannot Afford To Limit Our Options To The Conventional – We Are No Longer In A Conventional Time

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