~ T-AA-F-A-BIAIAIC ~ Tribes – Are About – Faith – About – Belief In An Idea And In Community

~ DYBIWYD?-ED?-ITOT-B-HTBA-BS ~ Do You Believe In What You Do? – Every Day? – It Turns Out That – Belief – Happens To Be A Brilliant Strategy

~ M-ITAOTSATTWM-STSASTS ~ Marketing – Is The Act Of Telling Stories About The Things We Make – Stores That Sell And Stories That Spread

~ LMAR ~ Leaders Make A Ruckus

~ ITOTTTTAGOPIAT:AHI;AWTC ~ It Takes Only Two Things To Turn A Group Of People Into A Tribe: A Shared Interest; A Way To Communicate

~ MTTASIAGWTSYT ~ Making Things That Are Successful Is A Great Way To Spend Your Time

~ I=H ~ Initiative = Happiness

~ TDSTBAASOI-WMITWTMTIH ~ There Doesn’t Seem To Be A Shortage Of Ideas – What’s Missing Is The Will To Make The Ideas Happen

~ IABBTI-TBODNW-N-TITWITOWTMFHBI ~ In A Battle Between Two Ideas – The Best One Doesn’t Necessarily Win – No – The Idea That Wins Is The One With The Most Fearless Heretic Behind It

~ WCNTBRBWWAC ~ We Choose Not To Be Remarkable Because We’re Worried About Criticism

~ HCICSTCWC? ~ How Can I Create Something That Critics Will Criticize?

~ GL-AATRTLO-TT-TT ~ Great Leaders – Are Able To Reflect The Light Onto – Their Teams – Their Tribes

~ DT-L-N-M-I-TCC ~ Deciding To – Lead – Not – Manage – Is – The Critical Choice

~ LIS-B-FPAWTGTTDRTL-TSMLV ~ Leadership Is Scarce – Because – Few People Are Willing To Go Through The Discomfort Required To Lead – This Scarcity Makes Leadership Valuable

~ NALI-GITFOTT-ITJAMETS-GOOTW ~ Not All Leadership Involves – Getting In The Face Of The Tribe – It Takes Just As Much Effort To Successfully – Get Out Of The Way

~ LAC-BTCWTFOWTGIGTDN ~ Leaders Are Curious – Because They Can’t Wait To Find Out What The Group Is Going To Do Next

~ GLDWDTMIOTMTTABB ~ Great Leaders Don’t Water Down Their Message In Order To Make The Tribe A Bit Bigger

~ AY-SW-TWTW-IOB-TTIWTCB? ~ Are You – Stuck With – The Way Things Were – Instead Of Busy – Turning Things Into What They Could Be?

~ L-WSOT-G-AMP-T-LWST-G ~ Leaders Who Set Out To – Give – Are – More Productive – Than – Leaders Who Seek To – Get

~ TAOL-I-UWYCCO ~ The Art Of Leadership – Is – Understanding What You Can’t Compromise On

~ PA-M-GIA-A-MIEFTMTSFAW ~ Publish A – Manifesto – Give It Away – And – Make It Easy For The Manifesto To Spread Far And Wide

~ T-RIYOO ~ Transparency – Really Is Your Only Option

~ ITE-C-IALS ~ In The End – Cynicism – Is A Lousy Strategy

~ WMPWIALISTVDTF:SWL ~ What Most People Want In A Leader Is Something That’s Very Difficult To Find: Someone Who Listens

~ RVAGIAAMER ~ Remarkable Visions And Genuine Insight Are Always Met With Resistance

~ POL(ABPOI-A)ITATSWTDFALT ~ Part Of Leadership (A Big Part Of It – Actually) Is The Ability To Stick With The Dream For A Long Time

~ LUTCINOO-B-TKTS ~ Leaders Understand That Change Is Not Only Omnipresent – But – The Key To Success

~ GPSTCTT-S-A-TF-A-A-C ~ Give People Stories They Can Tell Themselves – Stories – About – The Future – And – About – Change

~ LAB ~ Leaders Aren’t Born

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