~ LOFCC ~ Lords Of The Computing Clouds

~ FANP ~ Fragments Are Not People

~ TMITAATIHICP ~ The Most Important Thing About A Technology Is How It Changes People

~ PIIT ~ Politics Influences Information Technology

~ ESPBITU ~ Entrenched Software Philosophies Become Invisible Through Ubiquity

~ ITOTEAOIPIR ~ It Turns Out That Even An Optimistic, Idealistic Philosophy Is Realizable

~ TCSBLTTL ~ Technology Criticism Should Be Left To The Luddites

~ NE ~ Network Effect

~ CT ~ Cybernetic Totalists

~ DM ~ Digital Maoists

~ MOMFDWM ~ Many Of My Friends Disagree With Me

~ WDYDWTTACTTL? ~ What Do You Do When The Techies Are Crazier Than The Luddites?

~ LOD ~ Levels Of Description

~ OI ~ Oracle Illusion

~ RTBTMM ~ Race To Be The Most Meta

~ ATPLOA ~ Aggregate The Previous Layers Of Aggregation

~ TIOHLM ~ The Illusion Of High-Level Metaness

~ IDDTBF ~ Information Doesn’t Deserve To Be Free

~ WIOHARAIIN? ~ What If Only Humans Are Real And Information Is Not?

~ IIAE ~ Information Is Alienated Experience

~ EITOPTCDI ~ Experience Is The Only Process That Can De-Alienate Information

~ IOTKTPWTBFINBASOOOMAWNOIO-IWNSIIDGWIW ~ Information Of The Kind That Purportedly Wants To Be Free Is Nothing But A Shadow Of Our Own Minds, And Wants Nothing On Its Own – It Will Not Suffer If It Doesn’t Get What It Wants

~ MICOBKIARS-ITEOAHB ~ Machine Intelligence Can Only Be Known In A Relative Sense, In The Eyes Of A Human Beholder

~ PDTIOTMMSSATT ~ People Degrade Themselves In Order To Make Machines Seem Smart All The Time

~ COE ~ Circle Of Empathy

~ ITD ~ Infelicitous Technological Designs

~ RFRBTMWMNA ~ Ritually Faked Relationships Beckon To Messiahs Who May Never Arrive

~ OMRTTCOSNANTMOTN-TRCITAOTFBTCHYTAIASW ~ One Must Remember That The Customers Of Social Networks Are Not The Members Of Those Networks – The Real Customer Is The Advertiser Of The Future, But This Creature Has Yet To Appear In Any Significant Way

~ TNDDI ~ The Net Doesn’t Design Itself

~ AFPP ~ Anonymous Fragmentary Pseudo-People

~ IOV ~ Ideology Of Violation

~ TROTCAPTR ~ The Rules Of The Cloud Apply Poorly To Reality

~ MEPITC ~ Meta Equals Power In The Cloud

~ MNTIITDAG ~ Morality Needs Technology If It’s To Do Any Good

~ PWFOAOTFAKOAOSLATCTCUWWTILSFEAO ~ People Will Focus On Activities Other Than Fighting And Killing One Another Only So Long As Technologists Continue To Come Up With Ways To Improve Living Standards For Everyone At Once

~ TDOE ~ The Devaluation Of Everything

~ RDC&DSDS ~ Robot-Driven Capitalism And Dangerously Sudden, Desperate Socialism

~ NO-AIMNO-DTMUASITMOTWBG ~ No One – And I Mean No One – Dares To Mash Up Ads Served In The Margins Of Their Website By Google

~ WWHOA-TNKOAIUAU ~ Well, We Hate Old Advertising – The New Kind Of Advertising Is Unobtrusive And Useful

~ U&U ~ Unobtrusive And Useful

~ RTTFOS-P ~ Reciprocity Takes The Form Of Self-Promotion

~ CITBPNBA ~ Culture Is To Become Precisely Nothing But Advertising

~ PALOTC ~ Peasants And Lords Of The Clouds

~ IMIFTAIOMJAA-TASIMCWMTTOB ~ If Money Is Flowing To Advertising Instead Of Musicians, Journalists, And Artists – Then A Society Is More Concerned With Manipulation Than Truth Or Beauty

~ ICIWTPWSTBEAC ~ If Content Is Worthless, Then People Will Start To Become Emptyheaded And Contentless

~ AWBTDUFPOM-ITFPWHAP ~ Are We Building The Digital Utopia For People Or Machines – If It’s For People, We Have A Problem

~ MAAGOTWPMSNHWETWBTB ~ Maybe After A Generation Or Two Without Professional Musicians, Some New Habitat Will Emerge That Will Bring Them Back

~ TFACRTBBHAECBTFAER-AARTIOEITAOIHBTHD ~ Thus Far, All Computer-Related Technologies Built By Humans Are Endlessly Confusing, Buggy, Tangled, Fussy, And Error-Ridden – As A Result, The Icon Of Employment In The Age Of Information Has Been The Help Desk

~ POTHD ~ Planet Of The Help Desks

~ CEC ~ Computationally Enhanced Corruption

~ CHMIEFCTPETTTTANAOTOS ~ Computers Have Made It Easier For Criminals To Pretend Even To Themselves That They Are Not Aware Of Their Own Schemes

~ TWOFCTTPI2008WSCB ~ The Wave Of Financial Calamities That Took Place In 2008 Were Significantly Cloud Based

~ NOITP-DEHTMVCTLTHOHITWWRAATN ~ No One In The Pre-Digital Era Had The Mental Capacity To Lie To Him- Or Herself In The Way We Routinely Are Able To Now

~ WOTCTCTC?-ALF ~ Who Owns The Cloud That Connects The Crowd? – A Lucky Few

~ EHAISABI-UTAAIP ~ Entitlement Has Achieved Its Singularity And Become Infinite – Unless The Algorithm Actually Isn’t Perfect

~ TGUSOTNI ~ The Grand Unified Scam Of The New Ideology

~ TFKATCLASAKOTNO ~ The Facebook Kid And The Cloud Lord Are Serf And King Of The New Order

~ ASCIWBHVIOBF-AEWGPFTB ~ A Social Contract In Which Bits Have Value Instead Of Being Free – And Everyone Would Get Paid For Their Bits

~ WADOISMWB ~ Without A Degree Of Imposed Scarcity, Money Would Be Valueless

~ AVITAOTLT ~ A Volunteer In The Army Of The Long Tail

~ TWPOTOWARHS ~ The Wrong People Often Take Over When A Revolution Happens Suddenly

~ ETMELMATFCHTFTCTATG ~ Even The Most Extreme Libertarian Must Admit That Fluid Commerce Has To Flow Through Channels That Amount To Government

~ TUTOF ~ The Unbearable Thinness Of Flatness

~ OCIFOTWAIWBTWWB ~ Online Culture Is Fixated On The World As It Was Before The Web Was Born

~ TOAHBATCLPC-IHBSGACNO ~ The Open Approach Has Been Able To Create Lovely, Polished Copies – It Hasn’t Been So Good At Creating Notable Originals

~ TBOGXNWA-BBTNN ~ The Blankness Of Generation X Never Went Away – But Became The New Normal

~ WITNM?-EIRRR ~ Where Is The New Music? – Everything Is Retro, Retro, Retro

~ ESAP ~ Encapsulation Serves A Purpose

~ TBKE ~ The Bouba/Kiki Experiment

~ BFSL-FLS ~ Been Fast So Long – Feels Like Slow

~ SJ ~ Silicon Juvenilia

~ DC:WAWOJ ~ Digital Culture: Wave After Wave Of Juvenilia

~ SOTGSIIHHCTCOSSVSTSTHBNBDS ~ Some Of The Greatest Speculative Investments In Human History Continue To Converge On Silly Silicon Valley Schemes That Seem To Have Been Named By Dr. Seuss

~ PC ~ Postsymbolic Communication


~ GPIITPTS ~ Good Public Investment Is The Place To Start

~ WWTFTOU? ~ What Will The Future Think Of Us?

~ TFSTGBDNHTPFTS ~ The Factory Sells The Goods But Does Not Have To Pay For The Smoke

~ TWSCTABOMVROC ~ The World Simply Cannot Take A Billion Or More Vehicles Running On Carbon

~ ACHNACT ~ A Common Harm Needs A Common Tax

~ TRNTBCIP ~ The Responsibility Not To Be Complicit In Plunder

~ SLITMRTATE ~ Sanity Lies In The Middle Rather Than At The Extremes

~ NAHNNO ~ Natural Assets Have No Natural Owners

~ IINNFOPTATEOSAIOFTTWTGTBCONRTP ~ It Is Not Necessary For Ordinary People To Adopt The Ethics Of Saintly Ants In Order For Them To Want Their Governments To Be Custodians Of Nature Rather Than Plunderers

~ GPIITPTS ~ Good Public Investment Is The Place To Start

~ WWTFTOU? ~ What Will The Future Think Of Us?

~ TFSTGBDNHTPFTS ~ The Factory Sells The Goods But Does Not Have To Pay For The Smoke

~ TWSCTABOMVROC ~ The World Simply Cannot Take A Billion Or More Vehicles Running On Carbon

~ ACHNACT ~ A Common Harm Needs A Common Tax

~ TRNTBCIP ~ The Responsibility Not To Be Complicit In Plunder


~ TOANTPOF-BPIAI ~ The Obstacles Are Not Technical, Practical Or Financial – But Political, Intellectual And Ideological

~ JUSEOEA ~ Just Unfortunate Side Effects Of Economic Activities

~ BTEIJAGVI-SINUAW ~ Because The Economy Is Unjust And Generates Vast Inequalities – Society Is Necessarily Unjust As Well

~ AIBVNIANI ~ An Ideology But Virtually No Ideas And No Imagination

~ FFHR-UIC ~ Further, Faster, Higher, Richer, Until It Crashes

~ AGBOSMDTKTOWOT ~ A Grab-Bag Of Stopgap Measures Designed To Keep The Old World Order Ticking

~ ITFPWAHTBS-RTTRC-WATFATPET ~ It’s Tempting For People Who Are Hurting To Blame Scapegoats – Rather Than The Real Culprits – Who Are Too Far Away To Provide Easy Targets

~ APBIMSR ~ A Pious Belief In Market Self-Regulation

~ DASPAU ~ Dark And Secret Plots Are Unnecessary

~ TCIOTRAPAAS ~ The Common Interests Of The Rich And Powerful Are At Stake

~ PSCAS ~ Primes, Subprimes, Crimes And Subcrimes

~ WDYM’NSTC’? ~ What Do You Mean, “Nobody Saw This Coming”?

~ R-S ~ Regulation – Shmegulation

~ LTER ~ Let Them Eat Research

~ HNWI ~ High Net Worth Individuals

~ PAB-TKPWTGIF ~ People Aren’t Blind – They Know Perfectly Well That Globalization Isn’t Fair

~ FFCOTEONG ~ First Food Crisis Of The Era Of Neoliberal Globalization

~ NAOWTMPH ~ New And Original Ways To Make People Hungry

~ W:TPCP ~ Water: The Perfect Capitalist Product

~ NTB-OBS-ST ~ Nationalize The Banks – Or Better Still – Socialize Them

~ CSBAPG ~ Credit Should Be A Public Good