~ BIIADTAAOU ~ Bad Information Is A Disease That Affects All Of Us

~ ATA ~ Appeal To Authority

~ IEGHTTWAAIARPOJAS ~ It’s Even Getting Harder To Tell Whether An Authority Is A Real Person Or Just A Simulacrum

~ AAOO ~ An Army Of One

~ TPOTS ~ The Power Of The Sockpuppet

~ ABOS ~ A Brigade Of Sockpuppets

~ TFPFR ~ Telling Fake People From Real

~ VFD ~ Virtual Factious Disorder

~ MBI ~ Munchausen By Internet

~ TLOTI ~ The Loneliness Of The Interconnected

~ I-ATIIIU-WAABS-TIWOOOC ~ Ironically – All This Interconnection Is Isolating Us – We Are All Becoming Solipsists – Trapped In Worlds Of Our Own Creation

~ TEOHTAGS ~ The Extremes Of Human Thought Are Gathering Strength

~ ISETIE ~ It’s So Easy That It’s Everywhere

~ SASUEADGRAR ~ Signposts Are Springing Up Everywhere As Destinations Get Rarer And Rarer

~ IITSSTIFG ~ It’s Impossible To Steal Something That Is Freely Given

~ ETASCDAD ~ Everywhere There Are Signposts Cleverly Disguised As Destinations

~ TTTAODT-YCAPOTC-EBAWAASAC ~ Thanks To The Advent Of Digital Technology – You Can Alter Photographs On The Cheap – Every Bit As Well As A State Agency Can

~ FSJAE ~ Fake Scientific Journals Are Everywhere

~ WAATBOAIF ~ We Are At The Beginning Of An Information Famine

~ IAHMFAA ~ It’s A Headline Meant For An Algorithm

~ TMAIBMMITTHA ~ The Machine Audience Is Becoming Much More Important Than The Human Audience

~ EAQMCDAOIABAE ~ Even A Quasi Monopoly Can Disappear Almost Overnight If A Better Alternative Emerges

~ AU ~ Artificial Unintelligence

~ SPNCOAHAABP ~ Software Packages Now Churn Out Artificial Humans At A Blistering Pace

~ J18WAB ~ Jennifer18 Was A Bimbot

~ AWAT-SOITUIFTPIMF-STITTTHSWI ~ As With All Technology – Step One Is To Use It For The Purpose It’s Meant For – Step Two Is To Try To Have Sex With It

~ CDP ~ Computer-Driven Panic

~ TIYB… ~ This Is Your Brain…

~ IIV-ATGIUTITAAYOI ~ Information Is Valuable – And To Give It Up Thoughtlessly Is To Act Against Your Own Interest

~ G ~ Gamification

~ IWWTBATTWRAWN-WMLTSTTHOVUTSAU ~ If We Want To Be Able To Tell What’s Real And What’s Not – We Must Learn To See Thorough The Haze Of Virtual Unreality That’s Settling Around Us

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