~ TOANTPOF-BPIAI ~ The Obstacles Are Not Technical, Practical Or Financial – But Political, Intellectual And Ideological

~ JUSEOEA ~ Just Unfortunate Side Effects Of Economic Activities

~ BTEIJAGVI-SINUAW ~ Because The Economy Is Unjust And Generates Vast Inequalities – Society Is Necessarily Unjust As Well

~ AIBVNIANI ~ An Ideology But Virtually No Ideas And No Imagination

~ FFHR-UIC ~ Further, Faster, Higher, Richer, Until It Crashes

~ AGBOSMDTKTOWOT ~ A Grab-Bag Of Stopgap Measures Designed To Keep The Old World Order Ticking

~ ITFPWAHTBS-RTTRC-WATFATPET ~ It’s Tempting For People Who Are Hurting To Blame Scapegoats – Rather Than The Real Culprits – Who Are Too Far Away To Provide Easy Targets

~ APBIMSR ~ A Pious Belief In Market Self-Regulation

~ DASPAU ~ Dark And Secret Plots Are Unnecessary

~ TCIOTRAPAAS ~ The Common Interests Of The Rich And Powerful Are At Stake

~ PSCAS ~ Primes, Subprimes, Crimes And Subcrimes

~ WDYM’NSTC’? ~ What Do You Mean, “Nobody Saw This Coming”?

~ R-S ~ Regulation – Shmegulation

~ LTER ~ Let Them Eat Research

~ HNWI ~ High Net Worth Individuals

~ PAB-TKPWTGIF ~ People Aren’t Blind – They Know Perfectly Well That Globalization Isn’t Fair

~ FFCOTEONG ~ First Food Crisis Of The Era Of Neoliberal Globalization

~ NAOWTMPH ~ New And Original Ways To Make People Hungry

~ W:TPCP ~ Water: The Perfect Capitalist Product

~ NTB-OBS-ST ~ Nationalize The Banks – Or Better Still – Socialize Them

~ CSBAPG ~ Credit Should Be A Public Good

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