~ TNW-A-NWB-AGW-LWF ~ There Never Was – And – Never Will Be – A Great War – Lest We Forget

~ TWNEOCOHHFSWRWTPASSTWII ~ There Were No Elaborate Official Ceremonies Or Heroic Highways For Soldiers Who Returned With The Physical And Spiritual Scars That War Inevitably Inflicts

~ TFOSWNJAWTLOWR-BAAJWTWBWTDR ~ The Families Of Soldiers Worried Not Just About Whether Their Loved Ones Would Return – But Also About Just Who They Would Be When They Did Return

~ RWHBOT ~ Romantic War Has Become Official Truth

~ NSIANSVTTGCUITJTTOIPEAITDTMDAOP ~ National Security Is A Notion So Vague That The Government Can Use It To Justify The Targeting Of Its Political Enemies And Increasingly To Deploy The Most Despicable Abuse Of Power

~ WBASHABBGFGL ~ Wars Big And Small Have Always Been Breeding Grounds For Government Lies

~ SO-O-C-C-A-W-WBRA-CFH ~ Struggles Over – Oil – Coltan – Copper – And – Water – Will Be Reshaped As – Crusades For Humanity

~ TWS-ISST-TWS-MT ~ The Welfare State – Is Starved So That – The Warfare State – Might Thrive

~ TGTTTSOD-WI ~ The Greatest Threat To The Survival Of Democracy – War Itself

~ COBAS ~ Cults Of Blood And Soil

~ SITNWW-INNBO ~ Such Is – The New Warriors’ World – It Need Not Be Ours


~ CSOC ~ Cancer Stage Of Capitalism

~ LB ~ Life-Blind

~ TGS ~ The Great Sickness

~ H&NR ~ Human And Natural Requirements

~ U&OGOV ~ Universal And Objective Ground Of Value

~ ATIRTTTNB ~ All That Is Required To Take The Next Breath

~ MSGTTPNLNARDNRRMWAILALSS ~ Money-Sequence Growth Throughputs That Produce No Life-Necessity And Run Down Non-Renewable Resources Multiply Waste And Incapacitate Life And Life-Support Systems

~ ANI-AO-I-TWWLCAAR ~ A Need Is – And Only – Is – That Without Which Life-Capacities Are Always Reduced

~ CC-ATRGOTHSAGT ~ Civil Commons – All The Real Gains Of The Human Species Across Generational Time

~ RG ~ Re-Ground

~ ETIIPIORWHGW ~ Economic Thought Is In Principle Incapable Of Recognizing What Has Gone Wrong

~ CCP ~ Civil Commons Principle

~ CROE ~ Copernican Revolution Of Economics

~ HTFTCR ~ Higher Taxes For The Corporate Rich

~ ANROCOPOR ~ Aggressive National Recovery Of Control Over Public Owned Resources

~ PBAI ~ Public Banking And Investments

~ PLEOSDOTPATE ~ Policy-Led Elimination Of Structural Depredation Of The Poor And The Environment

~ UPOD ~ Universal Parameters Of Diagnosis

~ DOSHAD ~ Determinants Of Social Health And Disease

~ RFTGS ~ Recovery From The Great Sickness

~ PO ~ Public Option

~ TKNOPATLC ~ The Known Needs Of People And Their Life-Conditions

~ VOPI ~ Variations Of Public Investment


~ TROTNGSR-ATFOEE ~ The Rise Of The New Global Super-Rich – And The Fall Of Everyone Else

~ IRSGO ~ International Rent-Seeking Global Oligarchy

~ UHNWI ~ Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

~ OOC ~ Orphans Of Capital

~ SIIISASVOOETMOUDRIIH ~ Surging Income Inequality Is Such A Strong Violation Of Our Expectations That Most Of Us Don’t Realize It Is Happening

~ PDHTCTSEITFP-AATEMOTSECG-SDIPM ~ Political Decisions Helped To Create The Super-Elite In The First Place – And As The Economic Might Of The Super-Elite Class Grows – So Does Its Political Muscle

~ MHFTPCALSDBTSFTHEAETP ~ Many Have Found Their Professions, Companies, And Life Savings Destroyed By The Same Forces That Have Enriched And Empowered The Plutocrats

~ WHNPTTTRRWEMAOUR ~ We Have No Proof That Today’s Technology Revolution Really Will Eventually Make All Of Us Richer

~ BSMICTTSIOTGP-IIHTJTLSAI ~ Being Self-Made Is Central To The Self-Image Of Today’s Global Plutocrats – It Is How They Justify Their Luxuries, Status, And Influence

~ COCDLTDTWISMT ~ Champions Of Capital Do Like To Describe Their Work In Strikingly Moral Terms

~ TCBFTIATAEOTPSDASOTTTFBP ~ They Certainly Benefit From The Intellectual Anti-Tax Agenda Elaborated Over The Past Several Decades At Some Of The Think Tanks Financed By Plutocrats

~ 0.1%V1%~ The 0.1 Percent Vs The 1 Percent

~ TROTMATB ~ The Rebellion Of The Millionaires Against The Billionaires

~ PC ~ Philanthro-Capitalism

~ CC ~ “Crony Capitalism”

~ TIAOTRTCP ~ The Intellectuals Are On The Road To Class Power

~ T1%HRAABC ~ The 1 Percent Has Remained An All-Boys Club

~ WSDAFJOMTWSFWS ~ Wall Street’s Done A Fabulous Job Of Making The World Safe For Wall Street

~ ADSOE ~ A Dangerous Sense Of Entitlement

~ MGCCTFC ~ My Golf Caddy Caused The Financial Crisis

~ WBWARVOTTUITPC-IMNBAEFSTSTKWLR ~ While Business Won A Resounding Victory Over The Trade Unions In The Previous Century – It May Not Be As Easy For Shareholders To Stop The Knowledge Worker-Led Revolution

~ OWS-ITBBTAC-IITTTIW-WSITMCOC-BIFFARLYWC ~ On Wall Street – In The Battle Between Talent And Capital – It Is The Talent That Is Winning – Wall Street Is The Mother Church Of Capitalism – But Its Flagship Firms Are Run Like Yugoslav Workers’ Collectives

~ ASHBMP-BIEFHSTFWTAPTTCS ~ As Superstars Have Become More Powerful – Bosses In Every Field Have Struggled To Find Ways To Avoid Paying Them The Celebrity Surcharge

~ TRSIAFTFTL-BAAFOFS-RSWMEEBEOTR-IIAFTPOSCADOW-SOTRHRTTITTCEIIRS ~ Today Rent-Seeking Is A Favorite Theme For The Left – But As A Field Of Formal Study – Rent-Seeking Was Most Energetically Elaborated By Economists On The Right – It Is, After All, The Product Of State Control And Distribution Of Wealth – Some On The Right Have Returned To The Idea That The Central Economic Ill Is Rent-Seeking

~ AFCBRSIOCCHAPETOMA-BFC-A-I-IN-ABBUBEMO-PR ~ A Fortune Created By Rent-Seeking In One Country Can Have A Powerful Effect Thousands Of Miles Away – Britain’s Football Clubs – And – Increasingly – Its Newspapers – Are Being Bought Up By Emerging Markets Oligarchs – Particularly Russians

~ ASOTBL-TNRWMLDBTWABAA-TIAPWOSBATLWAOTR-IIAFPGA-YCMTSPATASR ~ Another Shibboleth Of The Banking Lobby – That New Rules Would Make Little Difference Because They Would Always Be Arbitraged Away – This Is A Polite Way Of Saying Bankers And Their Lawyers Will Always Outsmart Their Regulators – It Is A Familiar Poacher-Gamekeeper Argument – You Can Make The Same Point About Terrorists And Security Regulations

~ SEAOTPOASME-B-I-ATIGTCBIO-MLSTTTPFIODOA-NTLI-ITSOFTFAOC ~ Super-Elites Are Often The Product Of A Strong Market Economy – But – Ironically – As Their Influence Grows They Can Become Its Opponents – Most Lobbying Seeks To Tilt The Playing Field In One Direction Or Another – Not To Level It – In The Sense Of Fostering Truly Free And Open Competition

~ AINOPAMOTSET ~ An Increasing Number Of Politicians Are Members Of The Super-Elite Themselves

~ O-ABISITPBF ~ Often – A Big Intrusive State Is The Plutocrat’s Best Friend

~ AINOPAMOTSET ~ An Increasing Number Of Politicians Are Members Of The Super-Elite Themselves

~ PCFMTPNUTR ~ Politicians Can’t Fully Monetize Their Plutocratic Networks Until They Retire

~ EWHPTTISCBTTPUTLTCTTT ~ Elites Who Have Prospered Thanks To Inclusive Systems Can Be Tempted To Pull Up The Ladder They Climbed To The Top

~ EDSTSTCTOP-BESFPCBBBTOSTSIIUTFOTOSP ~ Elites Don’t Sabotage The System That Created Them On Purpose – But Even Smart, Farsighted Plutocrats Can Be Betrayed By Their Own Short-Term Self-Interest Into Undermining The Foundations Of Their Own Society’s Prosperity


~ TNESBETIACOTEP-TSOMSTHOC ~ The New Environment Shaped By Electric Technology Is A Cannibalistic One That Eats People – To Survive One Must Study The Habits Of Cannibals ~ Marshall McLuhan

~ WSSEMWPAP? ~ Why Should Society Entrust Me With Power And Prestige? ~ Howard Gardner + Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi + William Damon ~ Good Work

~ ALWGRTWWTIPIBO ~ A Lie Will Go Round The World While Truth Is Pulling Its Boots On ~ Charles Spurgeon

~ IMTTHMIIDBSR ~ I Maintain That The Human Mystery Is Incredibly Demeaned By Scientific Reductionism ~ John Eccles ~ Evolution Of The Brain: Creation Of The Self

~ TWNNALF-FMCNHCIBMBATTTTC ~ There Was Nothing Natural About Laissez-Faire – Free Markets Could Never Have Come Into Being Merely By Allowing Things To Take Their Course ~ Karl Polanyi ~ The Great Transformation

~ SOMI ~ Sense Of Moral Identity ~ Howard Gardner + Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi + William Damon ~ Good Work

~ RANMIIOASTEA ~ Readers Are No More Interested In Originality As Such Than Eaters Are ~ Richard Posner

~ TQOWACCTINMITTQOWASCS ~ The Question Of Whether A Computer Can Think Is No More Interesting Than The Question Of Whether A Submarine Can Swim ~ Edsger Dijkstra

~ TMT-OWWCLPITMCWBSTHAOI ~ The Mirror Test – Only When We Can Look Proudly In The Mirror Can We Be Said To Have Affirmed Our Identity ~ Howard Gardner + Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi + William Damon ~ Good Work

~ TNESBETIACOTEP-TSOMSTHOC ~ The New Environment Shaped By Electric Technology Is A Cannibalistic One That Eats People – To Survive One Must Study The Habits Of Cannibals ~ Marshall Mcluhan

~ ALWGRTWWTIPIBO ~ A Lie Will Go Round The World While Truth Is Pulling Its Boots On

~ IRL ~ In Real Life

~ TGTTATBAATOBAFT-BT-AIT ~ The Good, The True, And The Beautiful Are Always Their Own Best Argument For Themselves – By Themselves – And In Themselves ~ Richard Rohr ~ Immortal Diamond

~ TUMT-WWIBLTLIAWIEWTBITWTIH? ~ The Universal Mirror Test – What Would It Be Like To Live In A World If Everyone Were To Behave In The Way That I Have? ~ Howard Gardner + Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi + William Damon ~ Good Work

~ OTU&U ~ On The Up-And-Up

~ IYANPFI-YNTC-YTPBS ~ If You Are Not Paying For It – You’re Not The Customer – You’re The Product Being Sold ~ Larry Andrews

~ TATWTBF-OITBWIT-TOITRTBWIT ~ There Are Two Ways To Be Fooled – One Is To Believe What Isn’t True – The Other Is To Refuse To Believe What Is True ~Soren Kierkegaard

~ SCFFTS-BTANSITS ~ Stones Cannot Fall From The Sky – Because There Are No Stones In The Sky ~ Antoine Lavosier