~ IRSGO ~ International Rent-Seeking Global Oligarchy

~ UHNWI ~ Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

~ OOC ~ Orphans Of Capital

~ COCDLTDTWISMT ~ Champions Of Capital Do Like To Describe Their Work In Strikingly Moral Terms

~ 0.1%V1%~ The 0.1 Percent Vs The 1 Percent

~ TROTMATB ~ The Rebellion Of The Millionaires Against The Billionaires

~ PC ~ Philanthro-Capitalism

~ CC ~ “Crony Capitalism”

~ TIAOTRTCP ~ The Intellectuals Are On The Road To Class Power

~ AT99%HBSP-T1%HRAABC ~ As The 99 Percent Has Become Steadily Pinker – The 1 Percent Has Remained An All-Boys Club

~ CIARSP ~ China Is A Rent-Seekers Paradise

~ WSDAFJOMTWSFWS ~ Wall Street’s Done A Fabulous Job Of Making The World Safe For Wall Street

~ ADSOE ~ A Dangerous Sense Of Entitlement

~ MGCCTFC ~ My Golf Caddy Caused The Financial Crisis

~ OWS-ITBBTAC-IITTTIW-WSITMCOC-BIFFARLYWC ~ On Wall Street – In The Battle Between Talent And Capital – It Is The Talent That Is Winning – Wall Street Is The Mother Church Of Capitalism – But Its Flagship Firms Are Run Like Yugoslav Workers’ Collectives

~ O-ABISITPBF ~ Often – A Big Intrusive State Is The Plutocrat’s Best Friend

~ STEBAPMAAAPBO ~ Serious Tensions Emerge Between A Pro-Market Agenda And A Pro-Business One

~ AINOPAMOTSET ~ An Increasing Number Of Politicians Are Members Of The Super-Elite Themselves

~ PCFMTPNUTR ~ Politicians Can’t Fully Monetize Their Plutocratic Networks Until They Retire

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