~ TMWOAY ~ The Many Wonders Of Admiring Yourself

~ VASCEDOPA ~ Vanity And Self-Centeredness Eventually Drive Other People Away

~ AFOIATLOFLACIARFN ~ A Focus On Individual Achievement That Leaves Out Feelings, Love, And Caring Is A Recipe For Narcissism

~ IMMAIMSL ~ I’m Much More Attractive In My Second Life

~ ECATROTRP ~ Easy Credit And The Repeal Of The Reality Principle

~ NIADTCOTS ~ Narcissism Is A Disease That Cause Others To Suffer

~ IINNJABDTLLAPS ~ It Is Now Not Just Acceptable But Desirable To Look Like A Porn Star

~ WTEOOAAT ~ Warming The Earth One Overconsumption At A Time

~ DTYKTTAS-TTTYLT ~ Don’t’ Tell Your Kids That They Are Special – Tell Them That You Love Them

~ ABSAADF ~ A Big Start And A Disastrous Finish

~ GITOOE ~ Gratitude Is The Opposite Of Entitlement

~ TNOEOTUSIND ~ The Number One Export Of The United States Is Now Debt

~ NIACTSR ~ Narcissism Is Absolutely Corrosive To Social Relationships

~ PCTW ~ Personal Change Takes Work

~ FOTYCEAC-ABAGRMY ~ Focus On Teaching Your Children Empathy And Compassion – And Be A Good Role Model Yourself

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