~ CSOC ~ Cancer Stage Of Capitalism

~ LB ~ Life-Blind

~ TGS ~ The Great Sickness

~ H&NR ~ Human And Natural Requirements

~ U&OGOV ~ Universal And Objective Ground Of Value

~ ATIRTTTNB ~ All That Is Required To Take The Next Breath

~ MSGTTPNLNARDNRRMWAILALSS ~ Money-Sequence Growth Throughputs That Produce No Life-Necessity And Run Down Non-Renewable Resources Multiply Waste And Incapacitate Life And Life-Support Systems

~ ANI-AO-I-TWWLCAAR ~ A Need Is – And Only – Is – That Without Which Life-Capacities Are Always Reduced

~ CC-ATRGOTHSAGT ~ Civil Commons – All The Real Gains Of The Human Species Across Generational Time

~ RG ~ Re-Ground

~ ETIIPIORWHGW ~ Economic Thought Is In Principle Incapable Of Recognizing What Has Gone Wrong

~ CCP ~ Civil Commons Principle

~ CROE ~ Copernican Revolution Of Economics

~ HTFTCR ~ Higher Taxes For The Corporate Rich

~ ANROCOPOR ~ Aggressive National Recovery Of Control Over Public Owned Resources

~ PBAI ~ Public Banking And Investments

~ PLEOSDOTPATE ~ Policy-Led Elimination Of Structural Depredation Of The Poor And The Environment

~ UPOD ~ Universal Parameters Of Diagnosis

~ DOSHAD ~ Determinants Of Social Health And Disease

~ RFTGS ~ Recovery From The Great Sickness

~ PO ~ Public Option

~ TKNOPATLC ~ The Known Needs Of People And Their Life-Conditions

~ VOPI ~ Variations Of Public Investment

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