~ IYN-AJMAHHOAMTMAS-TOOSFSPTFT-WYECOFAA ~ If You Need – A Job, Money, Advice, Help, Hope, Or A Means To Make A Sale – There’s Only One Surefire, Fail-Safe Place To Find Them – Within Your Extended Circle Of Friends And Associates

~ IBTGBYR-ANKS ~ It’s Better To Give Before You Receive – And Never Keep Score

~ YRWOAYFMCEOWYAAWYHTO-NEC ~ Your Relationships With Others Are Your Finest, Most Credible Expression Of Who You Are And What You Have To Offer – Nothing Else Compares

~ C-GYTMAE-TYGCOF ~ Contribute – Give Your Time, Money, And Expertise – To Your Growing Community Of Friends

~ TMSYAAWYWTD-TEIBTDASTAI-POTS-OC-IERWTPIYUWCHYGWYG ~ The More Specific You Are About What You Want To Do – The Easier It Becomes To Develop A Strategy To Accomplish It – Part Of That Strategy – Of Course – Is Establishing Relationships With The People In Your Universe Who Can Help You Get Where You’re Going

~ SO:FYP ~ Step One: Find Your Passion

~ AGIADWAD ~ A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline

~ YGMBB-IYDBYCRT-YW ~ Your Goals Must Be Believable – If You Don’t Believe You Can Reach Them – You Won’t

~ YGMBCAD ~ Your Goals Must Be Challenging And Demanding

~ AYMTMOTCYAH? ~ Are You Making The Most Of The Connections You Already Have?

~ DS ~ Don’t Schmooze

~ DCTTPEH ~ Don’t Come To The Party Empty-Handed

~ DYH ~ Do Your Homework

~ OYTTTTFOWYMIAWYWTGT-TNSITITPWCHYGT ~ Once You’ve Taken The Time To Figure Out What Your Mission Is And Where You Want To Get To – The Next Step Is To Identify The People Who Can Help You Get There

~ TAL-SAL ~ Talk A Little – Say A Lot

~ SYP ~ Share Your Passions

~ FUOF ~ Follow Up Or Fail

~ AEYG ~ Always Express Your Gratitude

~ BI ~ Be Interesting

~ ASSQ-IYAQTALNO-YGRTAUATTWHS-HGMPHTCTATQ? ~ Ask Seemingly Stupid Questions – If You Ask Questions That Are Like No Other – You Get Results That Are Unlike Any That The World Has Seen – How Many People Have The Courage To Ask Those Questions?

~ KYAYT-TTINTWOOTSATYL-BTFACYSSTYWML-YSSSTGBAYW-BRFOBYS ~ Know Yourself And Your Talents – The Trick Is Not To Work Obsessively On The Skills And Talents You Lack – But To Focus And Cultivate Your Strengths So That Your Weaknesses Matter Less – You Should Spend Some Time Getting Better At Your Weaknesses – But Really Focus On Building Your Strengths

~ AL ~ Always Learn

~ SH-YHTTCOY-YBMAS-TBAYB ~ Stay Healthy – You Have To Take Care Of Yourself – Your Body, Mind, And Spirit – To Be At Your Best

~ EYTUE ~ Expose Yourself To Unusual Experiences

~ DGD-TWBCCACRYTBPAC ~ Don’t Get Discouraged – There Will Be Continual Changes And Challenges Requiring You To Be Persistent And Committed

~ DAN ~ Develop A Niche

~ FTAMITMSTKHTTAGS ~ Few Talents Are More Important To Managerial Success Than Knowing How To Tell A Good Story

~ SO! ~ Stand Out!

~ SM-WYLION ~ Style Matters – Whether You Like It Or Not

~ NGITH ~ Never Give In To Hubris

~ FM-FM-R ~ Find Mentors – Find Mentees – Repeat

~ IYCYTFYP-IIHTCIRWA ~ If You Commit Yourself To Finding Your Passion – It’s Interesting How That Commitment Is Rewarded With Answers

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