~ WOM ~ Word Of Mouth

~ TPOS ~ The Psychology Of Sharing

~ TSOST ~ The Science Of Social Transmission

~ STEPPS ~ Social Currency – Triggers – Emotion – Public – Practical Value – Stories

~ TOMLTTOT ~ Top Of Mind Leads To Tip Of Tongue

~ “MS-MD” ~ “Monkey See – Monkey Do”

~ POKAESTPCEPIO ~ Package Our Knowledge And Expertise So That People Can Easily Pass It On

~ PDJSI-TTS ~ People Don’t Just Share Information – They Tell Stories

~ PDT ~ Please Don’t Tell

~ HALSAS:TTNTSSVL ~ Here’s A Little Secret About Secret’s: They Tend Not To Stay Secret Very Long

~ MANTOC ~ Minting A New Type Of Currency

~ MPFLI ~ Make People Feel Like Insiders

~ PLHADIOVB ~ Polling Location Had A Dramatic Impact On Voting Behavior

~ OTAAMLTBD ~ Observable Things Are Also More Likely To Be Discussed

~ ISIBTS-IBTG ~ If Something Is Built To Show – It’s Built To Grow

~ PDJVPI-TSI ~ People Don’t Just Value Practical Information – They Share It

~ PDETIAT-TETRTACSO-‘RP’ ~ People Don’t Evaluate Things In Absolute Terms – They Evaluate Them Relative To A Comparison Standard Or – “Reference Point”

~ UTW“S”BAPISETTPISTS ~ Using The Word “Sale” Beside A Price Increased Sales Even Though The Price Itself Stayed The Same


~ WAAAN ~ We Are All Artists Now

~ WATWMUCAMUS ~ We Assume That What Makes Us Comfortable Also Makes Us Safe

~ AISTMBA-AAPWMA ~ Art Isn’t Something That’s Made By Artists – Artists Are People Who Make Art

~ AITUWOAHB-WTTA ~ Art Is The Unique Work Of A Human Being – Work That Touches Another

~ TCEDTWCA ~ The Connection Economy Demands That We Create Art

~ TAOMFLIUWTLB ~ The Art Of Moving Forward Lies In Understanding What To Leave Behind

~ JBYWAGDMIAGG ~ Just Because You’re Winning A Game Doesn’t Mean It’s A Good Game

~ TSFTRAITEOA ~ The Search For The Right Answer Is The Enemy Of Art

~ AHNRA ~ Art Has No Right Answer

~ WAITRO? ~ Which Audience Is The Right One?

~ TMRTTDITIWOA ~ The Most Rational Thing To Do Is The Irrational Work Of Art

~ ABOPITMIOD ~ Attention By Other People Is The Most Irresistible Of Drugs

~ TOSMYPFFI-TNOGYACTSO ~ The Old System Made You Popular For Fitting In – The New One Gives You A Chance To Stand Out

~ STEOA ~ Spend Time Encouraging Other Artists

~ FCTTS ~ Fly Closer To The Sun

~ AKA ~ Attachment Kills Art

~ AIACTAPATADATG-NTAR ~ Art Is A Commitment To A Process And To A Direction And To Generosity – Not To A Result

~ ACATBF ~ Artists Can’t Afford To Be Fragile

~ IITL? ~ Is It Too Late?

~ WITSISC?~ Who Is The Self In Self-Control?

~ IINTLT-RSC-TCL-IH-A-TDTWYCO ~ It Is Never Too Late To – Redefine Self-Control – To Change Long-Ingrained Habits – And – To Do The Work You’re Capable Of

~ Y-YMLITV-B-YCASWALVAWYWU ~ Yes – You Must Leap Into The Void – But –You Can Always Start With A Little Void And Work Your Way Up

~ TPWBTS ~ The Problem With Blaming The System

~ BTSISBILYOTH-B-WTSIB-WWWYWROTSITFP ~ Blaming The System Is Soothing Because It Lets You Off The Hook – But – When The System Is Broken – We Wonder Why You Were Relying On The System In The First Place

~ INEPDY-YNMAD ~ If Not Enough People Doubt You – You’re Not Making A Difference

~ FYMPYATCYA ~ First You Must Pick Yourself And Then Choose Your Audience

~ YGAAAITMATMTAOYC ~ Your Goal As An Artist Is To Make Art That Moves The Audience Of Your Choice

~ FOWYAIF-GBACWTA-A-ITR ~ Figure Out Who Your Art Is For – Get Better At Connecting With That Audience – And – Ignore The Rest


~ YNTKTCWIAO-NTOTR-B-TBT ~ You Need To Know The Conventional Wisdom Inside And Out – Not To Obey The Rules – But – To Break Them

~ IINW-TMBA-IYDKHTMBA-L ~ If It’s Not Working – Then Make Better Art – If You Don’t Know How To Make Better Art – Learn

~ F-LTS ~ First – Learn To See

~ TPWLITOTA-IITSWLB ~ The Problem With Labels Is That Once They’re Applied – It’s Impossible To See What Lies Beneath

~ ALTSAOA-TLTFLABTFI ~ Artists Learn To See All Over Again – They Learn To Forgo Labels And Bring The Fresh Instead

~ TPOABOWHADIOHGETMDWESIT ~ The Price Of A Bottle Of Wine Has A Direct Impact On How Good Even The Most Discerning Wine Experts Say It Tastes

~ WSWWB-NTOWA ~ We See What We Believe – Not The Other Way Around

~ YDNAG-YNE-TBKOE-TEORF ~ You Don’t Need A Guru – You Need Experience – The Best Kind Of Experience – The Experience Of Repeated Failure

~ BMWYWM ~ But Make What You Will Make

~ OWYMATIFEDYHACTCWS ~ Only When You Make Art That Isn’t For Everyone Do You Have A Chance To Connect With Someone

~ USERTMYA ~ Using Someone Else’s Ruler To Measure Your Art

~ YIAPOYA ~ Your Interactions Are Part Of Your Art

~ AWCAAOIIPAWOA ~ Anyone Who Cares And Acts On It Is Performing A Work Of Art

~ AHNRA ~ Art Has No Right Answer

~ YBWIAG-OCYWCBI-B-IIAGF-YGIMITYP ~ Your Best Work Is A Gift – Of Course Your Work Can Be Improved – But – It Is A Gift First – Your Generosity Is More Important Than Your Perfection

~ TASTWAII ~ The Artist Sees The World As It Is

~ TATASTR ~ The Artist Tells A Story That Resonates

~ TB ~ Talker’s Block

~ WLYT-O ~ Write Like You Talk – Often

~ IT-CE-TRMOYWIWYTS ~ In – The Connection Economy – The True Measure Of Your Work Is Whether You Touched Someone

~ DMT ~ Dancing-Monkey Treats

~ TYJIA ~ Turning Your Job Into Art

~ Y-IKYCMAGMF-TMD-B-AWHIF ~ Yes – I Know You Can Make A Good Movie For – Twenty Million Dollars – But – All We Have Is Five

~ ADWTGTM ~ Artists Don’t Want To Go To Meetings

~ IYW-BWT-TF-YW-BWC-OTT-CTD ~ If You Weren’t – Born With Talent – That’s Fine – You Were – Born With Commitment – Organize The Talented – Connect The Disconnected

~ BAPOTA ~ Become A Patron Of The Arts

~ FIAE-NAP ~ Failure Is An Event – Not A Person

~ NTFIPOYW-YCIIAWAIYWF ~ Now That Fear Is Part Of Your Work – You Can Ignore It And Work As If You Were Fearless

~ DOTEOF ~ Dancing On The Edge Of Finished

~ WTISRA-TAYDIOTC ~ When There Is No Right Answer – Then Anything You Do Is Open To Criticism

~ IDBIM-B-IBIY ~ I Don’t Believe In Much – But – I Believe In You

~ JLNOE ~ Just Like No One Else

~ SYJBYSTE ~ Start Your Journey Before You See The End

~ WINP-A-ADMYB ~ Worry Is Not Preparation – And – Anxiety Doesn’t Make You Better

~ PITTOA ~ Pain Is The Truth Of Art

~ ADRI-BIR ~ Art Doesn’t Repeat Itself – But It Rhymes


~ EDI ~ Everybody Does It

~ NP ~ New Pressures

~ BRFW ~ Bigger Rewards For Winning

~ WHWYTTSISAPLYAYSBTTRAF?-YJMMUYOMC! ~ What Happens When You Think The System Is Stacked Against People Like You And You Stop Believing That The Rules Are Fair? – You Just Might Make Up Your Own Moral Code!

~ TDC ~ Trickle-Down Corruption

~ TMEMSP-BIIN ~ The Market Era May Seem Permanent – But It Is Not

~ C&NP ~ Crime And No Punishment

~ IAG-TOGWRWC-ALATAS-CWR-JWB ~ In Ancient Greece – The Olympic Games Were Rife With Cheating – Athletes Lied About Their Amateur Status – Competitions Were Rigged – Judges Were Bribed


~ TTHPACYLURITCBAEPAR ~ Think-Tanks Have Played A Central Yet Largely Unexamined Role In The Corporate Battle Against Environmental Polices And Reforms

~ T-TGTTSTSTCOD ~ Think-Tanks Generally Tailor Their Studies To Suit Their Clients Or Donors

~ HTSAPOAAEOTVOTS ~ Hired To Spread A Patina Of Academese And Expertise Over The Views Of Their Sponsors

~ UTTEBPMT ~ Ultimately – Think-Tank Employees Become Policy-Makers Themselves

~ TATTPTTVSBAGQQFN ~ They Are Trained To Perfect The TV Sound Bite And Give Quotable Quotes For Newspapers

~ TTOEFGOAP-ATGTIIGACITM ~ Think-Tanks Often Employ Former Government Officials And Politicians – As This Gives Them Influence In Government And Credibility In The Media

~ TTAGTPAAP-RTTS ~ Think-Tanks Are Geared Toward Political Activism And Propaganda – Rather Than Towards Scholarship

~ TTDUCOOR-B-AAAER ~ Think-Tanks Don’t Usually Carry Out Original Research – But – Adapt And Apply Existing Research

~ TRDBGATTIWE ~ The Revolving Door Between Government And Think-Tanks Is Well-Established