~ PTB ~ Poke The Box

~ YT ~ Your Turn

~ BA-AOTMOOOWYA ~ Be Aware – Aware Of The Market, Of Opportunities, Of Who You Are

~ BE-SYCUWIAY ~ Be Educated – So You Can Understand What Is Around You

~ BC-SYCBTAYE ~ Be Connected – So You Can Be Trusted As You Engage

~ BC-STSKWTE ~ Be Consistent – So The System Knows What To Expect

~ BAA-SYHSTS ~ Build An Asset – So You Have Something To Sell

~ BP-SYCBWP ~ Be Productive – So You Can Be Well-Priced

~ HTGATHATPTS ~ Have The Guts And The Heart And The Passion To Ship

~ TCOGOTJPS ~ The Challenge Is Getting Into The Habit Of Starting

~ HNITNAM-IYBETDOPWF ~ Human Nature Is To Need A Map – If You’re Brave Enough To Draw One, People Will Follow

~ SINAGSN ~ Soon Is Not As Good As Now

~ TMYD-TMYF ~ The More You Do – The More You Fail

~ IS:SU ~ In Short: Show Up

~ LFTF-TAATSOYD ~ Look For The Fear – That’s Almost Always The Source Of Your Doubt

~ RTTOP-PY ~ Reject The Tyranny Of Picked – Pick Yourself

~ IIS-HV ~ Initiative Is Scarce – Hence Valuable

~ TAMPISNAG-TTAMPIDNTTAG ~ Twice As Much Polishing Is Not Twice As Good – Ten Times As Much Polishing Is Definitely Not Ten Times As Good

~ P-BBSAI ~ Poke – But Be Smart About It

~ PSWFAM ~ Please Stop Waiting For A Map

~ WWAHTRAZ? ~ Why Would Anyone Hesitate To Report A Zombie?

~ NOTWWC ~ None Of This Works Without Curiosity

~ CINATF ~ Curiosity Is Not Allergic To Failure

~ TJOW ~ The Joy Of Wrong

~ SI(D)F ~ Start Implies (demands) Finishing

~ SMTYAGTF-TMSWFIJBOSOAWOT ~ Starting Means That You Are Going To Finish – To Merely Start Without Finishing Is Just Boasting, Or Stalling, Or A Waste Of Time

~ TPWFTMUW ~ The Person Who Fails The Most Usually Wins

~ TGCASOFIFTGTRTSIOTASG ~ The Greatest Challenge Any Successful Organization Faces Is Finding The Guts To Risk That Success In Order To Accomplish Something Great

~ KSUYF ~ Keep Starting Until You Finish

~ BTOWST ~ Be The One Who Starts Things

~ IYFIDC-SWNIIS? ~ If You Fail It Doesn’t Count – So Why Not Invest In Starting?

~ IETFSILWTIOSTWNAS ~ It’s Easy To Fall So In Love With The Idea Of Starting That We Never Actually Start

~ IYNMAD-IACBYA ~ If You’re Not Making A Difference – It’s Almost Certainly Because You’re Afraid

~ IDHTA ~ It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

~ SAAWOL ~ Starting As A Way Of Life

~ IYGTBANKTPAEYTITADTND-YWUWAL ~ If You Go To Bed At Night Knowing That People Are Expecting You To Initiate Things All Day The Next Day – You’ll Wake Up With A List

~ MAWDSTMI ~ Might As Well Do Something That Matters Instead

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