~ ITCRWHSTWITLFY-TTHPAVR ~ In The Conservative Revolution Which Has Swept The World In The Last Fifteen Years – Think-Tanks Have Played A Vital Role

~ CTTHPACYLURITCBAEPAR ~ Conservative Think-Tanks Have Played A Central Yet Largely Unexamined Role In The Corporate Battle Against Environmental Polices And Reforms

~ TTGTTSTSTCOD ~ Think-tanks Generally Tailor Their Studies To Suit Their Clients Or Donors

~ HTSAPOAAEOTVOTS ~ Hired To Spread A Patina Of Academese And Expertise Over The Views Of Their Sponsors

~ UTTEBPMT ~ Ultimately – Think-Tank Employees Become Policy-Makers Themselves

~ TATTPTTVSBAGQQFN ~ They Are Trained To Perfect The TV Sound Bite And Give Quotable Quotes For Newspapers

~ TTOEFGOAP-ATGTIIGACITM ~ Think-Tanks Often Employ Former Government Officials And Politicians – As This Gives Them Influence In Government And Credibility In The Media

~ TTAGTPAAP-RTTS ~ Think-Tanks Are Geared Toward Political Activism And Propaganda – Rather Than Towards Scholarship

~ CTTDUCOOR-BAAAER ~ Conservative Think-Tanks Don’t Usually Carry Out Original Research – But Adapt And Apply Existing Research

~ TTTFY ~ The Think-Tank For Yuppies

~ TRDBGATTIWE ~ The Revolving Door Between Government And Think-Tanks Is Well-Established

~ TAOTCTTTMTWPATTR ~ The Ability Of The Conservative Think-Tanks To Move The Whole Policy Agenda To The Right

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