~ AMAFUTCOTFM-SGMIOVGPAPO ~ As More Assets Fall Under The Control Of The Futures Markets – Speculators Gain More Influence Over Both Government Policy And Public Opinion

~ AOAS-ES-FWWBSLD-HTGF-HTFW-HTBAS-WBAAP ~ All Of A Sudden – Essential Skills – From Which We’ve Been So Long Disconnected – How To Grow Food – How To Find Water – How To Build A Shelter – Will Be At A Premium

~ ATASIWCWRFAARTCILTCOB ~ Addicted To A System In Which Companies Would Rather Fight Against A Restriction That Calculate Its Long-Term Cost Or Benefit

~ AWISOOREASITSE-PBAACHBBMMBALS ~ As Wealth Is Sucked Out Of Real Economies And Shifted Into The Speculative Economy – People’s Behavior And Activities Can’t Help But Become More Market-Based And Less Social

~ BATBTATOG-WBPOTVTWSBD ~ By Attempting To Beat Them At Their Own Game – We Become Part Of The Very Thing We Should Be Dismantling

~ BE-BA-BP-BW-A-BG ~ Big Energy – Big Agra – Big Pharma – Big War – And – Big Government

~ CAETPTC ~ Consumers Are Easier To Please Then Citizens

~ CIG-ITWPCAEV-CISEE ~ Commerce Is Good – It’s The Way People Create And Exchange Value – Corporatism Is Something Else Entirely

~ FM-TAILALFTASW ~ For Many – The Apocalypse Is Less A Looming Fear Than A Secret Wish

~ HDWLOBASSRTACTEM? ~ How Did We Lose Our Bearings And Surrender Social Reality To A Cynically Tilted Economic Model?

~ HLTBTPFESLOHIPAAIP-BIWBFMATBTSIMPFBTPAPTF ~ Historians Like To Blame The Plague For Europe’s Subsequent Loss Of Half Its People And All Its Prosperity – But It Would Be Far More Accurate To Blame The Shift In Monetary Policy For Both The Poverty And Pestilence That Followed

~ IICBROTMOTBS-TIDE ~ If It Couldn’t Be Represented On The Map Or The Balance Sheet – Then It Didn’t Exist

~ ITZSLOCE-CVFAOTTSMTVAFTS ~ In The Zero-Sum Logic Of Corporatist Economics – Creating Value For Anyone Other Than The Shareholders Means Taking Value Away From The Shareholder

~ IW ~ Individually Wrapped

~ LTEB ~ Let Them Eat Blog

~ MO-MH ~ My Oppressor – My Hero

~ MOTF500CAJTNOMOD ~ Most Of The Fortune 500 Companies Are Just The Names On Mountains Of Debt

~ NWCAGPLFWWPBATOAHLWMIBFOB ~ Now We Can All Get Paid Less For What We Produce Because Admitting To One Another How Little We’re Making Is Bad For Our Brands

~ OLFTDMIRUTTDMPIS ~ Our Liberation From Top-Down Media Isn’t Real Until The Top-Down Media Pronounces It So

~ RBAWTSCAPR ~ Religion Became A Way To Support Capitalism And Purge Reflection

~ RINAMP-IIASO ~ Reciprocity Is Not A Market Phenomenon – It Is A Social One

~ RPDRTFOA ~ Real People Doing Real Things For One Another

~ SBINLAO-EMGAWTIMS ~ Sustainable Business Is No Longer An Option – Everything Must Grow Along With The Increasing Money Supply

~ SITLOTSE ~ Such Is The Logic Of The Speculative Economy

~ SITNB-A-TSPTGCIAHNWITMAELITWSWIS ~ Small Is The New Big – And – The Surest Path To Global Change In A Highly Networked World Is To Make An Extremely Local Impact That Works So Well It Spreads

~ STBOCATD-MHLTEFPSAEFR ~ Since The Beginning Of Currency And Trading Deregulation – Money Has Left The Economy For Pure Speculation At Ever Faster Rates

~ TANIIBASP ~ These Are Not Isolated Incidents But A Standard Practice

~ TAOCCITPC-RTEOTE-A-IOI ~ The Agenda Of Central Currency Is To Promote Competition – Requires The Expansion Of The Economy – And – Increased Overall Indebtedness

~ TARIWLARBCAGTBSBATCMCWHL ~ The American Revolution Itself Was Less A Revolt By Colonists Against Britain Than By Small Businessmen Against The Chartered Multinational Corporation Writing Her Laws

~ TBRTB-RW-R-P-P-A-V-ITIFG ~ The Best Reason To Begin – Reconnecting With – Real – People – Places – And – Value – Is That It Feels Good

~ TCSWSUTWIWVSBIM-OTPTPOCAATAOTAW-WRTAOSGALRTCVFT ~ The Currency System We Still Use Today Was Invented With Very Specific Biases In Mind – Ones That Promoted The Power Of Central Authorities And The Assets Of The Already Wealthy – While Reducing The Ability Of Smaller Groups And Local Regions To Create Value For Themselves

~ TEOBWSFTCOVBPTTEOVBC ~ The Emphasis Of Business Would Shift From The Creation Of Value By People To The Extraction Of Value By Corporations

~ TEOCTPWAB-A-S-CDOHBTSLTP ~ The Elevation Of Corporations To Personhood Was Accompanied By – A – Slow – Corresponding Devolution Of Human Beings To Something Less Than Personhood

~ TLTWDAB-ABT ~ The Little Things We Do Are Big – All By Themselves

~ TMOTCMSIOGI ~ The Maintenance Of The Chartered Monopoly System Is Of Greater Importance

~ TMU ~ The Melt-Up

~ TMWASTATTBOOM-TLHWB ~ The More We Are Asked To Adapt To The Biases Of Our Machinery – The Less Human We Become

~ TOKOM-CCIJOOT ~ There’s Other Kinds Of Money – Centralized Currency Is Just One Of Them

~ TOOBRUTGCAC-ATIBCHSEATTEIBTEWATT ~ The Only Ones Behaving Rationally Under Their Given Circumstances Are Corporations – And This Isn’t Because Corporations Have So Effectively Adapted To The Economy; It’s Because The Economy Was Adapted To Them

~ TPDNLTEEC-R-ECDECLTTP ~ The Plague Did Not Lead To Europe’s Economic Collapse – Rather – Europe’s Currency-Driven Economic Collapse Led To The Plague

~ TPFIWCTGCRTPL ~ The Playing Field Itself Was Changed To Give Corporations Rights That People Lacked

~ TROSIAEDBS ~ The Reality Of Speculation In An Economy Defined By Scarcity

~ TRTMMFMWR-BCC-TTBI ~ The Right To Make Money From Money Was Reserved – By Corporate Charter – To The Banking Industry

~ TTD-TBO-CC-IT-SAH-TSDTRAWMC-WCWATT ~ To This Day – The Bias Of – Centralized Currency – Is Toward – Scarcity And Hoarding – This Slows Down The Rate At Which Money Circulates – While Concentrating Wealth At The Top

~ UFCMPPT ~ Unready For Corporate Media’s Precious Prime Time

~ USI ~ Unenlightened Self-Interest

~ WAFTMMT-ALAWDIUTAOACC ~ We Are Free To Make Meaning Together – As Long As We Do It Under The Auspices Of A Corporate Cult

~ WCCCBOOO ~ We Can Create Corporate Beasts Of Our Own

~ Y-Y-TO! ~ You – You’re – The One


~ TFOWIAH ~ The Future Of Work Is Already Here

~ B2025-YAO24/7 ~ By 2025 – You Are Online 24/7

~ TROTCA ~ The Rise Of The Cognitive Assistants

~ HCYRTF? ~ How Can You Reconnect The Fragments?

~ TEGDOAJUW ~ The Ever-Growing Demands Of A Joined-Up World

~ I:TGOL ~ Isolation: The Genesis Of Loneliness

~ BIC ~ Big Ideas Crowd

~ TROM ~ The Rules Of Morphing

~ SM:CACC ~ Self-Marketing: Creating And Crafting Credentials

~ IACM-IIITBCWI-D-U-A-WIYS ~ In A Crowded Market – It Is Important To Be Clear What Is – Different – Unique – And – What Is Your Signature

~ TPOBI ~ The Problem Of Being Invisible

~ CMAS ~ Creating Marks And Signatures

~ DCNWRB ~ Don’t Confuse Narcissism With Reputational Building

~ IINNTWTBATPB-IV ~ It Is Not Narcissistic To Want To Build A Trusted Personal Brand – It’s Vital

~ DAGJITFP-TTTWHGYA ~ Doing A Good Job In The First Place – Then Telling The World How Good You Are

~ VC ~ Verified Credentials

~ CACM ~ Creating A Career Mosaic

~ TRC ~ The Regenerative Community

~ DMU ~ Deep Mutual Understanding

~ OFOI ~ Overlapping Fields Of Interest

~ TAR ~ Trust And Reciprocity

~ VS ~ Virtual Support

~ BABIC ~ Building A Big Ideas Crowd

~ PPEATCOTD ~ Putting Productive Experiences At The Centre Of The Deal

~ IWTGPETATBOMH ~ I Work To Gain Productive Experiences That Are The Basis Of My Happiness

~ IAF ~ Inventing A Future

~ CAFAWWCA ~ Crafting A Future Around What We Care About

~ CL&S ~ Consuming Less And Sharing


~ ACIOVAAIP-IIAISP ~ Although Creativity Is Often Viewed As An Individual Phenomenon – It Is An Inescapably Social Process

~ TROTCE ~ The Rise Of The Creative Economy

~ CMNF ~ Create Meaningful New Forms

~ CCV ~ Creative Class Values

~ CCV:I/M/D/O ~ Creative Class Values: Individuality / Meritocracy / Diversity / Openness

~ BNW ~ Brave New Workplace

~ T;T;T:ED ~ Technology; Talent; Tolerance: Economic Development


~ TITKTHAS-DTPWYCC ~ This Is The Key To Happiness And Success – Don’t Take Personally What You Cannot Control

~ RTIIYG-NP ~ Remember That Improvement Is Your Goal – Not Perfection

~ HODYLOPNCYM? ~ How Often Do You Let Other People’s Nonsense Change Your Mood?

~ TYL-MYJ-EYR ~ Teach Your Lessons – Make Your Judgements – Enforce Your Rules

~ YCIYH ~ You Can Influence Your Happiness

~ WYWSTBBIYL-YHTWAI ~ When You Want Something To Be Better In Your Life – You Have To Work At It

~ PSTTDNAWAR ~ People Say Things That Do Not Always Warrant A Response

~ YVMABC ~ Your Values Must Always Be Clear

~ GCIP ~ Great Change Is Possible

~ YTHAMIL-AOLIWTAI ~ You Too Have A Mission In Life – And One Life In Which To Achieve It