~ TITKTHAS-DTPWYCC ~ This Is The Key To Happiness And Success – Don’t Take Personally What You Cannot Control

~ RTIIYG-NP ~ Remember That Improvement Is Your Goal – Not Perfection

~ HODYLOPNCYM? ~ How Often Do You Let Other People’s Nonsense Change Your Mood?

~ TYL-MYJ-EYR ~ Teach Your Lessons – Make Your Judgements – Enforce Your Rules

~ YCIYH ~ You Can Influence Your Happiness

~ WYWSTBBIYL-YHTWAI ~ When You Want Something To Be Better In Your Life – You Have To Work At It

~ PSTTDNAWAR ~ People Say Things That Do Not Always Warrant A Response

~ YVMABC ~ Your Values Must Always Be Clear

~ GCIP ~ Great Change Is Possible

~ YTHAMIL-AOLIWTAI ~ You Too Have A Mission In Life – And One Life In Which To Achieve It

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