~ FCBTEB ~ From Consumer Boom To Ecological Bust

~ DN ~ Discard Nation

~ ATER ~ Adjusting To Ecological Reality

~ TW ~ Time Wealth

~ WLITGS ~ Working Less Is The Green Solution

~ TSS ~ The Share Solution

~ RTS ~ Recapitalizing The Social

~ WWYDIYMWNWA? ~ What Would You Do If Your Money Was Not Worth Anything?

~ BP ~ Beyond Physophilia


~ TBCM:GH ~ The Big Change Motivator: Get Hopeless

~ IAFR-HITWQYCH ~ In A False Reality – Hope Is The Worst Quality You Can Have!

~ ITAORORTTTMTIGTH-IIPTFSTONE ~ In The Absence Of Real, Objective Reasons To Think That More Time Is Going To Help – It Is Probably Time For Some Type Of Necessary Ending

~ WR-OTTFTIWTTW-DIHFBTTIGTBDFT? ~ What Reason – Other Than The Fact That I Want This To Work – Do I Have For Believing That Tomorrow Is Going To Be Different From Today?

~ TBPOTFITP ~ The Best Predictor Of The Future Is The Past

~ WITPICTICBI? ~ What In The Picture Is Changing That I Can Believe In?

~ RDNMAPWIUFAPPSFIAOAS ~ Recommitment Does Not Make A Person Who Is Unsuited For A Particular Position Suited For It All Of A Sudden

~ PBSWHAHOLYDIARMNCITOTF ~ Promises By Someone Who Has A History Of Letting You Down In A Relationship Mean Nothing Certain In Terms Of The Future

~ YCDWEITSW ~ You Cannot Deal With Everyone In The Same Way

~ WTPI-TWPSTLTIIAMA ~ When Truth Presents Itself – The Wise Person Sees The Light, Takes It In, And Makes Adjustments

~ YHTGIPM-NHM-WDWEP ~ You Have To Go Into Protection Mode – Not Helping Mode – When Dealing With Evil People

~ SYMSPFWTTAPYCAVNEAHNMTDWT ~ Sometimes You Must See People For Who They Truly Are, Protect Yourself, Create A Very Necessary Ending, And Have Nothing More To Do With Them

~ TFOTNATDOTP ~ The Fear Of The Negative And The Draw Of The Positive

~ YWNDTCBTT ~ You Were Not Designed To Cope But To Thrive

~ UAINCBFOCAFOA-BBAGLDTMAWN ~ Urgent Action Is Not Created By Feelings Of Contentment, Anxiety, Frustration, Or Anger – But By A Gut-Level Determination To Move, And Win, Now

~ UITNN ~ Urgent Is The New Normal

~ WOAIWTGUTHTOO? ~ Which One Am I Willing To Give Up To Have The Other One?

~ THMTNOIG-BIBAPLAW ~ The Hoarder Mentality Thrives Not Only In Garages – But In Business And People’s Lives, As Well

~ IYAGTOIL-TWWTB?-SAD ~ If You Are Going To Do It Later – Then When Will That Be? – Set A Date

~ WRRDYHFW?-WSIAYWOTIANTHBYCMTM?~ What Real Reason Do You Have For Waiting – What Specific Information Are You Waiting On That Is Absolutely Necessary To Have Before You Can Make The Move?


~ RSMPITUSLF ~ Relentless Surveillance Makes People In The United States Less Free

~ SOAINN ~ Spying On Americans Is Not New

~ GOITMSMUS ~ Government Officials Insist That Mass Surveillance Makes Us Safer

~ NCOTS ~ Normalizing Cultural Obedience Through Surveillance

~ MATH ~ Military Applications Turn Homeward

~ GD ~ Going Dark

~ CSIHWLCAL ~ Constant Surveillance Influences How We Live, Connect, And Learn

~ CIAI ~ Corporate Immunity And Impunity

~ WIGODBCIR-TPARI ~ When Improper Gathering Of Data By Corporations Is Revealed – The Penalties Are Relatively Insignificant

~ NOPS ~ Networks Of Political Surveillance

~ TUOWLI ~ The Uncertainty Of Who’s Listening In

~ AD-OI ~ Always Deceptive – Often Illegal

~ TOC ~ Titians Of Counterintelligence

~ NSSE ~ National Special Security Events

~ SOC ~ Spying On Children

~ LPCP ~ Laws Protecting Children’s Privacy

~ AITC ~ An Irritant To Corporations

~ SAMAEDPMPASR ~ Storing And Managing Aggregated Electronic Data Poses Many Privacy And Security Risks

~ IICTRBTLOAAITCHOC ~ It Is Crucial To Roll Back The Level Of Access And Influence That Corporations Have Over Children

~ AWRATCOD ~ All Who Resist Are The Custodians Of Democracy


~ JBIWDMIR ~ Just Because It Works Doesn’t Make It Right

~ PDBWYD-TBWYDI ~ People Don’t Buy WHAT You Do – They Buy WHY You Do It

~ CD&C ~ Clarity, Discipline And Consistency

~ EYSAEYDHTPWYB ~ Everything You Say And Everything You Do Has To Prove What You Believe

~ IYDKW-YCKH ~ If You Don’t Know WHY – You Can’t Know HOW

~ TINAC ~ Trust Is Not A Checklist

~ WMBW-SJH ~ When Motivated By WHY – Success Just Happens

~ IHATE ~ Innovation Happens At The Edges

~ GTPSTBI ~ Give The People Something To Believe In

~ TCTWTTSOATWB ~ To Change The World Takes The Support Of All Those Who Believe

~ CINAS-IAL ~ Communication Is Not About Speaking – It’s About Listening

~ VIAF-NAC-IIP ~ Value Is A Feeling – Not A Calculation – It Is Perception

~ FCOAS-SITGC ~ For Companies Of Any Size – Success Is The Greatest Challenge

~ AOSWW-BOTGOKTWCYAY ~ All Organizations Start With Why – But Only The Great Ones Keep Their Why Clear Year After Year


~ HDYMPPFWWWAS?-YGTCL ~ How Do You Make Poor People Feel Wealthy When Wages Are Stagnant? – You Give Them Cheap Loans

~ BTCADH-EOWS ~ Bad Things Can And Do Happen – Especially On Wall Street

~ WAYAMTBABYOFICAAFTRATM? ~ “Why Are You Asking Me To Bet Against Bonds Your Own Firm Is Creating, And Arranging For The Rating Agencies To Mis-Rate?”

~ TCYWTTM-THIWTPIF ~ The Closer You Were To The Market – The Harder It Was To Perceive Its Folly

~ TSMMHASTFOWNTBC ~ The Subprime Mortgage Market Had A Special Talent For Obscuring What Needed To Be Clarified

~ TMATBIOL ~ The Market Appeared To Believe Its Own Lie

~ TIA? ~ This Is Allowed?

~ WATRAOAT? ~ “Where Are The Ratings Agencies In All This?”

~ ALOTBFOWSDNUTOR-AWIP ~ A Lot Of The Biggest Firms On Wall Street Did Not Understand Their Own Risks – And Were In Peril

~ FTMPWTFTMFSOF ~ Far Too Many People Were Taking Far Too Many Financial Statements On Faith

~ L&W ~ Long And Wrong

~ ITMTETPWRBWSFTSPE-SSMOTLDOPBTWTDCBTIPE ~ It’s Too Much To Expect The People Who Run Big Wall Street Firms To Speak Plain English – Since So Much Of Their Livelihood Depends On People Believing That What They Do Cannot Be Translated Into Plain English

~ TBWSFSSSASIHSBTDM-TPWRTDNUTOBATROKELN ~ The Big Wall Street Firms, Seemingly So Shrewd And Self-Interested, Had Somehow Become The Dumb Money – The People Who Ran Them Did Not Understand Their Own Businesses, And Their Regulators Obviously Knew Even Less

~ TWTPWM:WPDWIHCBTWSRFTOATTMNCTOWTO ~ That Was The Problem With Money: What People Did With It Had Consequences, But They Were So Remote From The Original Action That The Mind Never Connected The One With The Other

~ TPWTLBHBATF-TPWTLBHBATS ~ The Problem Wasn’t That Lehman Brothers Had Been Allowed To Fail – The Problem Was That Lehman Brothers Had Been Allowed To Succeed

~ ILFUYGIDS ~ It’s Laissez-Faire Until You Get In Deep Shit


~ HHSRTBGSPIGA ~ History Has Shown Repeatedly That Broad Government Surveillance Powers Inevitably Get Abused ~ Neil Richards

~ NWITOAMOWTDW ~ Not Working Is The Oldest And Most Ostentatious Way To Display Wealth ~ Joseph Heath ~ The Efficient Society

~ AGSDC ~ Artistic Genius Still Defies Codification ~ Arno Penzias ~ Ideas And Information

~ BIIALPOAEVE ~ Being Interested Is A Large Part Of An Editor’s Vocational Equipment ~ Samuel McClure

~ TINLBAOU ~ There Is None Left But All Of Us ~ Samuel McClure

~ TSOOEWMAATTOOATTCAOW ~ The Saturation Of Our Environment With Media And Advertising Threatens To Overwhelm Our Ability To Think Critically About Our World ~ Joseph Heath ~ The Efficient Society

~ WGM-GD ~ What Gets Measured – Gets Done ~ Jack Daly

~ IIHBFMBB-IHBIJSTFCB ~ If It Hadn’t Been For My Big Brother – I’d Have Been In Jail Several Times For Checks Bouncing ~ Walt Disney

~ WASMWBAHSFTAO ~ We Are Social Mammals Whose Brains Are Highly Specialized For Thinking About Others ~ Daniel Gilbert

~ ISINLWFY-TR ~ If Scanning Is No Longer Working For You – Try Reading ~ A ~ Guide For The Nuwuruduplexed


~ SZTE ~ Set Zero-Tolerance Expectations

~ LITM ~ Look In The Mirror

~ WOTBIEYO ~ Weed Out Trouble Before It Enters Your Organization

~ TC ~ Teach Civility

~ TEAMHTR~ Train Employees And Managers How To Recognize And Respond To Signals

~ PYETTGALC ~ Put Your Ear To The Ground And Listen Carefully

~ WIO-HI ~ When Incivility Occurs – Hammer It

~ TCS ~ Take Complaints Seriously

~ DMEFPI ~ Don’t Make Excuses For Powerful Instigators

~ IIPDI ~ Invest In Post-Departure Interviews