~ IRCAD ~ It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

~ TEBGTW ~ The Early Bird Gets The Worm

~ DTAWN ~ Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels

~ ASITSN ~ A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

~ QAAW ~ Quick As A Wink

~ DLAGHITM ~ Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

~ TISTF ~ Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

~ SIB ~ Seeing Is Believing


~ TNFMATWOAMOFWA-‘MOS’-IM ~ The New Frugality Means Accepting The Wisdom Of Always Managing Our Finances With A – “Margin Of Safety” – In Mind

~ TADOTIP ~ The American Dream On The Installment Plan

~ TMOD ~ The Merchants Of Debt

~ TMODPTCOCBHTTC ~ The Merchants Of Debt Promote The Convenience Of Credit But Hide The True Costs

~ YCGROU ~ You Can’t Get Rid Of Uncertainty

~ RM ~ Risk Matters

~ MCFPACEMTMBTFSIHTOTBBFYFH ~ Most Complex Financial Products And Cutting-Edge Money Tactics Manufactured By The Financial Services Industry Have Turned Out To Be Bad For Your Financial Health

~ IIY ~ Invest In Yourself

~ BRAW ~ Borrow Rarely And Wisely

~ GB ~ Give Back

~ TB ~ Think Big

~ AYS ~ Automate Your Savings

~ FD&WD ~ Foolish Debt And Wise Debt

~ LTDTB ~ Leaving The Debt Trap Behind

~ DPAYEIOB ~ Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

~ IITC ~ Invest In The Community


~ TOFPDT-ATWCIPFI! ~ Thirty Or Forty People Did This – And The Whole Country Is Paying For It!

~ TFIHNAESFT ~ The Financial Industry Has Not Always Enjoyed Such Favored Treatment

~ WTFOTBW-CBAVPTRFATD ~ With The Fall Of The Berlin Wall – Capitalism Began A Victory Party That Ran For Almost Two Decades

~ CINIF-IIROTBOWTAATTTHSBG ~ Capitalism Is Not Inherently Fair – Instead It Runs On The Bases Of Winner Take All And To Them That Hath Shall Be Given

~ WTBGW-EGW ~ When The Banks Go Wrong – Everything Goes Wrong

~ TWJLFT-IWSTA-‘STD’-C-FBAFI-FBNEAPCJTMAS ~ This Wasn’t Just Looking For Trouble – It Was Sending Trouble A – “Save The Date” – Card – Followed By A Formal Invitation – Followed By Nagging E-Mails And Phone Calls Just To Make Absolutely Sure

~ ACBID-CITATFMBAWTAIP-TNPTH ~ A Credit Bubble Is Different – Credit Is The Air That Financial Markets Breath – And – When The Air Is Poisoned – There’s No Place To Hide

~ WRAIDKCHT ~ What Regulators And Investors Didn’t Know Couldn’t Hurt Them

~ AWNEIBHD ~ A Whole New Era In Banking Had Dawned

~ KFSTB ~ Knighted For Services To Banking

~ HPIT? ~ How Postmodern is that?

~ WWASPLMTSW-N-I-J-O-A?-B-TWSTLTSE-STDC ~ Why Would Any Sane Person Lend Money To Someone With – No – Income – Job – Or – Assets? – Because – They Were Selling The Loan To Somebody Else – So They Didn’t Care

~ HDYDCIA?-BFWFLTMM ~ How Do You Drive Change In America? – By Finding Ways For Lawyers To Make Money

~ TFTNSTGAORASERHNEOE ~ The Fact That Noneconomists See The General Assumption Of Rationality As Self-Evidently Ridiculous Has No Effect On Economists

~ IOEDR-EPEDIDATCOATWNOIP ~ Instead Of Equations Describing Reality – Economics Produces Equations Describing Ideal Conditions And Theoretical Clarity Of A Type Which Never Occurs In Practice

~ SWPNTOITHBEWTW-ATSN ~ Sometimes What Politicians Need To Do Is To Hear Bankers Explain What They Want – And Then Say No

~ TEMCTBATEAOML-ETAIWISDB ~ The Economic Metaphor Came To Be Applied To Every Aspect Of Modern Life – Especially The Areas In Which It Simply Didn’t Belong

~ TFCTHSBAVAP-TYHTCAC ~ The First Conversation To Happen Should Be About Values And Principles – Then You Have The Conversation About Costs

~ WATGTB-AIGTBOHOAB ~ We’re About To Get The Bill – And It’s Going To Be One Hell Of A Bill

~ MTFIBISWSTROS-RTPOI ~ Make The Finance Industry Back Into Something Which Serves The Rest Of Society – Rather Than Preying On It

~ IAWROOR-TMI-E-P-A-E-I-CBSUIOSW-E ~ In A World Running Out Of Resources – The Most Important – Ethical – Political – And – Ecological – Idea – Can Be Summed Up In One Simple Word – Enough


~ ETS-TPOD ~ Embrace The Swarm – The Power Of Decentralization

~ IR-SRS ~ Increasing Returns – Self-Reinforcing Success

~ PNS-VFFA ~ Plentitude Not Scarcity – Value Flows From Abundance

~ FTF-WTNRG ~ Follow The Free – Why The Net Rewards Generosity

~ FTWF-MPATNP ~ Feed The Web First – Members Prosper As The Net Prospers

~ LGATT-AS-D ~ Let Go At The Top – After Success – Devolution

~ FPTS-MADKOB ~ From Places To Spaces – Making A Different Kind Of Big

~ NH-AF-SSD ~ No Harmony – All Flux – Seeking Sustainable Disequilibrium

~ RT-SWT-EWT ~ Relationship Tech – Start With Technology – End With Trust

~ OBE-DSP-SO ~ Opportunities Before Efficiencies – Don’t Solve Problems – Seek Opportunities


~ G-FIT-III ~ Global – Favors Intangible Things – Is Intensely Interlinked

~ CITE ~ Communication Is The Economy

~ WACETE ~ We Are Connecting Everything To Everything

~ DP-PCIA-YSR ~ Dumb Parts – Properly Connected Into A Swarm – Yield Smart Results

~ CSTTBINWETSIA ~ Complete Surrender To The Bottom Is Not What Embracing The Swarm Is About

~ IINA-AI ~ If It Is Not Animated – Animate It

~ IINC-CI ~ If It Is Not Connected – Connect It

~ DK ~ Distribute Knowledge

~ COMBD ~ Count On More Being Different

~ CFRE ~ Check For Externalities

~ CSW ~ Coordinate Smaller Webs

~ CFL ~ Create Feedback Loops

~ TMIATI-TMOISFBUAM ~ The More Interconnected A Technology Is – The More Opportunities It Spawns For Both Use And Misuse

~ ANIAPF-TAMNAYC ~ A Network Is A Possibility Factory – Touch As Many Nets As You Can

~ MTOOO ~ Maximize The Opportunities Of Others

~ APS ~ Avoid Proprietary Systems

~ DSRIS ~ Don’t Seek Refuge In Scarcity

~ IIASFTTAC ~ Invent Items And Services Faster Than They Are Commoditized

~ TOFBSIAWOAIHA ~ The Only Factor Becoming Scarce In A World Of Abundance Is Human Attention

~ TRUYNTPTS ~ To Reach Ubiquity You Need To Pass Through Sharing

~ WCYGA? ~ What Can You Give Away?

~ IITFC ~ Invest In The First Copy

~ TOTM-CFJ ~ Turn Off The Meter – Charge For Joining

~ TAMITM ~ The Ancillary Market Is The Market

~ TFTTNERIOI ~ The First Thing The Network Economy Reforms Is Our Identity

~ AMOTEMTI-MOTEWRS ~ As More Of The Economy Migrates To Intangibles – More Of The Economy Will Require Standards

~ ETSWBAIAL ~ Eventually Technical Standards Will Become As Important As Laws

~ TCBNEIIUTIAEIDTE ~ There Can Be No Expertise In Innovation Unless There Is Also Expertise In Demolishing The Ensconced

~ DMACVFASD ~ Don’t Mistake A Clear View For A Short Distance

~ WIICOD? ~ Who Is In Charge Of Devolution?

~ QS ~ Question Success

~ SAAWOL ~ Searching As A Way Of Life

~ ENGIF ~ Everywhere Networks Go Intermediaries Follow

~ BTBWHADKOB ~ But The Big Will Have A Different Kind Of Bigness

~ CPC ~ Community Proceeds Commerce

~ FMMTMM ~ From Mass Media To Mess Media

~ TOSANHIO ~ The Only Side A Network Has Is Outside

~ PFFC ~ Prepare For Flash Crowds

~ ITSSIHAE-IWESAD ~ If The System Settles Into Harmony And Equilibrium – It Will Eventually Stagnate And Die

~ CCIVW ~ Change Comes In Various Wavelengths

~ TACITG-CITROTG-A-CIHTRAC ~ There Are Changes In The Game – Changes In The Rules Of The Game – And – Changes In How The Rules Are Changed

~ STTEOC ~ Skate To The Edge Of Chaos

~ EFIOOI ~ Exploit Flux Instead Of Outlawing It

~ YCIC ~ You Can’t Install Complexity

~ PTC-ALTRF ~ Preserve The Core – And Let The Rest Flux

~ TCEIOTNEITAR ~ The Central Economic Imperative Of The Network Economy Is To Amplify Relationships

~ AIOTE-RTWBIIITAG-TWBTTF ~ As In Other Technological Evolutions – Relationship Tech Will Begin Its Innovation In The Avant Garde – Then Work Back To The Familiar

~ PIATOC ~ Privacy Is A Type Of Conversation

~ OOTCCITNEITRTSOK ~ One Of The Chief Chores In The Network Economy Is To Restore The Symmetry Of Knowledge

~ MCASAYA ~ Make Customers As Smart As You Are

~ CCTC ~ Connect Customers To Customers

~ EOSLALTNO ~ Every Opportunity Seized Launches At Least Two New Opportunities


~ BHIADW ~ Being Human In A Digital World

~ ITMPI-IMB ~ If The Machine Proposes It – It Must Be

~ ATOD-SIEFGAT ~ All That Open Data – Shared In Exchange For Games And Trinkets – Heedless Of The Possible Risk

~ TIISHATEOTM-IF-ATM-IMLTAOTTAAGS-IJTTOMHIMCBCOOTL ~ The Internet Is Sometimes Heralded As The End Of The Middleman – In Fact – At The Moment – It’s More Like The Ascension Of The Middleman To An Almost Godlike Status – It’s Just That The Old Middlemen Have In Many Cases Been Cut Out Of The Loop

~ IO ~ Information Overload

~ BTDAB ~ Before The Digital Avalanche Began

~ GROPBDNAA ~ Getting Richer On Paper By Doing Nothing At All

~ TFEBCITLPOTUCWCTBTAITTDOTDWRTTRO ~ The Fear Expressed By Critics Is That Long Periods Of Time Using Computers Will Cause The Brain To Adapt Itself To The Demands Of The Digital World Rather Than The Real One

~ PIAPFTUUOSACP ~ Privacy Is A Protection From The Unreasonable Use Of State And Corporate Power

~ DRM ~ Digital Rights Management

~ WAFAC ~ We Are Fundamentally Analogue Creatures

~ I-B-SDTMSHAEACIAEWPDFTNTPFC ~ Interesting – But – Still Doesn’t Tell Me Specifically How Anyone Earns A Crust In An Environment Where People Don’t Feel They Need To Pay For Content

~ WPWYPOYPDIIJFOAYTSITM? ~ What Price Would You Put On Your Personal Data If I Just Flat Out Asked You To Sell It To Me?

~ WYAC-IITIOTWSYTSY-MYMP-A-TAMATFM ~ When You’re A Commodity – It’s In The Interest Of Those Who Sell You To Streamline You – Make You More Predictable – And – Thus A More Appealing Target For Marketing

~ TSRISOADFTOYS ~ The Search Results I See Online Are Different From The Ones You See

~ AFLTSCEWWTB ~ A Feedback Loop That Simply Confirms Everything We Want To Believe

~ YCIATYFPWIACY ~ You Can Include Among Those You Follow People Who Infuriate And Challenge You

~ TPOE-WATTDCM-WEBAMAPOTRATMCC ~ The Poor Of Egypt – Without Access To The Digital Communications Media – Were Every Bit As Much A Part Of The Revolution As Their Middle-Class Compatriots

~ AFOFEHEWNILGLWTAWRTS-ESO-SNTDATWTC ~ A Form Of Fairydust Economics Has Emerged Where Numbers In Ledgers Get Larger While The Actual World Remains The Same – Every So Often – Someone Notices The Discrepancy And The Whole Thing Collapses

~ OIAGEOAWTP ~ Obscurity Is A Greater Enemy Of A Writer Than Piracy

~ TWPTHIBDNRHIDUAU ~ That Which Pretends To Human Identity But Does Not Respond Humanly Is Deeply Unsettling And Unwelcome

~ TQINWTTIW-B-WTII-A-POTWTMSIOITKTIIJAAOLRTARFE ~ The Question Is Not Whether The Tool Is Wicked – But – Whose Tool It Is – And – Part Of The Way To Make Sure It’s Ours Is To Know That It Is Just Another Aspect Of Life Rather Than A Replacement For Everything

~ RITDAOTATCTBWH-IIAPTE-AT-TC ~ Reading Is The Definitive Activity Of The Age That Created The Brain We Have – It Is A Path To Empathy – And Therefore – To Connection

~ TWCCTWAHAE ~ Together We Can Create Tools Which Actually Have An Effect

~ LTYAOOM-A-UTTINASOI-BTR ~ Learn That You Are One Of Many – And – Understand That That Is Not A Statement Of Insignificance – But The Reverse

~ ETS-TPOD ~ Embrace The Swarm

~ IR-SRS ~ Increasing Returns – Self-Reinforcing Success

~ PNS-VFFA ~ Plentitude Not Scarcity – Value Flows From Abundance

~ FTWF-MPATNP ~ Feed The Web First – Member Prosper As The Net Prospers

~ LGATT-AS-D ~ Let Go At The Top – After Success – Devolution

~ FPTS-MADKOB ~ From Places To Spaces – Making A Different Kind Of Big

~ NH-AF-SSD ~ No Harmony – All Flux – Seeking Sustainable Disequilibrium

~ RT-SWT-EWT ~ Relationship Tech – Start With Technology – End With Trust

~ OBE-DSP-SO ~ Opportunities Before Efficiencies – Don’t Solve Problems – Seek Opportunities