~ TOFPDT-ATWCIPFI! ~ Thirty Or Forty People Did This – And The Whole Country Is Paying For It!

~ TFIHNAESFT ~ The Financial Industry Has Not Always Enjoyed Such Favored Treatment

~ WTFOTBW-CBAVPTRFATD ~ With The Fall Of The Berlin Wall – Capitalism Began A Victory Party That Ran For Almost Two Decades

~ CINIF-IIROTBOWTAATTTHSBG ~ Capitalism Is Not Inherently Fair – Instead It Runs On The Bases Of Winner Take All And To Them That Hath Shall Be Given

~ WTBGW-EGW ~ When The Banks Go Wrong – Everything Goes Wrong

~ TWJLFT-IWSTA-‘STD’-C-FBAFI-FBNEAPCJTMAS ~ This Wasn’t Just Looking For Trouble – It Was Sending Trouble A – “Save The Date” – Card – Followed By A Formal Invitation – Followed By Nagging E-Mails And Phone Calls Just To Make Absolutely Sure

~ ACBID-CITATFMBAWTAIP-TNPTH ~ A Credit Bubble Is Different – Credit Is The Air That Financial Markets Breath – And – When The Air Is Poisoned – There’s No Place To Hide

~ WRAIDKCHT ~ What Regulators And Investors Didn’t Know Couldn’t Hurt Them

~ AWNEIBHD ~ A Whole New Era In Banking Had Dawned

~ KFSTB ~ Knighted For Services To Banking

~ HPIT? ~ How Postmodern is that?

~ WWASPLMTSW-N-I-J-O-A?-B-TWSTLTSE-STDC ~ Why Would Any Sane Person Lend Money To Someone With – No – Income – Job – Or – Assets? – Because – They Were Selling The Loan To Somebody Else – So They Didn’t Care

~ HDYDCIA?-BFWFLTMM ~ How Do You Drive Change In America? – By Finding Ways For Lawyers To Make Money

~ TFTNSTGAORASERHNEOE ~ The Fact That Noneconomists See The General Assumption Of Rationality As Self-Evidently Ridiculous Has No Effect On Economists

~ IOEDR-EPEDIDATCOATWNOIP ~ Instead Of Equations Describing Reality – Economics Produces Equations Describing Ideal Conditions And Theoretical Clarity Of A Type Which Never Occurs In Practice

~ SWPNTOITHBEWTW-ATSN ~ Sometimes What Politicians Need To Do Is To Hear Bankers Explain What They Want – And Then Say No

~ TEMCTBATEAOML-ETAIWISDB ~ The Economic Metaphor Came To Be Applied To Every Aspect Of Modern Life – Especially The Areas In Which It Simply Didn’t Belong

~ TFCTHSBAVAP-TYHTCAC ~ The First Conversation To Happen Should Be About Values And Principles – Then You Have The Conversation About Costs

~ WATGTB-AIGTBOHOAB ~ We’re About To Get The Bill – And It’s Going To Be One Hell Of A Bill

~ MTFIBISWSTROS-RTPOI ~ Make The Finance Industry Back Into Something Which Serves The Rest Of Society – Rather Than Preying On It

~ IAWROOR-TMI-E-P-A-E-I-CBSUIOSW-E ~ In A World Running Out Of Resources – The Most Important – Ethical – Political – And – Ecological – Idea – Can Be Summed Up In One Simple Word – Enough

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