~ G-FIT-III ~ Global – Favors Intangible Things – Is Intensely Interlinked

~ CITE ~ Communication Is The Economy

~ WACETE ~ We Are Connecting Everything To Everything

~ DP-PCIA-YSR ~ Dumb Parts – Properly Connected Into A Swarm – Yield Smart Results

~ CSTTBINWETSIA ~ Complete Surrender To The Bottom Is Not What Embracing The Swarm Is About

~ IINA-AI ~ If It Is Not Animated – Animate It

~ IINC-CI ~ If It Is Not Connected – Connect It

~ DK ~ Distribute Knowledge

~ COMBD ~ Count On More Being Different

~ CFRE ~ Check For Externalities

~ CSW ~ Coordinate Smaller Webs

~ CFL ~ Create Feedback Loops

~ TMIATI-TMOISFBUAM ~ The More Interconnected A Technology Is – The More Opportunities It Spawns For Both Use And Misuse

~ ANIAPF-TAMNAYC ~ A Network Is A Possibility Factory – Touch As Many Nets As You Can

~ MTOOO ~ Maximize The Opportunities Of Others

~ APS ~ Avoid Proprietary Systems

~ DSRIS ~ Don’t Seek Refuge In Scarcity

~ IIASFTTAC ~ Invent Items And Services Faster Than They Are Commoditized

~ TOFBSIAWOAIHA ~ The Only Factor Becoming Scarce In A World Of Abundance Is Human Attention

~ TRUYNTPTS ~ To Reach Ubiquity You Need To Pass Through Sharing

~ WCYGA? ~ What Can You Give Away?

~ IITFC ~ Invest In The First Copy

~ TOTM-CFJ ~ Turn Off The Meter – Charge For Joining

~ TAMITM ~ The Ancillary Market Is The Market

~ TFTTNERIOI ~ The First Thing The Network Economy Reforms Is Our Identity

~ AMOTEMTI-MOTEWRS ~ As More Of The Economy Migrates To Intangibles – More Of The Economy Will Require Standards

~ ETSWBAIAL ~ Eventually Technical Standards Will Become As Important As Laws

~ TCBNEIIUTIAEIDTE ~ There Can Be No Expertise In Innovation Unless There Is Also Expertise In Demolishing The Ensconced

~ DMACVFASD ~ Don’t Mistake A Clear View For A Short Distance

~ WIICOD? ~ Who Is In Charge Of Devolution?

~ QS ~ Question Success

~ SAAWOL ~ Searching As A Way Of Life

~ ENGIF ~ Everywhere Networks Go Intermediaries Follow

~ BTBWHADKOB ~ But The Big Will Have A Different Kind Of Bigness

~ CPC ~ Community Proceeds Commerce

~ FMMTMM ~ From Mass Media To Mess Media

~ TOSANHIO ~ The Only Side A Network Has Is Outside

~ PFFC ~ Prepare For Flash Crowds

~ ITSSIHAE-IWESAD ~ If The System Settles Into Harmony And Equilibrium – It Will Eventually Stagnate And Die

~ CCIVW ~ Change Comes In Various Wavelengths

~ TACITG-CITROTG-A-CIHTRAC ~ There Are Changes In The Game – Changes In The Rules Of The Game – And – Changes In How The Rules Are Changed

~ STTEOC ~ Skate To The Edge Of Chaos

~ EFIOOI ~ Exploit Flux Instead Of Outlawing It

~ YCIC ~ You Can’t Install Complexity

~ PTC-ALTRF ~ Preserve The Core – And Let The Rest Flux

~ TCEIOTNEITAR ~ The Central Economic Imperative Of The Network Economy Is To Amplify Relationships

~ AIOTE-RTWBIIITAG-TWBTTF ~ As In Other Technological Evolutions – Relationship Tech Will Begin Its Innovation In The Avant Garde – Then Work Back To The Familiar

~ PIATOC ~ Privacy Is A Type Of Conversation

~ OOTCCITNEITRTSOK ~ One Of The Chief Chores In The Network Economy Is To Restore The Symmetry Of Knowledge

~ MCASAYA ~ Make Customers As Smart As You Are

~ CCTC ~ Connect Customers To Customers

~ EOSLALTNO ~ Every Opportunity Seized Launches At Least Two New Opportunities

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