~ SZTE ~ Set Zero-Tolerance Expectations

~ LITM ~ Look In The Mirror

~ WOTBIEYO ~ Weed Out Trouble Before It Enters Your Organization

~ TC ~ Teach Civility

~ TEAMHTR~ Train Employees And Managers How To Recognize And Respond To Signals

~ PYETTGALC ~ Put Your Ear To The Ground And Listen Carefully

~ WIO-HI ~ When Incivility Occurs – Hammer It

~ TCS ~ Take Complaints Seriously

~ DMEFPI ~ Don’t Make Excuses For Powerful Instigators

~ IIPDI ~ Invest In Post-Departure Interviews


~ TACFBB ~ There Are Costs For Bad Behavior

~ WIGUIHATTSFFAW ~ When Incivility Goes Unnoticed, It Has A Tendency To Spread Fast, Far, And Wide

~ MTEOIACOBB ~ Managing The Effects Of Incivility Also Costs Organizations Big Bucks

~ EWEATEMEPC ~ Employees Who Endure A Toxic Environment May Experience Personality Changes

~ SPASDTEITTPTIFFTGAFTUE ~ Some People Are So Desperate To Escape Incivility That They Put Themselves Into Free Fall To Get Away From The Uncivil Environment

~ SOLRPSTOS ~ Sooner Or Later Rude People Sabotage Their Own Success

~ BBEYOA-DATYHAAROYC ~ Began By Evaluating Your Own Actions – Don’t Assume That You Have An Accurate Reading Of Your Civility

~ CIABN-IAWWMR ~ Civility Isn’t About “Being Nice” – It’s About Working With Mutual Respect

~ RYT-EIYCCTOBYCCYA ~ Reframe Your Thinking – Even If You Can’t Change The Offender’s Behavior, You Can Change Your Attitude

~ PWCHALH ~ Preoccupation With Civility Has A Long History


~ TFGHBOCB ~ The Federal Government Had Bailed Out Canada’s Banks

~ OBCIBRATATGTSAHTTTHECOOPEATBDCITG ~ Our Business Class Is Barely Regulate And Therefore Able To Game The System And Help Themselves To The Hard-Earned Cash Of Ordinary People, Even As They’re Busy Driving Companies Into The Ground

~ TMOCCMABBOCTLMIAC ~ The Manipulation Of Canada’s Capital Markets And Banks By Organized Crime To Launder Money Is Actually Commonplace

~ LOCATAOTSBIIE ~ Lack Of Concern About The Activities Of The Shadow Banking Industry Is Epidemic

~ TROAUAUSBICWAIUTBSRHTGTSMAMROBPS ~ The Rise Of An Unregulated And Unstable Shadow Banking Industry, Combined With An Increasingly Unstable Traditional Banking Sector, Reveals How The Global Financial System More And More Resembles One Big Ponzi Scheme

~ ATTITL ~ And Then There Is The Lawyers

~ SRB ~ Self-Regulatory Bodies

~ THONQEEHLTVCBAGTCFF ~ The Habit Of Not Questioning Economic Elites Has Led To Canada Becoming A Go-To Country For Fraud

~ CFIIABATTGESEAOLLAAMTOIBAWREBFAMTDEISF ~ Canada’s Financial Industry Is A Behemoth, A Titan That Generally Escapes Scrutiny, Employs Armies Of Lobbyists, Lawyers, And Advertising Mercenaries To Do Its Bidding, And, With Rare Exception, Benefits From A Media That Doesn’t Examine Its Structural Failings

~ GHDETCEIATDNTPTOFANIJ-DETRTRTCE ~ Given How Deeply Entrenched The Canadian Establishment Is And Their Desire Not To Put Their Own Friends And Neighbours In Jail – Don’t Expect The Road To Reform To Come Easily

~ TIFCTSU ~ The Investment Frauds Continue To Show Up


~ GWIRAMM-IWHASIOHATETTEOTC ~ Global Warming Is Real And Man-Made – It Will Have A Serious Impact On Humans And The Environment Toward The End Of This Century

~ WNSSAMESFGWRTEIWIE ~ We Need Simpler, Smarter, And More Efficient Solutions For Global Warming Rather Than Excessive If Well-Intentioned Efforts

~ LAVECO2CMNWHOARSAIIFITF ~ Large And Very Expensive CO2 Cuts Made Now Will Have Only A Rather Small And Insignificant Impact Far Into The Future

~ ATBWTHTBCCO2? ~ Are There Better Ways To Help Than By Cutting CO2?

~ IWLITBCTBIABTBFFTP ~ I Would Like It To Be Cool To Be Impassioned About Doing The Best First For The Planet

~ WDJDSTMUFG-WDSTADG ~ We Didn’t Just Do Something That Made Us Feel Good – We Did Something That Actually Did Good


~ TSOUMP ~ The Strain Of Unbridled Manic Pursuit

~ FNW ~ Fast New World

~ IIAATFC ~ It Is Again A Time For Choosing

~ HAEWHBIAPTIPP ~ How At Ease We Have Become In Airing Private Thoughts In Public Places

~ TSF“TD”DALWDSCLUEAAHTFFE ~ The Scramble For “the Dream” Demands A Lengthened Workday, Diminished Sleep, Continuous Learning, Unusual Energy, And A High Tolerance For Financial Insecurity

~ BDOCIAAI ~ Buying Dreams On Credit Is An American Invention

~ BOT ~ Buying On Time

~ TGWTCTPITTLOTRATPOCLWNNFAC ~ The Goal Was To Create The Public Illusion That The Lifestyle Of The Rich, And Those Products Once Considered Luxuries, Were Now Necessities For All Citizens

~ TPFADACPAI ~ The Physical Frontiers Are Diminishing And Commercial Pressures Are Increasing

~ BCABPND ~ Big Commerce And Big Paychecks Now Dominate

~ WIEE? ~ When Is Enough, Enough?

~ WDEBE?~ When Does Enough Become Excess?

~ TECTWANEITN ~ The Electronic Connectedness That We Are Now Experiencing Is Truly Novel

~ BSRTHBRCIWCIOTO ~ Before Shareholders Realized They Had Been Robbed – Corporate Insiders Were Cashing In On Their Options

~ FIETIG ~ From Irrational Exuberance To Infectious Greed

~ WTHWIMSTID-MINE ~ When The Human Will Is Made Subservient To Instinctual Desire – More Is Never Enough

~ AHNABF ~ Americans Have Not Always Been Fat

~ HACBEIAIF ~ Humans Are Confused By Excess In All Its Forms

~ TINOMPC ~ Time Is Now Our Most Precious Commodity

~ WHEANAOM ~ We Have Entered An New Age Of Mercantilism

~ CAASOM ~ Commerce As A State Of Mind


~ AFDI ~ Abbreviations For Discretionary Income ~ Catherine Prendergast ~ Buying Into English

~ YMACNOTA ~ You May Always Choose None Of The Above ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Program Or Be Programmed

~ EILD ~ Experiments In Lifestyle Design

~ TGDOMGITHBCATLBATAOM ~ The Greatest Discovery Of My Generation Is That Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives By Altering Their Attitudes Of Mind ~ William James

~ NIAWOTIYUTEW ~ Nothing Is A Waste Of Time If You Use The Experience Wisely ~ Auguste Rodin

~ CILAGPWTWTGTTTWTCGHTS ~ Choice Is Less About Giving People What They Want Then Getting Them To Take What The Choice-Giver Has To Sell ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Program Or Be Programmed

~ DOF ~ Defenders Of Freedom ~ Edward Murrow

~ TFH ~ Television’s Finest Hour

~ ERAADWAA ~ Energy Rightly Applied And Directed Will Accomplish Anything ~ Nelly Bly

~ IRETWAMOAWDIBOWTWHGBHD-IRVDOMTMIHALCALSFTWCA ~ I Realized Early That What A Man Or A Woman Does Is Built On What Those Who Have Gone Before Have Done – Its Real Value Depends On Making The Matter In Hand A Little Clearer, A Little Sounder For Those Who Come After ~ Ida Tarbell ~ All In The Day’s Work

~ WMNCDWD ~ We Must Not Confuse Dissent With Disloyalty ~ Edward Murrow

~ IAATPH-ABAIHIITS ~ I Aimed At The Public’s Heart – And By Accident I Hit It In The Stomach ~ Upton Sinclair

~ GOTP-BTR-FTR ~ Government Of The People – By The Rascals – For The Rich

~ OV ~ Organized Vices ~ Blackhole Swan ~ GDP!/WTF

~ DDI-I-TWRTM ~ Don’t Do It – Ida – They Will Ruin The Magazine ~ Franklin Tarbell

~ NAW-NAWATMW ~ Not A Word – Not A Word About That Misguided Woman ~ John Rockefeller

~ TFSHBFMIIPPWNWTGID ~ The Financial Sector Has Been Far More Interested In Providing People With New Ways To Get Into Debt ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ TWMMAIHTLOBMWTWLDN ~ Those With More Money And Influence Have The Luxury Of Being Misunderstood While Those With Less Do Not ~ Catherine Prendergast ~ Buying Into English

~ NCF ~ New Carbon Frontiers

~ WNPTSUTWBTTO ~ We Need Philosophy To Show Us The Way Back To The Ordinary ~ Aristotle

~ BOTIH ~ Backside Of The Invisible Hand ~ Russell Hardin

~ NAOTI ~ Not Available On The Internet

~ TMWLTCTTAC-TMPAMWBO ~ The More We Learn To Conform To The Available Choices – The More Predictable And Machinelike We Become Ourselves ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Program Or Be Programmed

~ TCORIE ~ The Celebration Of Remorselessness Is Everywhere ~ Patricia Pearson

~ BABB ~ Bigger And Better Bubbles ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ IYWTCSYHTCTIFOS ~ If You Want To Change Society You Have To Change The Ideological Fabric Of Society ~ Michael Walker

~ CIL ~ Code Is Law ~Lawrence Lessig

~ RISFS-NFM ~ Reality Is Spun From Stories – Not From Material ~ Zdenek Neubauer

~ TINA-HAAA-TINCOIOK ~ There Is No Idea – However Ancient And Absurd – That Is Not Capable Of Improving Our Knowledge ~ Paul Feyerabend

~ TTHOTMINPILV-BITLMOOE ~ The True History Of The Mind Is Not Preserved In Learned Volumes – But In The Living Mental Organism Of Everyone ~ Carl Jung ~ Psychology And Reason

~ G-WDYW? ~ Gilgamesh – Wherefore Do You Wander? – Epic Of Gilgamesh

~ ITLCOI-TWEHAAIOSTCJBID ~ In The Life Cycle Of Ideas – The Point Where Everyone Has Accepted An Idea Often Seems To Come Just Before Its Death ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ ATESTCCTPDTBTRATEOTPHDPT ~ All The Evidence Supports The Commonsense Conclusion That Policies Designed To Benefit The Rich At The Expense Of The Poor Have Done Precisely That ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ SCOA ~ Systemic Cycles Of Accumulation ~ Giovannie Arrighi ~ Adam Smith In Beijing

~ FEPS ~ Full Employment Profit Squeeze ~ Robert Brenner ~ Economics Of Global Turbulence

~ HIAEAPOTEOML ~ Homelessness Is Almost Entirely A Phenomenon Of The Era Of Market Liberalism ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ EFTTFC ~ Economics For The Twenty-First Century ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ GOD – Grow Or Die

~ RCNLBIOWOOETFMCT ~ Risk Can No Longer Be Ignored Or Wished Out Of Existence Through Financial Market Conjuring Tricks ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ TGWD ~ The Great Winding Down ~ Niki Lightning ~ Take It Easy

~ YOYOW ~ You Own Your Own Words ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Program Or Be Programmed