~ AFDI ~ Abbreviations For Discretionary Income ~ Catherine Prendergast ~ Buying Into English

~ YMACNOTA ~ You May Always Choose None Of The Above ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Program Or Be Programmed

~ EILD ~ Experiments In Lifestyle Design

~ TGDOMGITHBCATLBATAOM ~ The Greatest Discovery Of My Generation Is That Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives By Altering Their Attitudes Of Mind ~ William James

~ NIAWOTIYUTEW ~ Nothing Is A Waste Of Time If You Use The Experience Wisely ~ Auguste Rodin

~ CILAGPWTWTGTTTWTCGHTS ~ Choice Is Less About Giving People What They Want Then Getting Them To Take What The Choice-Giver Has To Sell ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Program Or Be Programmed

~ DOF ~ Defenders Of Freedom ~ Edward Murrow

~ TFH ~ Television’s Finest Hour

~ ERAADWAA ~ Energy Rightly Applied And Directed Will Accomplish Anything ~ Nelly Bly

~ IRETWAMOAWDIBOWTWHGBHD-IRVDOMTMIHALCALSFTWCA ~ I Realized Early That What A Man Or A Woman Does Is Built On What Those Who Have Gone Before Have Done – Its Real Value Depends On Making The Matter In Hand A Little Clearer, A Little Sounder For Those Who Come After ~ Ida Tarbell ~ All In The Day’s Work

~ WMNCDWD ~ We Must Not Confuse Dissent With Disloyalty ~ Edward Murrow

~ IAATPH-ABAIHIITS ~ I Aimed At The Public’s Heart – And By Accident I Hit It In The Stomach ~ Upton Sinclair

~ GOTP-BTR-FTR ~ Government Of The People – By The Rascals – For The Rich

~ OV ~ Organized Vices ~ Blackhole Swan ~ GDP!/WTF

~ DDI-I-TWRTM ~ Don’t Do It – Ida – They Will Ruin The Magazine ~ Franklin Tarbell

~ NAW-NAWATMW ~ Not A Word – Not A Word About That Misguided Woman ~ John Rockefeller

~ TFSHBFMIIPPWNWTGID ~ The Financial Sector Has Been Far More Interested In Providing People With New Ways To Get Into Debt ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ TWMMAIHTLOBMWTWLDN ~ Those With More Money And Influence Have The Luxury Of Being Misunderstood While Those With Less Do Not ~ Catherine Prendergast ~ Buying Into English

~ NCF ~ New Carbon Frontiers

~ WNPTSUTWBTTO ~ We Need Philosophy To Show Us The Way Back To The Ordinary ~ Aristotle

~ BOTIH ~ Backside Of The Invisible Hand ~ Russell Hardin

~ NAOTI ~ Not Available On The Internet

~ TMWLTCTTAC-TMPAMWBO ~ The More We Learn To Conform To The Available Choices – The More Predictable And Machinelike We Become Ourselves ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Program Or Be Programmed

~ TCORIE ~ The Celebration Of Remorselessness Is Everywhere ~ Patricia Pearson

~ BABB ~ Bigger And Better Bubbles ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ IYWTCSYHTCTIFOS ~ If You Want To Change Society You Have To Change The Ideological Fabric Of Society ~ Michael Walker

~ CIL ~ Code Is Law ~Lawrence Lessig

~ RISFS-NFM ~ Reality Is Spun From Stories – Not From Material ~ Zdenek Neubauer

~ TINA-HAAA-TINCOIOK ~ There Is No Idea – However Ancient And Absurd – That Is Not Capable Of Improving Our Knowledge ~ Paul Feyerabend

~ TTHOTMINPILV-BITLMOOE ~ The True History Of The Mind Is Not Preserved In Learned Volumes – But In The Living Mental Organism Of Everyone ~ Carl Jung ~ Psychology And Reason

~ G-WDYW? ~ Gilgamesh – Wherefore Do You Wander? – Epic Of Gilgamesh

~ ITLCOI-TWEHAAIOSTCJBID ~ In The Life Cycle Of Ideas – The Point Where Everyone Has Accepted An Idea Often Seems To Come Just Before Its Death ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ ATESTCCTPDTBTRATEOTPHDPT ~ All The Evidence Supports The Commonsense Conclusion That Policies Designed To Benefit The Rich At The Expense Of The Poor Have Done Precisely That ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ SCOA ~ Systemic Cycles Of Accumulation ~ Giovannie Arrighi ~ Adam Smith In Beijing

~ FEPS ~ Full Employment Profit Squeeze ~ Robert Brenner ~ Economics Of Global Turbulence

~ HIAEAPOTEOML ~ Homelessness Is Almost Entirely A Phenomenon Of The Era Of Market Liberalism ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ EFTTFC ~ Economics For The Twenty-First Century ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ GOD – Grow Or Die

~ RCNLBIOWOOETFMCT ~ Risk Can No Longer Be Ignored Or Wished Out Of Existence Through Financial Market Conjuring Tricks ~ John Quiggin ~ Zombie Economics

~ TGWD ~ The Great Winding Down ~ Niki Lightning ~ Take It Easy

~ YOYOW ~ You Own Your Own Words ~ Douglas Rushkoff ~ Program Or Be Programmed

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