~ GW-I-R-A-M-M-IWHASIOHATETTEOTC ~ Global Warming – Is – Real – And – Man-Made – It Will Have A Serious Impact On Humans And The Environment Toward The End Of This Century

~ WN-S-S-A-ME-S-F-GW-RT-EIWIE ~ We Need – Simpler – Smarter – And – More Efficient – Solutions – For – Global Warming – Rather Than – Excessive If Well-Intentioned Efforts

~ LAVECO2CMNWHOARSAIIFITF ~ Large And Very Expensive CO2 Cuts Made Now Will Have Only A Rather Small And Insignificant Impact Far Into The Future

~ ATBWTHTBCCO2? ~ Are There Better Ways To Help Than By Cutting CO2?

~ IWLITBCTBIABTBFFTP ~ I Would Like It To Be Cool To Be Impassioned About Doing The Best First For The Planet

~ WDJDSTMUFG-WDSTADG ~ We Didn’t Just Do Something That Made Us Feel Good – We Did Something That Actually Did Good

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