~ TFGHBOCB ~ The Federal Government Had Bailed Out Canada’s Banks

~ OBCIBRATATGTSAHTTTHECOOPEATBDCITG ~ Our Business Class Is Barely Regulate And Therefore Able To Game The System And Help Themselves To The Hard-Earned Cash Of Ordinary People, Even As They’re Busy Driving Companies Into The Ground

~ TMOCCMABBOCTLMIAC ~ The Manipulation Of Canada’s Capital Markets And Banks By Organized Crime To Launder Money Is Actually Commonplace

~ LOCATAOTSBIIE ~ Lack Of Concern About The Activities Of The Shadow Banking Industry Is Epidemic

~ TROAUAUSBICWAIUTBSRHTGTSMAMROBPS ~ The Rise Of An Unregulated And Unstable Shadow Banking Industry, Combined With An Increasingly Unstable Traditional Banking Sector, Reveals How The Global Financial System More And More Resembles One Big Ponzi Scheme

~ ATTITL ~ And Then There Is The Lawyers

~ SRB ~ Self-Regulatory Bodies

~ THONQEEHLTVCBAGTCFF ~ The Habit Of Not Questioning Economic Elites Has Led To Canada Becoming A Go-To Country For Fraud

~ CFIIABATTGESEAOLLAAMTOIBAWREBFAMTDEISF ~ Canada’s Financial Industry Is A Behemoth, A Titan That Generally Escapes Scrutiny, Employs Armies Of Lobbyists, Lawyers, And Advertising Mercenaries To Do Its Bidding, And, With Rare Exception, Benefits From A Media That Doesn’t Examine Its Structural Failings

~ GHDETCEIATDNTPTOFANIJ-DETRTRTCE ~ Given How Deeply Entrenched The Canadian Establishment Is And Their Desire Not To Put Their Own Friends And Neighbours In Jail – Don’t Expect The Road To Reform To Come Easily

~ TIFCTSU ~ The Investment Frauds Continue To Show Up

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