~ TACFBB ~ There Are Costs For Bad Behavior

~ WIGU-IHATT-S-F-F-A-W ~ When Incivility Goes Unnoticed – It Has A Tendency To – Spread – Fast – Far – And – Wide

~ MTEOIACOBB ~ Managing The Effects Of Incivility Also Costs Organizations Big Bucks

~ EWEATEMEPC ~ Employees Who Endure A Toxic Environment May Experience Personality Changes

~ SPASDTEITTPTIFFTGAFTUE ~ Some People Are So Desperate To Escape Incivility That They Put Themselves Into Free Fall To Get Away From The Uncivil Environment

~ SOLRPSTOS ~ Sooner Or Later Rude People Sabotage Their Own Success

~ BBEYOA-DATYHAAROYC ~ Began By Evaluating Your Own Actions – Don’t Assume That You Have An Accurate Reading Of Your Civility

~ CIA-‘BN’-IAWWMR ~ Civility Isn’t About – “Being Nice” – It’s About Working With Mutual Respect

~ RYT-EIYCCTOB-YCCYA ~ Reframe Your Thinking – Even If You Can’t Change The Offender’s Behavior – You Can Change Your Attitude

~ PWCHALH ~ Preoccupation With Civility Has A Long History

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