~ TSOUMP ~ The Strain Of Unbridled Manic Pursuit

~ FNW ~ Fast New World

~ IIAATFC ~ It Is Again A Time For Choosing

~ HAEWHBIAPTIPP ~ How At Ease We Have Become In Airing Private Thoughts In Public Places

~ TSF“TD”DALWDSCLUEAAHTFFE ~ The Scramble For “the Dream” Demands A Lengthened Workday, Diminished Sleep, Continuous Learning, Unusual Energy, And A High Tolerance For Financial Insecurity

~ BDOCIAAI ~ Buying Dreams On Credit Is An American Invention

~ BOT ~ Buying On Time

~ TGWTCTPITTLOTRATPOCLWNNFAC ~ The Goal Was To Create The Public Illusion That The Lifestyle Of The Rich, And Those Products Once Considered Luxuries, Were Now Necessities For All Citizens

~ TPFADACPAI ~ The Physical Frontiers Are Diminishing And Commercial Pressures Are Increasing

~ BCABPND ~ Big Commerce And Big Paychecks Now Dominate

~ WIEE? ~ When Is Enough, Enough?

~ WDEBE?~ When Does Enough Become Excess?

~ TECTWANEITN ~ The Electronic Connectedness That We Are Now Experiencing Is Truly Novel

~ BSRTHBRCIWCIOTO ~ Before Shareholders Realized They Had Been Robbed – Corporate Insiders Were Cashing In On Their Options

~ FIETIG ~ From Irrational Exuberance To Infectious Greed

~ WTHWIMSTID-MINE ~ When The Human Will Is Made Subservient To Instinctual Desire – More Is Never Enough

~ AHNABF ~ Americans Have Not Always Been Fat

~ HACBEIAIF ~ Humans Are Confused By Excess In All Its Forms

~ TINOMPC ~ Time Is Now Our Most Precious Commodity

~ WHEANAOM ~ We Have Entered An New Age Of Mercantilism

~ CAASOM ~ Commerce As A State Of Mind

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