~ RSMPITUSLF ~ Relentless Surveillance Makes People In The United States Less Free

~ SOAINN ~ Spying On Americans Is Not New

~ GOITMSMUS ~ Government Officials Insist That Mass Surveillance Makes Us Safer

~ NCOTS ~ Normalizing Cultural Obedience Through Surveillance

~ MATH ~ Military Applications Turn Homeward

~ GD ~ Going Dark

~ CSIHWLCAL ~ Constant Surveillance Influences How We Live, Connect, And Learn

~ CIAI ~ Corporate Immunity And Impunity

~ WIGODBCIR-TPARI ~ When Improper Gathering Of Data By Corporations Is Revealed – The Penalties Are Relatively Insignificant

~ NOPS ~ Networks Of Political Surveillance

~ TUOWLI ~ The Uncertainty Of Who’s Listening In

~ AD-OI ~ Always Deceptive – Often Illegal

~ TOC ~ Titians Of Counterintelligence

~ NSSE ~ National Special Security Events

~ SOC ~ Spying On Children

~ LPCP ~ Laws Protecting Children’s Privacy

~ AITC ~ An Irritant To Corporations

~ SAMAEDPMPASR ~ Storing And Managing Aggregated Electronic Data Poses Many Privacy And Security Risks

~ IICTRBTLOAAITCHOC ~ It Is Crucial To Roll Back The Level Of Access And Influence That Corporations Have Over Children

~ AWRATCOD ~ All Who Resist Are The Custodians Of Democracy

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