~ TBCM:GH ~ The Big Change Motivator: Get Hopeless

~ IAFR-H-ITWQYCH ~ In A False Reality – Hope – Is The Worst Quality You Can Have!

~ ITAO-R-O-R-TTTMTIGTH-IIPTFSTONE ~ In The Absence Of – Real – Objective – Reasons – To Think That More Time Is Going To Help – It Is Probably Time For Some Type Of Necessary Ending

~ WR-OTTFTIWTTW-DIHFBTTIGTBDFT? ~ What Reason – Other Than The Fact That I Want This To Work – Do I Have For Believing That Tomorrow Is Going To Be Different From Today?

~ TBPOTFITP ~ The Best Predictor Of The Future Is The Past

~ WITPICTICBI? ~ What In The Picture Is Changing That I Can Believe In?

~ RDNMAPWIUFAPPSFIAOAS ~ Recommitment Does Not Make A Person Who Is Unsuited For A Particular Position Suited For It All Of A Sudden

~ PBSWHAHOLYDIARMNCITOTF ~ Promises By Someone Who Has A History Of Letting You Down In A Relationship Mean Nothing Certain In Terms Of The Future

~ YCDWEITSW ~ You Cannot Deal With Everyone In The Same Way

~ WTPI-TWPSTLTIIAMA ~ When Truth Presents Itself – The Wise Person Sees The Light – Takes It In – And – Makes Adjustments

~ YHTGI-PM-N-HM-WDWEP ~ You Have To Go Into – Protection Mode – Not – Helping Mode – When Dealing With Evil People

~ YMSPFWTTA-PY-CAVNE-A-HNMTDWT ~ You Must See People For Who They Truly Are – Protect Yourself – Create A Very Necessary Ending – And – Have Nothing More To Do With Them

~ TFOTNATDOTP ~ The Fear Of The Negative And The Draw Of The Positive

~ YWNDTCBTT ~ You Were Not Designed To Cope But To Thrive

~ UA-INCBFO-C-A-F-O-A-BB-AGLDT-M-A-W-N ~ Urgent Action – Is Not Created By Feelings Of – Contentment – Anxiety – Frustration – Or – Anger – But By – A Gut-Level Determination To – Move – And – Win – Now

~ UITNN ~ Urgent Is The New Normal

~ WOAIWTGUTHTOO? ~ Which One Am I Willing To Give Up To Have The Other One?

~ T-HM-TNOIG-BI-BAPL-AW ~ The – Hoarder Mentality – Thrives Not Only In Garages – But In – Business And People’s Lives – As Well

~ IYAGTOIL-TWWTB?-SAD ~ If You Are Going To Do It Later – Then When Will That Be? – Set A Date

~ WRRDYHFW?-WSIAYWOTIANTHBYCMTM?~ What Real Reason Do You Have For Waiting – What Specific Information Are You Waiting On That Is Absolutely Necessary To Have Before You Can Make The Move?

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