~ HHSRTBGSPIGA ~ History Has Shown Repeatedly That Broad Government Surveillance Powers Inevitably Get Abused ~ Neil Richards

~ NWITOAMOWTDW ~ Not Working Is The Oldest And Most Ostentatious Way To Display Wealth ~ Joseph Heath ~ The Efficient Society

~ AGSDC ~ Artistic Genius Still Defies Codification ~ Arno Penzias ~ Ideas And Information

~ BIIALPOAEVE ~ Being Interested Is A Large Part Of An Editor’s Vocational Equipment ~ Samuel McClure

~ TINLBAOU ~ There Is None Left But All Of Us ~ Samuel McClure

~ TSOOEWMAATTOOATTCAOW ~ The Saturation Of Our Environment With Media And Advertising Threatens To Overwhelm Our Ability To Think Critically About Our World ~ Joseph Heath ~ The Efficient Society

~ WGM-GD ~ What Gets Measured – Gets Done ~ Jack Daly

~ IIHBFMBB-IHBIJSTFCB ~ If It Hadn’t Been For My Big Brother – I’d Have Been In Jail Several Times For Checks Bouncing ~ Walt Disney

~ WASMWBAHSFTAO ~ We Are Social Mammals Whose Brains Are Highly Specialized For Thinking About Others ~ Daniel Gilbert

~ ISINLWFY-TR ~ If Scanning Is No Longer Working For You – Try Reading ~ A ~ Guide For The Nuwuruduplexed

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